Father’s Day in Star Wars

Bad Father
Father’s Day gets confusing in Star Wars

In a few days it will be Father’s Day, and there’s no better way to celebrate than watching the Star Wars movies. Well, there are plenty of better ways actually, but it’s a pretty good way nonetheless. That’s more than we can say about the characters within the series, since father-child relationships are fairly strained.

Thirty-five year old spoiler: Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father. He is also Princess Leia’s father. Sorry if you didn’t know that. When Luke discovers his father is one of the murderous Sith Lords ruling the galaxy, he gets a bit depressed. Darth Vader first attempts to get his son to join him on the Dark Side, and when Luke says he’s having none of it, Vader tries to overpower him on the orders of the Emperor. The next Skywalker family reunion will be a bit awkward. But at least now they have matching robotic hands!

Perhaps even worse is Anakin Skywalker himself, before he becomes Darth Vader. In Episode I his mother says he doesn’t have a father, that he was a virgin birth, but EU material reveals that Chancellor Palpatine influenced the midichlorians of the force to impregnate Shmi Skywalker. Good start. Later, after he’s actually born, Anakin finds a surrogate father figure in Obi-Wan Kenobi. It’s too bad that he eventually decided that Obi-Wan had betrayed him, and then betrayed Obi-Wan, turning into Darth Vader after killing, just, so many Jedi.

And he wonders why Luke doesn’t want to join him.

Luckily, father-child relationships are rarely this complicated in real life. Let’s all take the time this Father’s Day to thank our fathers for not being megalomaniac Sith Lords.

If your father is a megalomaniac ruler, we apologize for any undue trauma this article has caused.

Fett Father's Day
And this isn’t even mentioning the Fetts

Star Wars Weekends

Disney Star Wars Weekends
Disney Star Wars Weekends

From May 15th to June 14th, at Walt Disney World Resort in California, the Star Wars Weekends will take place. Friday through Sunday on these dates, guests can attend special events for Star Wars fans, meet with original cast members of the original trilogy, prequels, and more, find costumed characters around the theme park, and even see characters such as Mickey, Minnie, and Donald wearing special Star Wars outfits. This year, we know of Amy Allen (Aayla Secura), Tiya Sircar (Sabine Wren), Ray Park (Darth Maul), Frank Oz (Yoda’s voice), Ian McDarmid (Emperor Palpatine), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Vanessa Marshall (Hera Syndulla), Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano), Warwick Davis (Wicket the Ewok and others), and more.

There’s no amount of fun a Star Wars fan is able to have when attending these events. Let’s take a look at everything that can happen:

“The Jedi Training Academy” is a live show based on the teachings and practices of the Jedi knights. The show is heavily audience participation, and focuses on the children in the audience. Each participant is given a lightsaber and Jedi robes and is taught swordfighting techniques. There are also frequent parades that feature the 501st legion – a famous fan group – as well as costumed version of a large number of characters.

“Snig and Oopla’s Hyperspace Hoopla” is a dance-themed stage show featuring the Star Wars characters competing in groups against each other. In the 2013 show, Emperor Palpatine hijacked the show, renaming it “Emperor Palpatine’s Hyperspace Hoopla,” which of course led to a massive dance-off. The show was retired after the 2014 weekends.

Symphony in the Stars is a large-scale fireworks display set to Star Wars music, as well as voice and sound clips. Beyond the Force is a live hosted by Ashley Eckstein that details the creation and development of The Clone Wars television show. “Obi-Wan and Beyond” is a live 30-minute talk show hosted by James Arnold Taylor, a voice-over actor famous for replicating stars’ voices in animated movies, television shows, and video games. “Carbon Freeze Me” is an interactive attraction where guests are able to scan their faces and reproduce them in carbonite, which are then available for purchase.

There’s plenty more to do, including a “Padawan Mind Challenge,” and a celebrity motorcade. Any fan of Star Wars is sure to enjoy this time! Thanks for reading, be sure to come back soon for more fan information!

