Scenes Recreated by Fans

Scenes made by fans

People make interesting things! The constant reader will know this thanks to our earlier post about incredible pieces of fan-art. There is so much more to show you. Today, we have compiled incredible recreations of Star Wars scenes and sets for your enjoyment.

The first is a set of images by Flickr user Boutros77, who designed and built his own sets for action figures – including a huge number of scenes from the Tatooine cantina, the Death Star, and a huge number more (plus, for extended Lucasarts pleasure, a number of scenes from Indiana Jones movies). Building and painting the sets him (or her) self, Boutros77 even uses action figures, playing out the scenes from the movies in still images with scenes from all three of the original trilogy, as well as the Return of the Sith.

Second, and perhaps the most expected, is massive minecraft creations. This page recounts some of the most amazing, including a life-size star destroyer with interior, and a version of the Naboo Royal Palace made in incredibly grand detail. Watch the videos, and be amazed.

One step down . . . or, maybe up? . . . from Minecraft is the brick-and-mortar version, Lego. It’s easy to make a great many things with these wonderful little bricks, especially since there are a great number of sets available based on the Star Wars movies. But enterprising builders have found ways to make things even better. One such example is this packed scene by Yatkuu, a member of the European Lego fans forum, made a scene depicting the makeup room, a green room, and an in-progress shot.

Finally, riding the geek-high that appeared when the first Star Wars trailer appeared last year, Youtuber “Snooperking” created a shot-for-shot version of the trailer using, yes, Legos. With stop-motion and a few layered shots, the whole thing appears in wonderful blocky form.

This is but a tiny sample of the scenes fans have wrenched from the silver screen and translated through their eyes and chosen art form. Thanks for reading – tell us your favorite recreations in the comments!

Comic Con Star Wars fun

By now, you’ve seen the video of the behind-the-scenes from Star Wars VII, which was pumped into the eyes of lucky attendees at San Diego Comic Con this previous week. If you haven’t, we have here a chance for you to get your life in order:

Let us bask in it. Let us swim in the juices.

The video acts as a trailer without having to present anything new. It’s people laughing, crew members figuring out how to spin gold from straw, actors looking sweet on Star Wars setpieces, and unattached shots, telling us nothing about the movie or the plot. Science-fantasy goodness from start to finish.

Comic Con Star wars leaked picutre of Lupita Nyong'o
Lupita Nyong’o is scanned

The video not only has the flashy images for the everyman, but a good amount of affirming shots for the big fan, in a hope-giving way. Molded alien heads, real-life sets, remote-controlled robotic friends, and more – including a shot of Lupita Nyong’o providing her digitized mug for the camera. All of this speaks to J.J. Abrams statement to focus on practical effects – real world happenings using makeup magic and camera trickery – as opposed to special effects, as witnessed heavily in the prequels. While Ms. Nyong’o is being CGI-ed, her character may become more than just a differently-colored skin. She could be something very inhuman, necessitating special effects.

But wait – there’s more! When the video ended at Comic Con, attendees were treated to panels from the cast and crew, featuring original members like Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford, as well as newbies like Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Gwendoline Christie, Domhnall Gleeson and Adam Driver. After the panel ended, people got to hear a special Star Wars concert as well as a special message from John Williams, and everyone got their very own lightsaber!

We’re not actually sure if that last thing’s a joke or not!

Finally, while not related to SDCC, it was announced Donnie Yen, Hong Kong action star and lead of the terrific Ip Man films, will be acting as a Jedi in Star Wars VIII. This is very exciting.

Thanks for reading about all the cool stuff we got to enjoy at San Diego Comic Con. Come back next week for more fun fan information!

Bib Fortuna Character Corner

Bib Fortuna
Bib Fortuna

Many recognize Bib Fortuna as the worm-headed guy standing at Jabba’s side in Episode VI. He is a Twi’lek with a long life – and he hates Jabba more than anyone could.


Forced away from the Twi’lek society for trafficking Ryll, a drug, Bib Fortuna tried to break into business bought failed to gain trust no matter where he went, until he met with Jabba and joined his gang. He can be witnessed at the Boonta Eve Classic during which Anakin Skywalker races, awakening Jabba after the second lap. He would return to his planet seeking revenge, killing his mother and destroying several towns. For Jabba the Hutt’s birthday, Fortuna procured a rancor, which pleased the Hutt enough to make Fortuna a majordomo, a chief in the crime family.

