Forever: Disney’s Plan for Star Wars

Can Star Wars continue forever?Traditionally, more is better. More time to sleep is better than less time to sleep. A greater amount of cottage cheese is better than less cottage cheese. More time before hitting the ground after leaping out of an exploding plane is better than less. So, more Star Wars should be better than less Star Wars, right? (Insert your own prequel trilogy joke here) Let’s assume yes, because we like Star Wars. Here’s the question we want to pose: could we ever run out of Star Wars? Can Star Wars continue forever?

We have already seen two large-screen examples of new Star Wars goodness since Disney purchased it, Episode VII in 2015, and Rogue One in 2016. This year, we get Episode VIII (“The Last Jedi”), and next year is the Han Solo anthology story. 2019 gives us Episode IX, and 2020 is—supposedly—when the Boba Fett movie will arrive. Beyond that, plans are in place for movies extending through 2030. What other stories will Disney show us?

Will they opt to continue to sew new plots out of thin air? Will they take stories from the old Expanded Universe, such as the Yuuzhan Vong, Thrawn, or Dark Empire? Perhaps we’ll see more anthologies, such as origin stories for Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, or other favorites?

Star Wars Can Go Forever

If Disney had its say, Star Wars would go forever, for a simple reason: that sweet cash, yo. The Force Awakens earned over two billion dollars, and Rogue one has earned more than one billion, amounts of money known as Scroogian. Disney wants to dive in and never hit bottom, and there’s no reason to stop making movies—and, hence, stop making money—if people are still going to movies and buying merchandise. Star Wars is the biggest name in Hollywood, and they will always have top talent to pick and choose from.

Did you know Daniel Craig, the latest James Bond, was in The Force Awakens? He was the Stormtrooper Rey manipulates on Starkiller base. A world-renowned actor played a faceless bit part because it’s Star Wars. Directors will fight each other to the death to direct the next installation. Unknown actresses will line up around the block to become the next Daisy Ridley.

With these facts, Star Wars has staying power like none other. Maybe it will continue forever. Would it be so bad?

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Obsession in Star Wars

Star Wars ObsessionStar Wars contains a number of repeated themes throughout its running, such as family, the presence of myths, and a new generation taking the torch from the old. Another common theme, one we’ve seen even in The Force Awakens, is obsession. From the very first movie to the most recent additions to the canon, obsession has dominated Star Wars.

 What’s Your Obsession?

From the beginning: In A New Hope, the story begins thanks to an obsession about the Death Star plans. Both sides want them – the rebels need them – and so a wide hunt begins. Halfway through the movie, Darth Vader learns of Luke’s existence, and he becomes obsessed with the boy. In The Empire Strikes Back, the obsession continues. Emperor Palpatine aids it, until the confrontation on Cloud City.

In Return of the Jedi, Palpatine and Darth Vader are both obsessed with Luke, and this drives a great deal of the plot. In turn, Luke is obsessed with not becoming the next version of his father. When these obsessions collide, on the second Death Star at the film’s end, Luke’s wins out. Darth Vader turns against his still-obsessed master, and the rebels win.

The prequel trilogy has an even clearer emphasis on obsession. Anakin’s obsession with protecting his loved ones is the obvious, prominent example.

First, it was his mother. He had dreams about her suffering during the events of Attack of the Clones, and those dreams soon become reality. This galvanizes his desire to protect his loved ones, chief among them his new wife Padme. For one reason or another (Palpatine’s influence? The Force? Who can say) the dreams return, showing Padme in danger. Anakin finds help from the Dark Side of the force, leading to Padme’s tragic death and the rise of the Empire.

Finally, in The Force Awakens, Kylo Ren obsesses over his grandfather, Darth Vader. He wants to “finish what you started.” He wants to bring an end to the conflict and rule the galaxy. Putting his grandfather’s melted mask on a shrine can be nothing but obsession.