Happy May the Fourth!

May the Fourth
May the Fourth be with you

Monday is May the Fourth, National Star Wars day. If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate (or a great way to look the part) look no further. Following will be a number of ways to enjoy the fourth of May – some serious, and some silly.

Watch the episodes – all of them

The classic, and probably most used, way to celebrate Star Wars day is to experience ever movie from start to finish. But this of course raises the natural question: what order to watch the movies in? Do you watch the original trilogy first, or prequel trilogy first? It’s an important decision! We recommend a different method, in this order: Episode IV, V, I, II, III, and ending with VI. You could even do it without Episode I. We explain in some greater detail here.

Hit the town with your friends in character

This won’t be for everyone – those a bit more outgoing will find it easier and probably more fun – but even those who think it strange might enjoy it. Get a group of friends, outfits, and go shopping. The mall is a great place for something like this, but there are loads of places where this would be fun, such as the park, movie theater, or museum.

A Star Wars-themed party

Easily integrate one of the above options with a Star Wars-themed gathering. Try out party games, trivia contests, a fashion show, Star Wars themed snacks, and more. It of course goes without saying that you’ll need some Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes or Max Rebo playing.

Raise funds to build a Death Star

A little door-to-dooring never hurt anybody! Whether you’re sincere about wanting a planet-smashing space station, or are just trying to get a laugh is something that both you and the people that answer the door will have to decide. Combine with costumes for the perfect outdoor activity!

There’s no end to the things that you can do to celebrate May the Fourth, just make sure you do it!

April Fools Star Wars Pranks

April Fools Star Wars
I’m sure this turned out fine

April Fools has come and gone, and pranks have been pulled with gusto. Did you get pranked? That’s okay, so did we. The Superhero FB page replaced all of the crème filling in our Oreos with toothpaste. We have minty fresh breath and a new outlook on April fools pranks, and it got us thinking about how Star Wars characters would celebrate this esteemed holiday:

A few Ewoks would probably have the bright idea of dressing up as Chewie, and attempt to go out to save the galaxy with Han and Luke. Most likely, this will end up with Han and Luke in an imperial cell, three Ewoks trapped in a rapidly-closing trash compactor, and a very angry Chewbacca hanging from a trap in an Endor tree.

We also think we know what the rebel forces would do. When attacked by stormtroopers, with lasers flying everywhere, rebel fighters will shout out “I’m hit!” or “Oh no, you got me!” and fall to the floor, defeated. Then, when the stormtroopers come to count their fresh kills, the rebels jump up and, armed with silly string and/or water balloons, show them what real marksmanship is like! Many laughs are had.

Darth Vader, legendary joker that he is, has been waiting for this day all year. The entire Death Star waits with baited breath to find out what the Sith Lord’s day has in store for them. It’s too bad that April Fools just happened to be the day the Millennium Falcon arrived. Everybody entered, expecting a great prank, instead find an “empty” cargo hauler. Many are confused and surprised at the interesting lack of prank, until they find a trio of Ewoks stuck in a trash compactor.

What other April Fools pranks could the Star Wars characters pull? What great Star-Wars themed pranks can you think of? Leave a comment and let us know!

Star Wars Resolutions

Jabba doesn’t like it

It’s a new year, and, traditionally, the time to recognize a way to better yourself. This could be a dedication to giving money to charity, spending more time with your siblings, or learning to do the moonwalk. Today, we find out what certain characters would choose as their new resolutions:

The Prequels

Obi-Wan Kenobi: “Spend some time with Anakin. The boy seems troubled by something. He could use a stable relationship in his life. Though he does seem to be spending a lot of time with Senator Amidala…”

Mace Windu: “Find a way to combat my male-pattern baldness, or buy a nice hat.”

General Grievous: “Learn to fight with five lightsabers.”

Padme Amidala: “Figure out a way to talk to Anakin about my family without him feeling awkward.”

Yoda: “Find a retirement planet, I must.”