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, otherwise known as the Separatists, set up a secret mining vacility in Hutt space, at which Bib worked. This angered Jabba, drawing the eye of the Republic and the Jedi. Obi-Wan Kenobi and another Jedi named Keelyvine Reus. Reus, a human female, quickly captured the Twi’lek but was unable to get any useful information from him. She had to escape when attacked by Sith assassin Asajj Ventress, leaving Bib Fortuna cuffed to a pipe.

Five years prior to the battle of Yavin, Fortuna recruited a number of past minions to kill Jabba. This turned sour, and Fortuna accidentally ended up killing the rest of the conspirators. Jabba commended him for this. Five years after Yavin, Bib Fortuna and Luke Skywalker met briefly, with Skywalker freeing one of two slave girls Fortuna had procured. Skywalker tried to convince the Twi’lek to side with the Rebel Alliance, and Fortuna nearly agreed.

After the events of Episode VI, Bib Fortuna escaped on a private skiff and returned to the palace to take command. His brain was removed from his body and placed in a spider-droid. He convinced the monks that had done so to place his brain in the body of a different, younger Twi’lek with extensive connections and funding. He began rebuilding Jabba’s criminal empire, finally free of the giant slug.

Bib Fortuna in Episode I
Bib Fortuna in Episode I

Behind the Scenes:

Bib Fortuna was played by Michael Carter, and voiced by Erik Boauersfield (who also voiced Admiral Ackbar). The character’s original title was the “High Beeser of Hoth.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this description of a classic Star Wars character! Come back later for more fun fan information!

July Fourth Star Wars Battle

May July Fourth be with youIt will soon be July Fourth. A time when, in the U.S. at least, we celebrate our country’s independence and beginning. We also have long firework displays that begin only after sitting in a large field for too long while being devoured by bugs, have barbeques with shaped meat tubes and fruit that is almost literally red-colored water and black seeds contained in hard rinds, and sit alongside roads as multi-colored cars roll down them, followed by people making noise with instruments and little guys with fezzes in tiny cars.

So instead of those things we’re going to look at what our favorite fictional characters would be doing a July Fourth analog.

For the fireworks display, our heroes gather on the canopy village of Endor, surrounded by the furry Ewoks, enjoying some interesting percussive music and native treats while they wait for their hosts’ galaxy-renowned display to be ready. They’ve already seen an example during the celebration feast after the battle of Endor, and they can’t wait to see it again.

Unbeknownst to them, Imperial remnants are closing in on their position! Their laser rifles are primed and ready to take down the fledgling New Galactic Republic. As they take aim at our heroes, they- This doesn’t really seem very July Fourth, now does it? Let’s adjust a few things.

Weapons trained, they prepare to fire. Suddenly, water balloons and squirt gun blasts rain upon our heroes! They jump into action, furiously pumping their own squirt guns until the pressure is high enough to return fire. Before they can take aim, a volley of water balloons lands near them.

The devastation!

Han Solo stumbles to his feet. Water sheeting down his face obscures his vision. He rolls and finds the defense of a cambylictus tree, clothes soaked. He shakes a still Ewok body at his feet before more blasts of water force him farther into the village.

Luke, having decided to spend some quiet time before the fireworks, hears the attack and races to help. His lightsaber is no help against the water, and in fact it shorts the weapon out! He runs, trying to find a weapon to fight back. He runs into his sister Leia, whose hair has come undone – she looks like a drowned wookie.

Han Solo gets deeper into the village, pursued by the Imperials, and find Chewbacca, angry, wet, and stinking. The wookie grabs a huge bucket of water and slams it over a Stormtrooper’s head, flooding the soldier’s armor and stunning him. Han and Chewie abscond to the largest tree in the village, meeting with the Jedi siblings. Within the tree: a potent armory of water-based warfare. They arm themselves and fend off the approaching battalion!

Get ready for July Fourth!

It is a ferocious battle. After hours, the Empire is defeated, and they retreat. Our heroes, and the Ewoks, celebrate with delicious cooked Dindra and sweet Cardellian mint, watching the delayed fireworks display with relish. Their July Fourth is complete.