Tusken Raiders

Tusken RaidersIn the past, we’ve taken a look at some of the civilizations the Star Wars universe, such as the fierce Mandalorians and the scavenging Jawas. This week, we take a look at another facet of life on Tatooine: the Tusken Raiders.

Native to the harsh deserts and blinding wind of Tatooine, the Tusken Raiders, also known as Sand People, became harshly territorial and xenophobic, ready and willing to attack anything and everything they come across. Further, Tusken Raiders believed all water was sacred and promised to them, resulting in fury whenever they find anyone else in possession (such as a moisture farm). Groups, known as clans, consisted of around twenty to thirty individuals, led by tribal chiefs or warlords.

At the age of fifteen a Tusken Raider becomes an adult, and must slay a krayt dragon, dangerous reptilian creatures living on Tatooine, and retrieve the natural pearl from its stomach. Living in encampments in the rocky area known as Jundland Wastes known as The Needles, clans are normally guarded by vicious doglike creatures called massiffs. Male Tusken Raiders acted primarily as warriors, wearing rough cloths to both protect themselves from the natural Tatooine landscape and allowe ease of movement, wielding gaderffii sticks in close-quarters combat and using rifles called Tusken Cyclers for vehicles or long range. Every Tusken Raider warrior has their own unique gaderffii stick.

Female Tusken Raiders are distinguished by their elaborate jeweled masks and torso-covering sand shrouds. The children wore simple cowls and cloaks, and were not allowed to dress in specifically male or female dress until reaching fifteen. All Sand People, regardless of age or sex, wear mouth grilles and eye glasses to keep sand out and conserve water. Tusken Raiders are forbidden to remove clothing except during childbirth, wedding nights, and coming-of-age ceremonies.

At age fifteen every Tusken Raider is given a bantha of matching gender, with which they share a close and tied relationship. When Tusken Raiders marry, their banthas also mate, and when the rider dies the bantha is also usually quick to perish. The large bantha graveyard is treated with great respect by all Tusken Raiders.

Behind the Scenes:

Initially appearing in the second draft of A New Hope as a type of Imperial spy, Tusken Raiders had red eyes and drove distinctive speeders. They became a native of Tatooine in the next draft. Though Tusken Raiders sound much like sea lions, their piercing cries were actually made from donkey brays by sound designer Ben Burtt

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Lor San Tekka Character Corner

Max von Sydow as Lor San TekkaOne of the first characters you see in the Force Awakens is Lor San Tekka, played by legendary actor Max von Sydow. If, like us, you couldn’t concentrate on his conversation with Poe Dameron because you were trying to figure out who he was, then this is the post for you. Here we’re going to learn all about this short-lived character—together.

Born in the waning years of the Galactic Republic, Lor San Tekka came to have high regard for the Jedi order, though he had no ability as a Jedi himself. After the destruction of the Jedi by the Empire, Tekka became a member of the Church of the Force, an underground faith who believed in the Jedi ideals but were not force-sensitive themselves. Tekka personally uncovered a great deal of history about the Jedi despite the Empire’s attempt to hide it.

An avid and experienced explorer, after the Empire’s defeat at Endor, Tekka appeared to the fledgling New Republic to provide information regarding worlds around the galaxy. A close ally to Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, Tekka helped Luke recover more Jedi lore the Empire had tried to destroy. He also became close to Ben Solo, who would later betray Luke and destroy the growing Jedi. Skywalker would go into exile. Years later, Lor San Tekka found a partial map to Skywalker’s location. After this, Tekka lived with the Crèche, and gained their trust; eventually they would refer to him as “the explorer.”

Entering his retirement on the planet Jakku, General Organa and the First Order both learned Tekka had the map to lead them to Skywalker. Poe Dameron reached him first, beginning the events of The Force Awakens.

A seasoned explorer, Tekka knew knowledge and wisdom from across the galaxy, specializing in hidden lore of the Jedi. Unable to stand by as darkness took over the galaxy, Tekka was instrumental in introducing Finn and Rey to the Resistance, and eventually destroying Starkiller base. Created for episode VII, Tekka is the first character created for the Church of the Force organization, which was originally dreamed up by George Lucas for the Star Wars live action TV series, which was shelved after Lucasarts was sold to Disney.

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May Fourth: The Ultimate Party

Will the Modal Nodes help you celebrate May Fourth?
Will the Modal Nodes help you celebrate May Fourth?

Happy May Fourth! In the past, we’ve shown you a few ways to make your Star Wars gathering really cool–including special treats and off-the-wall activities. These ideas, thought certainly not wastes, lack an out-of-this world quality. They’re stuck on Earth, away from the amazing vistas and stars that make up half of the Star Wars name. How would the greatest May Fourth party look?

Would it take place surrounded by the crystal spires of Coruscant? Perhaps you would have to decorate the stark military walls of the Death Star, or start the barbecues on Endor’s Moon. There are tons of venues to choose from! As an example, let’s pick the awards ceremony at the end of A New Hope, but instead of soldiers and pilots standing in crisp rows, it’s the entire rebellion getting down.

What’s to eat? The Star Wars movies don’t tend to focus on food, in fact a lot of the most unnecessary scenes from the prequels are during meals (Jar-Jar snapping up food with his tongue, or Anakin floating a slice of pear to Padmé, for instance). So what’s to keep you from choosing all of your favorite foods, real or fake? Pizzas, fried slices of the sentient denizens of the Burger planet, and one of those soda fountains where you can mix the flavors—the choice is yours.

Classic musicians of the Star Wars universe like Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes, or the Max Rebo Band may appear, or you can drop in one of your favorite artists to play. Suggestions like Daft Punk, David Bowie, or a house version of Also Sprach Zarathustra for extra points, and for the ultimate meta get John Williams to conduct the London Symphony Orchestra.

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