Fan Creations that Astound

Fandom can go many ways. Some are content to enjoy the original creation and then go about their lives; others will pursue more of what they love. Some, however, will but hours of time and hundreds of dollars into creating something special that all fans can enjoy. Today, we’ll be listing a number of fan creations from the Star Wars realms that might just make you go wow.

“Portrait of Darth Vader”:

Most art is done via the computer these days for obvious reasons: easier, quicker, and cheaper. But there are some pieces of work that only physical art forms can recreate, including this following picture:

Oil-painting of Darth Vader
Fan Creation: Art

Done with oil-based paints in the form of classic portraits from the renaissance, this wonderful piece of art stands out even among the waves of Star Wars creations. By Steven J. Levin.

AT-ST “Costume”

What? What?!

AT-ST Costume
Fan Creation: Costume

Scott Holden, creator of this beautiful thing, doesn’t mess around. Take a look at the video!

An Incredible Star Destroyer:

One man is making a forty-eight inch star destroyer model, and it looks amazing:

Star Destroyer Model
Fan Creation: Model

His website appears to be down at the moment, but even in its unfinished state, the workmanship is boggling.

A Full-size Landspeeder:

Built on top of some sort of motorized vehicle, this landspeeder looks like it could zoom around (but, sadly, no other information could be found). It’s certainly an accurate representation!

Life-size Landspeeder model
Fan Creation: Vehicle

It’s pretty easy to find most of the above, but the final item is a bit more unique.


This one isn’t going into the header because I don’t want it to be spoiled. This item should be the last seen after spending time reading the above sections, dwelling on them, marveling at them. Then, once that is all through, you scroll here and find out what the final ridiculous fan-created piece of Star Wars fun is. It’s a life-size Millennium Falcon.

Yes, you read that correctly: A 1:1 model of the Millennium Falcon built using everything from concrete to fiberglass. A team of hyper-dedicated Star Wars fans is working outside of Nashville Tennessee is being funded out of pocket (though still accept donations), and is being constructed by only seven people! Work is slow-going, and completion is many years away, but it continues still.

Life-size Millennium Falcon part
Fan Creation: Life-size

We hope you’ve enjoyed this small review of wonderful fan creations. Post pictures of your favorites!

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