April Fools Star Wars Pranks

April Fools Star Wars
I’m sure this turned out fine

April Fools has come and gone, and pranks have been pulled with gusto. Did you get pranked? That’s okay, so did we. The Superhero FB page replaced all of the crème filling in our Oreos with toothpaste. We have minty fresh breath and a new outlook on April fools pranks, and it got us thinking about how Star Wars characters would celebrate this esteemed holiday:

A few Ewoks would probably have the bright idea of dressing up as Chewie, and attempt to go out to save the galaxy with Han and Luke. Most likely, this will end up with Han and Luke in an imperial cell, three Ewoks trapped in a rapidly-closing trash compactor, and a very angry Chewbacca hanging from a trap in an Endor tree.

We also think we know what the rebel forces would do. When attacked by stormtroopers, with lasers flying everywhere, rebel fighters will shout out “I’m hit!” or “Oh no, you got me!” and fall to the floor, defeated. Then, when the stormtroopers come to count their fresh kills, the rebels jump up and, armed with silly string and/or water balloons, show them what real marksmanship is like! Many laughs are had.

Darth Vader, legendary joker that he is, has been waiting for this day all year. The entire Death Star waits with baited breath to find out what the Sith Lord’s day has in store for them. It’s too bad that April Fools just happened to be the day the Millennium Falcon arrived. Everybody entered, expecting a great prank, instead find an “empty” cargo hauler. Many are confused and surprised at the interesting lack of prank, until they find a trio of Ewoks stuck in a trash compactor.

What other April Fools pranks could the Star Wars characters pull? What great Star-Wars themed pranks can you think of? Leave a comment and let us know!

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