Darth Vader's melted mask from Episode VII

Obsession weakens the mighty

Why this theme? It’s common in fiction, and fantastic fiction even more so. Incredible power, such as the Jedi and Sith possess, can make things difficult for writers. As their physical power increases, other roadblocks must be placed in the way of the characters. If Anakin Skywalker, Jedi extraordinaire, was perfectly mentally sound, Star Wars would cease to exist. This also allows us to see how terribly things can go when, despite amazing technology and power, you refuse to let something go. We see how power corrupts, and how, even with great strength and a future, your own mind  can ruin your life.

The possible lessons to learn are numerous. Is it possible to care about your loved ones too much? When should one stop pursuing further power? The movies give us plenty of examples of what happens when an idea, a person, or a goal locks in someone’s mind. As we can see in Star Wars, it often goes badly.

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Star Wars’ Universe Problem

the Star Wars universeWith new movies, novels, comic books, and TV shows bearing the Star Wars brand, we fans now have a unique problem: How to Deal with Duel Universes. We have the canon universe and we have the “legends” universe.

On April 25th, 2014, Lucasfilm announced changes to the Star Wars canon. Officially, the only pieces of canon remaining were: the original trilogy films, the prequel trilogy films, the Clone Wars television series and film, the Star Wars Rebels series (and its supplementary material), “Star Wars Insider” fiction, beginning with “Blade Squadron” in Star Wars Insider 149, information found in the Databank, information previously found in the now-defunct Encyclopedia, and all officially-licensed source material released following the September 2, 2014 novel A New Dawn. This canon universe now includes The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and their supplemental material.

So how does the common fan continue enjoying the expanded universe, now known as Legends, and the new canon? It doesn’t require fracturing your mind into two distinct halves, each containing a sector of your memory within—don’t do that.

A Universe in both hands

However, it can still be difficult to appreciate the expanded universe when the new movies are now taking over. Likewise, watching the new movies and placing their events alongside what would be happening in the expanded universe. The EU has a great deal of incredible moments—Chewbacca’s emotional death, Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker’s romance, General Thrawn’s incredible brilliance—and we can still take inspiration and enjoyment from them.

We—as fans—must take joy in the things we have received.  We can still enjoy and cherish the EU, and certainly there is enough to last a lifetime if we want. Star Wars is a work of fiction, and it should be a small step from understanding the events did not actually happen to holding the distinct universes separate and enjoying both.

Just like for any piece of entertainment, mileage may very. There will be parts of either universe we may not like, but those parts don’t lower it below the other. A specific instance may show why one universe is bad, but it does not show why the other is better.

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Krennic, Orson: Character Corner

Orson KrennicRogue one introduced us to a brand new villain in a growing list of evil greats. Orson Callan Krennic served as director of the Advanced Weapons Research division of the Imperial Military. He was also responsible for the security of the Death Star project. Learn all about this new character, and how he became the central figure of the Death Star’s construction.

Kid Krennic

Born on the planet Lexrul in 51 BBY, he earned a place in the Galactic Republic’s Future Program. There he met fellow student Galen Erso. While his area of excellence was architecture, his counselors noticed he was just as effective at manipulating others. After graduating, he rose in the ranks of the Republic Corps of Engineers, where he supervised large construction projects both onworld and in deep space. This influence helped him give Erso a visiting professorship at the Institute of Applied Science.

Krennic became a member of the top-secret Republic Special Weapons Group, where they discussed the schematics for the Death Star captured from Geonosis. The labor force and superlaser involved with the design were boggling, and Krennic brought up his friend Erso. The Separatists had Erso imprisoned on Vallt, and Krennic got the authorization to launch a clandestine rescue mission. After a prisoner exchange, Erso, his wife Lyra, and their daughter Jyn joined Krennic. He swiftly commanded a bombardment on the planet Vallt from a Republic cruiser. Shortly after, he interrogated a Geonosian archduke and convinced him to assist in the construction and planning of the Death Star.

