Family Costume Sets

The Solo Family!
The Solo Family!

Everyone loves Star Wars. Men and women young and old can all find a character they love, and now your entire family has the chance to dress up as a great group of Star Wars outfits! There are five groups to choose from, including Imperials, Sith, and Solos!

Hunters United

No family is better at finding their man than the Fetts! With Cad Bane on their side, this group of bounty hunters is one of the most feared groups in the galaxy! Choose from a variety of costumes from the original and prequel trilogy, including a great selection of girl’s and boy’s costumes! Add accessories like blasters and helmets and become the greatest bounty hunters in the galaxy!

The Imperial Family

With Emperor Palpatine in power, your family is ready to fight! Become part of the unbeatable Imperial military force with stormtrooper and snowtrooper costumes and accessories! It doesn’t matter what your family looks like, we have the for everyone: infants, boys and girls, and adults. Blasters, helmets, and more help outfit your troop.

The Sith Family

Let the Dark side of the force flow through all of you! Any of the memorable Sith characters from the movies can join Halloween, from classics like Darth Vader to lesser-known characters like Darth Talon. Lightsabers and robes (and even costumes for pets!) are sure to make everyone’s costume perfect.

The Solos

This family is comprised of the greatest heroes the galaxy has to offer! Han Solo, Leia Organa, Queen Amidala, and young Jedi outfits are everything you need if you want to be heroic this Halloween. Get the perfect outfit no matter what sort of plans you have for Halloween, and no matter what size your family is!

The Tatooine Family

While some of the galaxy is inside crystal towers and still lakes, you know the real danger is in the desert of this hot planet! Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Dewback mounts, and even a sand-encrusted C-3PO are all available for a Halloween with a bit more heat than normal. Accessories help make the man, with sticks and masks to improve your look.

No one should be without a costume this Halloween. These great sets make sure everyone has a way to look great. Thanks for reading; come back next week for more fun fan information, and don’t forget to enter our sweepstakes!


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