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The Star Wars blog is taking a short break for the Holidays, but we’ll be back on Friday the eighth of January, ready for incredible articles and blog posts about Star Wars Episode VII, but for now, we want everyone to celebrate the Holidays and New Years with their loved ones. Have a great rest of 2015!

Star Wars Holiday

Force Awakens Spoilers (Really!)

The Force Awakens Spoilers (really!)The Force Awakens is out now; aren’t you happy? I was pretty happy when I got to see it a week ago, which I totally did do, and am not lying about whatsoever. To prove I did, in fact, see the movie last weekend, and don’t need to go see it on Friday because I will have already seen it, I will be writing about some of the unexpected events from the movie, which I am not making up:

Perhaps the most surprising event from the first half of The Force Awakens is BB-8’s reveal. We all thought it was a robot! What does it mean for the Star Wars galaxy at large? Much, especially since we can now say without a doubt the Star Wars galaxy and the Disney pantheon exist in the same space. To speak personally, it gives me hope for the appearance of some of the other characters. Who else would want to see the Genie leading a squadron of W-Wings against the First Order?

The appearance, though brief, of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who, gives us a wide range of questions. At what point does he travel to the planet Jakku? Are the vents depicted, including the tragic death at the end of act 2, fixed points in time, which The Doctor is forbidden to tamper with? Are bowties cool even in the context of the sprawling Star Wars space opera?

Finally, the new gigantic super weapon (name revealed to be the Celestial Sleeper) being not a destructive weapon as the Death Star was, but a device used to channel the force to only one point: Sith Lord Kylo Ren! With it active, the Force is asleep (save small active points such as Finn and Rey) – will its destruction in later movies bring about a new renaissance of the Jedi? We can only hope and wait, except for me, because I get to see Episode VIII the week after Christmas.

Thanks for reading! I know I’ve convinced you I’ve for real seen The Force Awakens, and I hope you enjoy your chance to see this amazing movie. Come back again later for more Star Wars fun!

(If you want to see a hilarious video of someone who didn’t get to see The Force Awakens, but thought he was, click here)

Didn't you guys post this yesterday?
“Didn’t you guys post this yesterday?”

Surprise in Star Wars

Surprise in Star WarsStar Wars is, for the most part, a series built on classic ideas. This post shows how the first trilogy follows an archetypal Hero’s Journey, but there have been a number of times we’ve been caught by surprise with clever characters or events:

Fire when ready.

In the first Star Wars movie, it’s clear from the very first scene the threat of the Empire. What gives us a real surprise is just how far they’re willing to go to stamp out all rebellion: destroying an entire planet. The scene of the Death Star’s obliteration of Alderaan tells us the Empire is not one to take half measures.

I do believe they think I am some sort of god.

Surprised to find Ewoks on this list? Nobody expects Ewoks. The Empire certainly didn’t! Showing they clearly are more than just half-pint Wookies, the Ewoks show the Empire exactly what they mean to do to protect their home, siding with the rebels and helping them destroy the second, even larger Death Star. They’re like if Chuck Norris went to Build-a-Bear and made an army.

I killed them. I killed them all.

In a movie none-too beloved, there’s plenty to dislike about Episode II: Attack of the Clones. The romance scenes double the length of the movie and add nothing, the CGI is, while well-done, overwrought and overpowering, and Anakin’s simpering angst over things the audience has no emotional knowledge of make most of the movie a drag. An exception is not only the death of his mother (something his dreams foresaw), but his evil and brutal extermination of the entire tribe of Tusken Raiders responsible. It’s an action placing him on the path to the dark side, but unfortunately one sandwiched between two halves of a clunky film.

Execute Order 66.

In perhaps the most emotional scene of the prequels, Clone soldiers all over the galaxy turn their weapons on their one-time allies, the Jedi. As they fall, the other Jedi feel the destruction through the Force, and lead to the finale of the galaxy’s first (chronologically) on-screen conflict. Some have said the scene is lifted from The Godfather, but no one can deny this scene’s surprising power.

No, Luke. I am your father.

The sudden family member surprise has been done a thousand times, but none more shocking and well-done than at the climax of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. The reason this reveal (that Darth Vader is actually Luke’s father, in case, for some reason, you don’t know) works so well is Luke’s attempt to be like his heroic, Jedi father . . . only to be told his father is the villain he’s been fighting for two movies. It brings Luke’s heroic resolve down around his ears and sets up the final movie as something not to miss.

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed this list of Star Wars surprises. Come back next week for more fun fan information!

Costumes for Every Fan

Star Wars Costumes
So many costumes

We currently have a sweepstakes going on (you could win a $300 gift certificate!) just in time for the premiere of Star Wars Episode VII. We expect squadrons of Stormtroopers, Jedi masters and apprentices by the dozens, and more Chewbaccas than you can shake a Gaffi stick at. We’re ready and waiting for both the biggest premiere in recent years, and the legendary costumes that are sure to result from it.

Star Wars costumes run the gamut. On one end are incredible costumes that would make even the most stoic of filmmakers weep, while on the other end are . . . these. Thanks to a world full of amazing styles and looks and aided by what we will kindly refer to as lunacy, there are more than enough wild and, frankly, irresponsibly large outfits to get excited about. Everything from Jabba the Hutt made out of balloons to what seems to be a working AT-ST can be seen, should you delve deep enough into the internet.

a89c2baeb452a3562dbff7ff228bbc3aBut big is just one way to do it. Crossovers (for the dually-infatuated) range from the obvious and cool (see picture to the right), to the less obvious (like if Boba Fett and Snow White had a bounty-hunter daughter), and then to the downright unforeseeable, like a Deadmau5 Jedi or a two-person AT-AT outfit. Don’t get us wrong, all of these outfits are cool, it’s just that some of them seem to require a bit of roundabout imagining, as well as huge amounts of time.


If you don’t have huge amounts of time, or lack other resources, your costume may not end up on the same level as some of these. The easiest way to avoid this (unless you going for humor by having a hilariously bad costume, a cause we fully support) is to enter our contest. It’s easy, fast, and gives you a great way to look your best on the eighteenth.

Thanks for reading! Check back next week for more fun fan information!