Jar-Jar: “Write home.”

C-3PO: “Install that new framework update that will keep my memory from being wiped, and upgrade my RAM. I should write this one down.”

Anakin Skywalker: “Work harder at keeping Obi-wan from discovering Padme and I are married.”

Original Trilogy

Luke Skywalker: “Build a backup lightsaber. Ooh! I wonder if I could do it with one hand?”

Princess Leia: “Get used to living on Hoth, I guess.”

Darth Vader: “Tell Luke I’m his father. I bet he’ll be excited.”

Lando Calrissian: “Hire a better Minister of Galactic Relations, I don’t want the empire breathing down my neck. Also gamble less.”

Emperor Palpatine: “Work on evil laugh. Practice speech. Right now it’s just ‘Something something something dark side, something something something the force.’”

Admiral Ackbar: “Figure out those Chinese Finger things.”

Han Solo: “Practice my dance moves.”

Chewbacca: “Learn Basic.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of New Year’s Resolutions. Can you think of more? Comment with new versions or different characters!

How To Throw the Best Star Wars Party (5 Steps)

What better date to throw a huge Star Wars party than May Fourth? The date is circled in red ink here at Official Star Wars Costumes, and we’re getting ready to throw a huge bash! Still looking for tips? Don’t worry, young padawan, teach you we will in five easy steps.

First, it’s important to understand your audience. If you’re having a party for kids, simple games, movies, and toys with snacks and drinks will be better suited to their tastes, while a party for adult fans (Mark Hamill, Ewan McGregor, and Harrison Ford will be attending ours) should be prepared with more food, but might not need as many games.

May The 4th Be With You
May The 4th Be With You Star Wars Fans!


The invitations are the first part of your party that your guests will experience, and as much as a week in advance. It’s vital to include all necessary information, such as when, where, and what. “How” doesn’t really make sense to include, but go for it if you want to. If the attendees should be expected to bring something, be sure to let them know, whether it be a present for a birthday child, a dish to share, or their own drinks.

There are plenty of places to buy pre-made Star Wars invitations that will get the job done, but many are suited best for birthday parties. Making your own invitations using images from the web, tailored to each guest, is a way to put your best foot forward right from the beginning.

Of course, in this digital age, many party invitations are sent out via email or Facebook. There are a lot of ways to create these in interesting ways: write the emails as a character, invite each person as if they were part of the rebellion, and, I’m sure, many more.


Here, again, you should remember who will be attending. Kids will love an area decked out to the nines, looking like the Death Star or Jedi temple, while adults might not find it as necessary. Banners, centerpieces, streamers, cutlery (Use the fork!), napkins, and plates are all things to consider.

Another important aspect is ambiance. You could have the movies going on a TV in the corner, or the official soundtrack playing during the party. Cueing certain scenes or songs for specific events will make your guests excited; for example, playing the celebration music from the end of Episode IV when you bring out the desert.


What you serve is one of the most critical parts of any party! Believe me, there are plenty of ways to turn ordinary food into fun Star Wars snacks. These include: lightsaber treats made from pretzel sticks or popsicles, cookies or cupcakes decorated to look like characters, Princess Leia buns, and many more! Here is a list of fun ideas somebody used for their party!


 For a kid’s party, this will be very important. Be prepared to have several options available – for example, weather might make outdoor games impossible. Like many of the other sections, there are hundreds of ways to think up creative things to do at a party for either kids or adults. A piñata, scavenger hunt, trivia game, pin the lightsaber on the Jedi (Using a poster and stickers), are all popular choices, but there are hundreds of things you could do!


For kid’s parties, costumes will help them get into the spirit of the event! Simple costumes like a kids robe will help everyone feel like a Jedi. For adults, judging on the coolest costume or going as a couple or groups is a good way to make everyone interested right from the beginning.

