Force Awakens Spoilers (Really!)

The Force Awakens Spoilers (really!)The Force Awakens is out now; aren’t you happy? I was pretty happy when I got to see it a week ago, which I totally did do, and am not lying about whatsoever. To prove I did, in fact, see the movie last weekend, and don’t need to go see it on Friday because I will have already seen it, I will be writing about some of the unexpected events from the movie, which I am not making up:

Perhaps the most surprising event from the first half of The Force Awakens is BB-8’s reveal. We all thought it was a robot! What does it mean for the Star Wars galaxy at large? Much, especially since we can now say without a doubt the Star Wars galaxy and the Disney pantheon exist in the same space. To speak personally, it gives me hope for the appearance of some of the other characters. Who else would want to see the Genie leading a squadron of W-Wings against the First Order?

The appearance, though brief, of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who, gives us a wide range of questions. At what point does he travel to the planet Jakku? Are the vents depicted, including the tragic death at the end of act 2, fixed points in time, which The Doctor is forbidden to tamper with? Are bowties cool even in the context of the sprawling Star Wars space opera?

Finally, the new gigantic super weapon (name revealed to be the Celestial Sleeper) being not a destructive weapon as the Death Star was, but a device used to channel the force to only one point: Sith Lord Kylo Ren! With it active, the Force is asleep (save small active points such as Finn and Rey) – will its destruction in later movies bring about a new renaissance of the Jedi? We can only hope and wait, except for me, because I get to see Episode VIII the week after Christmas.

Thanks for reading! I know I’ve convinced you I’ve for real seen The Force Awakens, and I hope you enjoy your chance to see this amazing movie. Come back again later for more Star Wars fun!

(If you want to see a hilarious video of someone who didn’t get to see The Force Awakens, but thought he was, click here)

Didn't you guys post this yesterday?
“Didn’t you guys post this yesterday?”

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