Building Destruction

Krennic helped Erso avoid espionage charges, and after a Geonosian revolt, convinced him to join the project (then known as “Project Celestial Power”). With the Clone Wars ended and the Republic now the Galactic Empire, he convinced Erso the project was about restoring function and power to planets ravaged by the Clone Wars. Erso developed a method of power using kyber crystals, and Krennic used his research to create weapons.

When a research facility on the planet Malpaz exploded after trying to weaponize the research, Krennic met with Erso. Erso admitted to having doubts about the research—doubts his wife helped fuel. Krennic showed him the destruction on Malpaz, telling him it was sabotage. Erso, the footage and information upsetting him, agreed to work in secret, while keeping it from even his wife.

Under pressure from multiple places, Krennic devised a way to emerge from under Grand Moff , whom he despised. He incited an attack from troublemaker Saw Gerrera, knowing Tarkin would command the defensive force. At the same time, he applied Erso’s advanced research and fired a laser into a pair of black holes, proving the research’s application. Shortly after, he ordered the destruction of a group of Project Celestial Power workers, one of whom knew Galen and Lyra Erso.


With the Ersos under surveillance and their friends destroyed, Galen and Lyra contacted others who showed proof the destruction on Malpaz was due to Imperial work, not anarchists as Krennic had said. The Ersos requested a meeting with him, which he avoided as he believed it to be a trap. The Ersos disappeared, Tarkin demoted Krennic for his negligence, and he vowed to leave no stone unturned to find Galen.

Thus, several years later, the trail of the Ersos led to the planet Lah’mu, living a simple farming life. Krennic killed Lyra, captured Galen, and watched Jyn slip through his fingers–leading to the events of the movie Rogue One.

Behind the Scenes

Ben Mendelsohn (The Dark Knight Rises, Animal Kingdom) plays Orson Krennic. The character was first revealed in a teaser trailer on April 7th, 2016. Mendelsohn at first thought he should have Krennic speak with a “posh English accent”. Rogue One director Gareth Edwards said no, because: “It feels like if the Empire ever have a job vacancy, they go to the royal Shakespeare Company to headhunt people…I like the idea that Ben’s character was much more working-class.”

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Fans of Star Wars in 2016

Fans make huge AT-ACT model2016 was a big year for Star Wars. We saw more Star Wars Rebels, Rogue One, and more. Beyond those powerful feats, a number of star wars fans found themselves in the spotlight, big or small. Therefore, today we list those people, who tell us being a fan of this great series is never dull.

Chewbacca Mask Lady

Perhaps the biggest event for Star Wars fandom was Chewbacca Mask Lady. When Texas mother Candace Payne went to get some Star Wars toys for her kids, she found something for herself as well. She posted a four-minute video on Facebook of herself wearing an electronic Chewbacca mask, laughing with joy in the driver’s seat of her car. The video has over 140 million views, consequently breaking the previous record. The video is a simple exhibition of Star Wars, good cheer, and the simple joys of life. It, the video, also has a Wikipedia page.

Kid with the Tauntaun costume

For Halloween, one young fan’s handy parents created a one-of-a-kind tauntaun costume for trick or treating in the cold. The costume features a tauntaun bottom, while the child acts as the legs, and a top dressed like a Hoth rebel soldier. Cloth rider legs dangle at the sides, and he looks ready for anything.

Fan who got to see Rogue One early

After a worldwide campaign, terminally-ill Star Wars fan Neil Hanvey got a chance to see Rogue One on (or shortly before) August 22nd, 2016. Several well-known Star Wars figures, including Mark Hamill, furthered the #RogueOneWish hashtag created to help make Neil’s wish come true. Neil died on August 23rd, 2016.

