19 Halloween Safety Tips

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a night of mystery, scares, and fun, but your trick-or-treat outing or costume party shouldn’t be dangerous. There are plenty of ways to stay safe and fun on the 31st! Here are 19!

Decorating tips:

  1. Don’t let kids use the knives, and make sure they aren’t in the way when the pumpkin is being cut.
  2. Be sure to clean up – pumpkin guts are messy and could cause falls.
  3. Try using a glow stick or a light bulb inside the finished pumpkin rather than lighting a candle, which can be a fire hazard.
  4. Halloween Decorations can be scary, but avoid dangerous decorations that might have a tripping hazard, a falling hazard, or objects with sharp points.

Tips for preparing your costume:

  1. Shoes should fit well to avoid trips.
  2. Masks should not block your vision.
  3. Baggy costumes can make moving difficulty.
  4. Test makeup in a small area of the skin to make sure that it is safe to use and no allergic reactions occur. Some costumes may contain latex, which can cause allergic reactions.
  5. Make sure your costume avoids open flames or hot lamps – some materials can catch on fire or melt, burning the wearer.
  6. Costume accessories such as swords or knives should be dull and used carefully; no waving around or stabbing at people or items.
  7. Colored or decorative contact lenses shouldn’t be worn unless they’ve been prescribed by an eye doctor.

Tips for Trick-or-Treating on Halloween:

  1. Always go trick-or-treating with a flashlight.
  2. Never run. There are a lot of things to hit or trip over, including other people.
  3. Attach reflective tape to your costume to help cars and other vehicles see you if you walk in the road.
  4. Don’t go trick-or-treating alone; go with a group or a trusted adult.
  5. Avoid eating homemade treats unless you can trust the person that gave it to you, or an adult says it’s all right.
  6. Don’t visit dark homes. Only enter homes of the people you know unless a trusted adult is with you.
  7. If you do not have an adult with you, someone in your group should have a cell phone, and you should travel an agreed-upon route.
  8. Brighter neighborhoods are safer than dark ones, and well-traveled areas are best. Stay on the sidewalk.

Also remember: when driving on Halloween, be sure to drive slowly and watch out for party-goers or trick-or-treaters on the street.

By following these tips, Halloween will be a fun time for everybody! Now get out there and enjoy!

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Chewbacca Infant Costume
Chewbacca Infant Costume

#10: Standard Chewbacca Infant Costume

The first of our Star Wars costumes is of Han Solo’s dependable co-pilot! Your little furry friend is here for a fun time in this soft outfit, and he’ll love being the center of attention while he’s shooting through the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon and gathering candy.

#9: Sexy Slave Princess Leia Womens Costume

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#7: Standard Jedi Adult Robe Costume

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#3: Deluxe Princess Leia Girls Costume

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#2: Standard Yoda Infant Costume

Even the young ones can join in the Star Wars fun this Halloween when you get this infant costume! The ancient and wise Jedi Yoda is the perfect size for a young fan of these classic movies to go out on the town as a little green alien.

#1: Deluxe Luke Skywalker Kids Costume

Luke Skywalker Kids Costume
Luke Skywalker Kids Costume

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Star Wars Football Game

Star Wars Football
Who would win? Light or Dark side?

The American Football season is in full swing now, and the Star Wars football championship is about to begin. The entire gang has put aside their differences to gather on the gridiron and have some fun. But who’s playing which position, and which team will win?

Lightsabers, weapons, and vehicles (with some personal exceptions) are forbidden, as is manipulation through the force of anything. Standard NFL rules apply. For those of you who may not be familiar with American football, we’ll include descriptions of positions’ duties.

Light side:

Calling the shots for the light side at the Quarterback (responsible for starting the play, and usually either throws it to a receiver or hands it to a running back) position will be Obi-Wan Kenobi, from Episode III. A calm head, good physical abilities, and a commanding attitude make this Jedi perfectly suited for QB.

Wide receivers will be Luke Skywalker and Commander Cody from the Clone Wars. Luke is highly intuitive, and Cody, due to his parentage, has superior athletic abilities. At tight end (Acts as both a blocker for the QB and a receiver) will be none other than Chewbacca. Bulky enough for blocking and with the right size for catching passes; this breakout star will be on the dark side’s watch list. A combination of R2-D2 and C-3PO act as running back (takes the ball from the quarterback and runs forward). R2 provides the speed and low center of gravity, while Threepio is in charge of holding the ball.

Princess Leia and Queen Amidala will act as cornerbacks (defend against passes), Yoda will be kick returner, and Porkins will be a nose tackle (stops the run). Jar-Jar is deep safety.

Dark side:

Emperor Palpatine, due to his advanced age and our ban of force abilities, doesn’t have a whole lot going for him. However, his sharp mind and extensive planning practice makes him a perfect field commander, so we’re making him the QB for the dark side.

