The Force Awakens New Information

The Force Awakens fan-made poster
The Force Awakens fan-made poster

We’ve recently become privy to some new information about the upcoming Star Wars Movie “The Force Awakens,” and we’re here to dish out the juicy details. Read and be amazed at the wonder that is this upcoming movie:

Characters revealed!

An interview with Director J.J. Abrams late in March revealed that an unexpected character will be joining the cast of The Force Awakens. He is quoted as saying “Meesa very excited about it.”

We also know that Former Director and series runner George Lucas will be making an appearance. Abrams was similarly tight lipped about it, but he revealed that the cross guard lightsaber held by the five-foot seven, seventy year-old Kylo Ren was Lucas’ idea.

Interesting animation choices

In an attempt to bring in fans of traditional Disney films, Producer Zippy Filmeister said that slightly less than half of the film will be done in classic animation techniques, similar to movies like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. With voice work done by Anne Hathaway and Brad Garrett, filmmakers harkened back to Disney’s origins in an attempt to turn The Force Awakens into a greater media experience.

The Crossover event of the Century

Script assistant Ferdinand Wolfgang Imhotep, M.D., stated that while the team attempted to get the most recent Peter Capaldi, only Matt Smith was available for the intended Stinger scene that shows The Doctor, from long-running BBC Series Doctor Who. Imhotep was reluctant to say if the Doctor has a hand in guiding the plot, or if his presence is for little more than an after-credits scene. We’re looking forward to Smith’s unique style of portraying the time-traveling adventurer, though we don’t know how he will fit into the Star Wars universe.

We’re looking forward to finding out more news about this much-awaited movie. The Force Awakens is gearing up to becoming the ultimate movie of the year, and this information only seems to make it better!

Tarkin Star Wars Character Corner

It’s another edition of our regular Character Corner series; this time we’re looking at a character that was in both the original trilogy and the prequels, but only one of each: Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. From a Republic naval officer to the head of the Death Star, this character has run the gamut of command.


Grand Moff Tarkin
Grand Moff Tarkin

Born to a wealthy family in the outer rim, Wilhuff Tarkin joined his family with great ambition and entered a military academy, going along with the Tarkin military tradition. While in attendance, Tarkin proved himself a talent in multiple studies, but began to see the Republic as a decaying institution. In 33 BBY, Tarkin left the military to pursue a political career in his home system. He became acquainted with Naboo Senator Palpatine, and became a driving force of his planet. When Palpatine became Chancellor in 32 BBY, Tarkin aligned himself accordingly, feeling a political shift.

In 29 BBY, Tarkin began a mission to find and control the planet Zonama Sekot, a partially mythical planet that can produce living starships. He contacted an old friend, a genius engineer named Raith Sienar. While conversing, Sienar showed Tarkin plans for a huge, planetary battleship, featuring a turbolaser powered by the battleship’s core. After tracking down the Zonoma Sekot, Tarkin attacked with his forces in an attempt to capture it, only to watch the planet engage massive hyperdrives and jump away. Later on Palpatine expressed great interest in the planet battleship concept.

During the Clone War, Tarkin was commissioned as an officer in the Republic Navy. He interacted with Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Ahsoka Tano on a number of occasions, and even accused Tano of sabotage at her trial. After the war ended with the attempted eradication of the Jedi, Tarkin was placed in charge of the project to build Sienar’s plans for a planet-ship, though he didn’t approve of the name, Death Star, believing it was too melodramatic. The project quickly fell behind schedule. Tarkin was a driving intellectual force behind the regime, and used his military genius and mercenary tactics to hold control of the galaxy.

Through Tarkin’s command, the Death Star neared completion. The Rebels tried their best to both capture the plans for the Death Star, and kill Tarkin, but were only successful in the former. The events of Episode IV led to Tarkin, on board the Death Star, observing the battle of Yavin as Luke Skywalker ran the battlestation’s trench and destroy it, killing him and countless others.


Played by veteran actor Peter Cushing in Episode IV and Wayne Pygram portrays young Tarkin in Episode III.