There are innumerable ways to have a great Star Wars party; these are just some tips to get your party off the ground, or to fill in the final details. There are loads of articles online that have activities, food ideas, decorations, and more, so go nuts! And may the Force be with you this May Fourth! We have to get back to work now, have to make some more Yoda Soda (7-Up with lime sherbet). Mark Hamill loves it.

For additional Star Wars Party Ideas check out our Pinterest Star Wars Party Board

Star Wars Battle: Qui-Gon Jinn vs. Darth Vader

This week on the Star Wars Official Costumes Blog, we’re going to bend the time stream a little bit. We’ll take a look at two main characters from the Star Wars universe, and see who would win in a fight! Two competitors will enter this Star Wars battle and only one will leave the victor, our combatants are Qui-Gon Jinn and Darth Vader!

It’s important to set some things straight before the fight begins. We’ll start with when the characters are. We’re going to use post Episode IV Darth Vader, and Episode I Qui-Gon.

Who would win, Darth Vader or Qui-Gon Jinn?
Who wins, Darth Vader or Qui-Gon Jinn?

We also need to figure out where they’ll fight. There are a lot of places where the fight could take place, but we’ll go with a place from the original trilogy. The location of this battle will be the climactic lightsaber battle from Episode VI on the Death Star is a great arena, minus the influence of the Emperor.

We’ll now look at the advantages and disadvantages of each fighter.

Qui-Gon Jinn – Advantages:

Qui-Gon Jinn is a master lightsaber fighter, well-skilled in the fourth form, Ataru. This form focuses on aggressive, offensive action, and is well-suited for combat with a single enemy. It is a style that includes acrobatic flips and jumps, though Qui-Gon tends to be less active than the normal fighter. Qui-Gon also has the ability to adjust his fighting technique, a useful tactic when fighting a similarly-versatile opponent like Darth Vader.

Qui-Gon was a powerful Jedi with good control over his emotions, and was in-tune with the Force. He was adept at mind tricks, and had strong senses. He had good experience in combat.


Qui-Gon was not a young Jedi. His strength and endurance were waning, and the Ataru form of lightsaber combat was a style that used a lot of energy. In addition, Ataru had poor defense, especially against ranged attacks, and lacked effectiveness in confined spaces.

Darth Vader – Advantages:

Even before his turn to the Dark Side, Darth Vader possessed a mastery of the V Form, Djem So. The form focused on pressing offenses and overwhelming power, and was well-suited for lightsaber dueling. After he became a Sith Lord, he added elements from other styles to compliment his style, as well as taking advantage of his extreme size and strength. He is also very strong in the force, stemming from his anger and rage.


Darth Vader was confident, and believed himself to be superior to many combatants. Because of this, opponents stronger than he thought would put him off-balance. Defense styles, like Obi-Wan in Episode III, would anger him and make him lose control, and thus lose focus during the fight.

The Fight:

Both fighters are well trained in lightsaber combat – Qui-Gon was one of only a few people to hold his own against Mace Windu. However, Darth Vader killed several Jedi masters, as well as helped Darth Sidious to kill Mace Windu. The main difference in a fight between them would be their physical forms. Both are well trained and have a wealth of experience, yet Darth Vader is much stronger, and has greater endurance. As Ataru is a highly-physical form, Qui-Gon would likely tire long before Darth Vader.

However, that does not mean he is out. The throne room in the Death Star has many places to hide or escape so there’s no reason to think that Qui-Gon would escape to catch his breath and form a plan. The downside is that if Darth Vader found him, the close quarters of the area would make fighting difficult for Qui-Gon.

Qui-Gon’s greatest chance comes from a combination of a defensive stance and putting Darth Vader off-balance. Obi-Wan Kenobi demonstrated that this combination was the key to winning against Darth Vader on Mustafar in Episode III. If Qui-Gon Jinn can use the information to his advantage, he has a much greater chance of winning, but if not . . . it would be a sad day for the Jedi Order.

Do you think Darth Vader would triumph? Do you think Qui-Gon has a chance? Tell us what you think!  What other Star Wars battles you would like to see?