Wide receivers will be Boba and Jango Fett. Their jetpacks allow them extra speed — they agreed to only use short bursts, and will be monitored by umpires Qui-Gon Jinn and Greedo — and their quick reflexes make them good for avoiding tackles. Darth Vader will act as tight end, more so due to his size and strength than is ability to catch passes. General Grievous will be running back, thanks to his speed, strength, and powerful stiff-arming ability.

Asajj Ventress will be the kicker, Darth Maul will play as linebacker (who tries to sack the QB), and Jabba the Hutt is center (hikes the ball to QB), and Watto will be holder for extra point kicks and field goals.

The match:

The game was scheduled to be played at Alderaan, until the Dark side took care of that.  Will the dark side have home field advantage or will their strong defense beat the light side’s blistering lightning blistering offense? Tell us how you think this Star Wars football game will end!

Star Wars: Science Fiction or Fantasy?

Star Wars, as a story, can be so deeply ingrained in our minds that we defy to place it in a genre, or rather, simply identify it as itself, confident that all the information is contained in that description. But what is Star Wars? Where does it fit into the genres that are so helpful in identifying other works such as movies or books?

We’re going to take a look at the two closest main genres – science fiction and fantasy – and see how Star Wars matches up. Let’s start with science fiction.

Is Yoda Sci-Fi or Fantasy?

Are Yoda & Star Wars Sci-Fi or Fantasy?

Science Fiction

There are a lot of ways to describe science fiction. John W. Campbell Jr. (The Thing and many other works) once famously said “Science fiction is what I say it is,” which means this can get messy. Darko Suvin described science fiction as “a literary genre whose necessary and sufficient conditions are the presence and interaction of estrangement and cognition, and whose main formal device is an imaginative framework alternative to the author’s empirical environment” . . . which helps us even less.

The great Isaac Asimov (Foundation series, I, Robot) said: “Science fiction can be defined as that branch of literature which deals with the reaction of human beings to changes in science and technology.” Christopher Evans said: “Perhaps the crispest definition is that science fiction is a literature of ‘what if?’ What if we could travel in time? What if we were living on other planets? What if we made contact with alien races? And so on. The starting point is that the writer supposes things that are different from how we know them to be.”

So it’s safe to say that science fiction isn’t the easiest thing to define. It’s almost always in the future, has the do with technology and space and, in the case of hard science fiction, can be grounded in real physics and mathematics. Common top science fiction works include The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Ender’s Game, Dune, and Neuromancer. Three of the four take place at least partially in space or on other planets, three of the four are in the future, and all of them deal with new technology or information.

One thing absent from many science fiction works is mysticism: religion, magic, and other ideas not quantifiable by science or measurement.

Is Star Wars Science Fiction?

In Star Wars, we have planets, space travel, lasers, aliens, and more, all frequent elements of science fiction, whether hard, soft, or pulp. However, there is also the Force, an eastern-mysticism inspired power behind life in the universe. Struggles of dark verses light, balance of the galaxy, and Star Wars’ ‘Hero’s Journey’ storyline make placing it under the science fiction umbrella seem . . . incorrect. Fantasy is next.


Fantasy is a much easier term to describe. From Wikipedia: “Fantasy is a genre of fiction that commonly uses magic and other supernatural phenomena as a primary plot element, theme, or setting.” Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire, The Wheel of Time, and the Dragonlance series are common and well-known fantasy works. Themes are magic, armies, thematic battles of good versus evil, and a time frame set before the industrial revolution (though not always) are prevalent.

Fantasy tends to stay away from scientific exploration as well as macabre themes more suited for horror. People are present in one world, on one continent or even one single country, different races (Elves, Dwarves) are common but none are presented as aliens, and technology that we today might find useful or even commonplace is taken from magic.

Is Star Wars Fantasy?

Star Wars has good versus evil, armies, and “magic,” but removing the scientific element of the series makes it other than Star Wars. So now we have to recognize that Star Wars is both sci-fi and fantasy, and removing either changes it.

In Episode I, we are told that the Force is represented in the human body as “Midichlorians,” a plot point derided by the fan base at large, and one that tries to remove the fantasy from the story. Similarly, in Episode III, Padme dies of a “broken heart,” something that is presented as a result of Anakin’s betrayal and turn to the dark side, but flies in the face of the advanced science that the series has portrayed since the beginning. Removal of either element brings the story down.

So . . . What is it?

A mix of the two genres, called science-fantasy, was created simply by the juxtapositioning of these two genres. Star Wars becomes a science fantasy work through no conscious effort, but by the mere presence of both science-fiction and fantasy pieces included.

Other science-fantasy works that may sound familiar include the Matrix series, The Dark Tower series, Doctor Who, Final Fantasy (though not every game is a good example), and even anime/manga titan Dragon Ball is a clear example with Gods, demons, ki energy . . . as well as spaceships, aliens, and advanced technology.

Star Wars very clearly fits into this important section of fiction. With perhaps both elements playing just as important a role in the formulation of the series, it can be seen as one of the most well-known and balanced examples.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this discussion. We’ll be back soon with more fun facts and great deals so you can have a happy Halloween!