Fans make homemade AT-ACT

When YouTube engineer Colin Furze got a small model of the AT-AT, he decided small wasn’t good enough. He built a massive 18-foot tall construction of the AT-AT’s predecessor, an AT-ACT (which is the beast we see fighting the rebels in Rogue One), and filled it with Star Wars merchandise (including “proper decent stormtrooper helmets”) thanks to a partnership with eBay. In addition, Colin then gave it away to two local children. With a push of a button, a ladder descends and it all becomes a playhouse, and it also has a moveable head.

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Happy Holidays from OC

You’ve wrapped all the presents, you’ve put up all the decorations, and a blanket of fresh snow covers the yard. You aren’t at home, of course, because you’re watching Rogue One for the third time, with your family. We don’t want to disrupt anything; we’re only here to wish you happy holidays. Therefore, enjoy your time off, take the chance to spend time with family or friends, and romp around in the beautiful winter weather.

So from everybody at Official Costumes, Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays

Rogue One Day

Stormtroopers at Rogue OneToday is Rogue One day! We’ll take a quick look back at the past year to see how the world has changed. We’ll also include a few fun activities to help you get ready for the movie!

How the world has changed:

Since The Force Awakens came out:

Exactly one movie has won a best movie Oscar (“Spotlight”).

There is one additional real-world Pokémon mobile game.

Bob Dylan, a musician, won the Noble Prize for literature.

The world has at least one less gorilla.

How the world has stayed the same:

Since The Force Awakens came out:

The Cleveland Browns have won no games.

Patrick Rothfuss has still not completed the third book in the Kingkiller trilogy.

Julius Caesar is still dead.

No new technology has been added to the ball pit experience, and they remain stuck in the Stone Age.

Getting ready for Rogue One:

In preparation for the latest addition to the Star Wars movie canon, we have a few things for you to do.

First, head to your nearest keyboard. Slam your fingers upon it, typing with abandon. After a few seconds, you’ll have your Rogue One name! Mine is Pwej Ciot!


Next, take a few of the words “rebellion,” “hope,” “force,” “empire,” “Death Star,” “plans,” and “Darth Vader,” and put them in a random order, with words in between for flavor.  This is your character’s stirring line. Mine is: “Hope is the Force, a light skyline demon.” You can use this site and this site to help randomize things for you.

Finally, don’t forget your Star Wars movie etiquette: turn off all lightsabers during the movie, remove large items from the head so others can see, and spoil nothing, or you won’t get to go to the next movie.

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Dexter Jettster Character Corner

Dexter JettsterIn Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the poison dart Jango Fett uses to kill Zam Wesell confounds Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Jedi archives contain nothing of value, so Obi-Wan travels to a small Coruscant diner and talks to Dexter Jettster. We know little about this portly cook, but his cheerful demeanor hides a life full of surprising excitement.

Dining with Dexter

After leaving his homeworld of Ojom (a frozen world in the core), Dex began a life of prospecting, smuggling, gun-running, and mercenary work. He first met Obi-Wan on the planet Ord Sigatt, in a bar Dexter used as a cover for running guns. He soon opened a weapon shop on Outland Transit Station. After an attack on the station Dexter sold all his stock and left for Coruscant, as it had been his dream to open a restaurant on the famous planet.

Five years later, Obi-Wan again surprised Dexter, entering his cafe. Obi-Wan was hunting for someone named Granta Omega, and though Dexter knew nothing, the two became friends quickly. Just prior to the Clone Wars, Dexter identified a Kamino saberdart, which he had previously found on the planet of Subterrel. Some have said this led, directly, to the hyper violent intergalactic conflict known as the Clone Wars.

During the years-long conflict, Dexter was not inactive, frequently going on long trips to gather ingredients, and even finding privileged information about the droid army’s targets. Near the war’s end, Jedi Master Quinlan Vos sought out Dexter for information on an assassin, Saljé Tasha. This led to Vos mistakenly identifying former Jedi Sora Bulq as a Sith Lord.

