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Star Wars Costumes
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We currently have a sweepstakes going on (you could win a $300 gift certificate!) just in time for the premiere of Star Wars Episode VII. We expect squadrons of Stormtroopers, Jedi masters and apprentices by the dozens, and more Chewbaccas than you can shake a Gaffi stick at. We’re ready and waiting for both the biggest premiere in recent years, and the legendary costumes that are sure to result from it.

Star Wars costumes run the gamut. On one end are incredible costumes that would make even the most stoic of filmmakers weep, while on the other end are . . . these. Thanks to a world full of amazing styles and looks and aided by what we will kindly refer to as lunacy, there are more than enough wild and, frankly, irresponsibly large outfits to get excited about. Everything from Jabba the Hutt made out of balloons to what seems to be a working AT-ST can be seen, should you delve deep enough into the internet.

a89c2baeb452a3562dbff7ff228bbc3aBut big is just one way to do it. Crossovers (for the dually-infatuated) range from the obvious and cool (see picture to the right), to the less obvious (like if Boba Fett and Snow White had a bounty-hunter daughter), and then to the downright unforeseeable, like a Deadmau5 Jedi or a two-person AT-AT outfit. Don’t get us wrong, all of these outfits are cool, it’s just that some of them seem to require a bit of roundabout imagining, as well as huge amounts of time.


If you don’t have huge amounts of time, or lack other resources, your costume may not end up on the same level as some of these. The easiest way to avoid this (unless you going for humor by having a hilariously bad costume, a cause we fully support) is to enter our contest. It’s easy, fast, and gives you a great way to look your best on the eighteenth.

Thanks for reading! Check back next week for more fun fan information!

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