Forever: Disney’s Plan for Star Wars

Can Star Wars continue forever?Traditionally, more is better. More time to sleep is better than less time to sleep. A greater amount of cottage cheese is better than less cottage cheese. More time before hitting the ground after leaping out of an exploding plane is better than less. So, more Star Wars should be better than less Star Wars, right? (Insert your own prequel trilogy joke here) Let’s assume yes, because we like Star Wars. Here’s the question we want to pose: could we ever run out of Star Wars? Can Star Wars continue forever?

We have already seen two large-screen examples of new Star Wars goodness since Disney purchased it, Episode VII in 2015, and Rogue One in 2016. This year, we get Episode VIII (“The Last Jedi”), and next year is the Han Solo anthology story. 2019 gives us Episode IX, and 2020 is—supposedly—when the Boba Fett movie will arrive. Beyond that, plans are in place for movies extending through 2030. What other stories will Disney show us?

Will they opt to continue to sew new plots out of thin air? Will they take stories from the old Expanded Universe, such as the Yuuzhan Vong, Thrawn, or Dark Empire? Perhaps we’ll see more anthologies, such as origin stories for Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, or other favorites?

Star Wars Can Go Forever

If Disney had its say, Star Wars would go forever, for a simple reason: that sweet cash, yo. The Force Awakens earned over two billion dollars, and Rogue one has earned more than one billion, amounts of money known as Scroogian. Disney wants to dive in and never hit bottom, and there’s no reason to stop making movies—and, hence, stop making money—if people are still going to movies and buying merchandise. Star Wars is the biggest name in Hollywood, and they will always have top talent to pick and choose from.

Did you know Daniel Craig, the latest James Bond, was in The Force Awakens? He was the Stormtrooper Rey manipulates on Starkiller base. A world-renowned actor played a faceless bit part because it’s Star Wars. Directors will fight each other to the death to direct the next installation. Unknown actresses will line up around the block to become the next Daisy Ridley.

With these facts, Star Wars has staying power like none other. Maybe it will continue forever. Would it be so bad?

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