During the Great Jedi Purge, Dexter became a member of the Erased, a group who removed knowledge of their existence. Former Jedi Ferus Olin sought him out, looking for other Jedi who had survived the purge. Dexter told Ferus about a Jedi named Fy-Tor-Ana. Ferus and members of the Erased journeyed to find Fy-Tor-Ana; Dex stayed behind to help anybody looking for the Erased for help. During an attack on his hideout he was shot, but survived and decided to flee deeper in the Coruscant levels for extra safety from the Empire.


Actor Ronald Falk provided Dexter’s voice. In early drafts he is married to the human waitress seen in Episode II. George Lucas based “Jettster” off his son’s name Jett.

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Stocking Stuffers for Star Wars Fans

Star Wars Stocking StuffersDecember, the sneakiest of months, has once again crept upon us with the help of its guard Thanksgiving. Now thoughts turn from turkey stuffing to stocking stuffers, perfect for the Star Wars fan in your life, no matter how old they are. Below you’ll find great ways to make the Holidays grand with even the smallest gifts.

Stuff those stockings

The ultimate stocking stuffer for Star Wars fans is the humble lightsaber. Whether you have a budding Sith growing up at home or a Jedi master who sits on the council, one of our lightsabers is the perfect size to fit right inside their stocking. If you’re looking for something cheap and simple for a young fan, economy lightsabers are just right. Deluxe lightsabers give you more options, including extendable items, a few with light up and sound effects, and Bladebuilders. You can even get special color-changing lightsabers or samurai versions of your favorite weapons. Finally, supreme lightsabers offer incredible choices for the ultimate fan—only the most powerful can wield such legendary weapons!

While many masks are a mite more massive than the average stocking, don’t leave these items along the wayside. We have the now-famous Chewbacca voice changer mask, classic Darth Vader masks, and the famous bounty hunter Boba Fett. From flat masks for a quick costume change to deluxe masks for a stellar party look, we have nearly every character you might want. In addition, we have some extraordinary Supreme masks and helmets for the most noteworthy fans, including Supreme Darth Vader helmet, Stormtrooper, and Imperial Guard masks. These items can come with stands and certificates of authenticity, and use the same molds as the movies themselves!

There’s no stopping these stocking stuffers

If you’re looking for even more options, try out powerful gloves, boots, and blasters. You can even find things like robes or t-shirts for comfortable and fun gifts they can get into right away. No Star Wars fan should lack a gift from a galaxy far, far away while we’re here this Holiday season.

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Thankful for Star Wars

Thankful for Star WarsIf you’re in the United States, you’re probably aware today is Thanksgiving Day. It’s one of the few Holidays where the entire point is to have a big meal, and Official Star Wars Costumes hopes you enjoy your day off.  If you want to find out how a Star Wars Thanksgiving might go, check out this blog post from last year. It has food, family, football, and much more. There’s plenty to be thankful for this year.

And stay tuned for Cyber Monday! Online’s biggest shopping day has tons of deals, and you’ll be able to grab free shipping on any size order Monday November 28th. Visit our website and check out incredible costumes. We also have plenty of great gift ideas for the Star Wars fan in your life like lightsabers and masks.

Thankful for new movies

With the holiday season just beginning, we have plenty to look forward to. The sixteenth is Rogue One Day, and preview viewings have been painting it in a very favorable light. Additionally, recent information from Kathleen Kennedy, Lucasfilm president, tells us we’ll be seeing plenty of new Star Wars in the coming years, including the second and third films in the sequel trilogy. On May twenty-fifth 2018, we’ll get a Han Solo anthology film starring Alden Ehrenreich as our titular rogue. The movie also stars Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) as Lando Calrissian, and Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke in an unknown role. Director Josh Trank backed out of the planned Boba Fett movie, and consequently pushed the film back.

Still, there’s plenty to be thankful for this Holiday season. We hope you’ll take a break from the rushing around this year to settle down and enjoy a nice meal. Thanks for reading! Come back next week for more cool Star Wars information, and have a happy Thanksgiving weekend!