Episode III - Episode IV
Episode III – Episode IV

Cushing, the more famous portrayal, was extremely pleasant to his co-stars, and, during shots that wouldn’t show his feet, requested a pair of slippers to wear, which ended up being women’s slippers. These facts made it difficult for heroic characters to correctly portray animosity toward a character that, in-universe, was supposed to be a heartless monster. Tarkin was originally going to be a CGI character with old footage of Cushing, but actor Christopher Lee, a friend of the then-deceased Cushing, stood firm against it.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Character Corner. Come back next week for more fun information!

The Worst Star Wars Video Games

Bad Star Wars Video games
Star Wars Demolition

We love Star Wars; we love video games. We love when they come together, but it doesn’t always work out. So, we’re going to list some of the worst Star Wars video games that have come out, much to our displeasure.

Star Wars: Rebel Assault

Trying as hard as it possibly can to beat Rogue Squadron to the punch, “Star Wars: Rebel Assault” is one of the original X-Wing piloting games to come out. Sadly, it has none of the charm, graphics, fun, or control that the far-superior game possesses. A boring plot put a cap on this stinker.

Star Wars: Yoda Stories

Adventure games are a thing from the old days of video games, but have mostly fallen away from the popular eye. Too bad “Star Wars: Yoda Stories” didn’t know that! Set during Luke’s training with Yoda, this game has Luke travel around Dagobah and gather items. Each time you play is different, but far from being a rogue-like unique experience, the game is boring and stagnant.

Star Wars: Demolition

Vehicle battles like Twisted Metal were getting popular, and a company that had experience making rip-offs tried their hand at a Star Wars version, and “Star Wars: Demolition” was born. The controls are sluggish, and the battles are maddening, but the worst part of this Star Wars game is its surprising lack of Star Wars. There are a few vehicles from the series, but they have strange designs, and other vehicles have never been seen before.

Star Wars: Obi-Wan

Not without its good points, this early Xbox title, released along with the first prequel movie, falls to a painful experience with terrible camera control, poor graphics, and uninspired level designs make this game a mediocre play at best, agonizing torture at worst.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

Bad Star Wars video games
Attack of the clones gameplay

Released soon after Episode II, This GBA game had decent graphics but nothing else. With headache-causing controls, strikingly bad level design, and enemy spawns that came out of nowhere to smack you in the back of the head, even having the willpower to get to the end of this game only rewards you with an insanely difficult boss battle against Count Dooku – after which there is little more than credits.

It’s okay, it’s over. Let the bad memories sink back down. Did we forget some of the worst out there? Is anyone brave enough to stand up and defend some of these games?

Star Wars Rebels Season One Recap

The Rebels
The Rebels

Season one of the new animated television show Star Wars: Rebels has come to an end, and what an end! The short, thirteen-episode season’s final episode came out March second with “Fire Across the Galaxy.” The show’s second season is scheduled to begin in April of 2015.

Possible spoilers!

The season, which began on October third, 2014, with a two-episode special, screened as a film at San Diego Comic-Con. This movie chronicles how Ezra Bridger, orphan, joins the crew of the Ghost: Kanan, Hera, Zeb, Sabine, and Chopper. The episodes follow these pre-rebel alliance members as they smuggle, lie, and cheat their way past the Empire’s blockades, avoid the dangerous Inquisitor, and work to overthrow the Empire. Soon, however, their lives get difficult thanks to guest stars like Lando Calrissian R2-D2, Jedi that have escaped order 66, and a mysterious informant named “Fulcrum.”

In episode eleven, during a mission to send a message out among the galaxy from an Imperial broadcast tower, Kanan is captured by the Inquisitor, tortured, and is to be interred at the Mustafar prison, from which no Jedi has ever escaped. Ezra and the other rebels learn the Empire is now using courier droids, and seize an imperial transport. They disable Grand Moff Tarkin’s Star Destroyer in the Mustafar system, and Ezra is able to free Kanan using the prison compound’s duct system. The Inquisitor ambushes the two Jedi, who defeat him in a fight, killing him and damaging the star destroyer’s engines. The rebels reunite onboard the Ghost, and it is revealed that Fulcrum is actually Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s old apprentice. Following the Inquisitor’s death, Tarkin introduces a new enemy for the rebels: Darth Vader.

We’re eagerly awaiting season two of this fine new show. What are you looking forward to in the new episodes?