Greedo Character Corner

Greedo in Cantina
Greedo in the Cantina

Usually, on the Character Corner, we talk about cool characters. Popular characters. Interesting characters. This week, it’s Greedo.


Born on Rodia in the persecuted Tetsu Clan, Greedo’s father (Greedo) was an esteemed bounty hunter that made his family famous. A rival bounty hunter named Navik the Red, leader of the Chattza Clan, killed the elder Greedo and stole his fortune, forcing the pregnant Neela to flee with her clan to U-Tendik. The clan elders decided to never tell the children what had happened. As a teenager, Greedo discovered three silver starships with his younger brother Pqweeduk. Their mother reluctantly revealed their clan’s past, and only a month later Navik the Red found the Tetsu clan once more, killing many and forcing Greedo and his family to Nar Shaddaa.

There, Greedo learned the ins and outs of the black market and learning more about the galaxy at large after a sheltered childhood. Later, the family moved to Tatooine, during which we can see Greedo in Episode I, pestering Anakin Skywalker. He became a mercenary, kidnapping and fighting for the highest bidder. After the end of the Clone Wars Greedo again found himself at Nar Shaddaa, which fueled his desire to become a bounty hunter. After saving the lives of two of them, he became a protégé to Spurch “Warhog” Goa. During this time, Greedo tried to steal power couplings from what turned out to be the Millennium Falcon, prompting Han Solo to steal Greedo’s rancor-skin jacket in exchange.

Soon after, Imperial agents attacked a rebel enclave, causing an explosion and killing Greedo’s family. Greedo began his bounty-hunting career in earnest, though he found himself out of his element. On Tatooine, he took the contract to kill Solo, tricked by his mentor into believing it would be simple. After the end of the disastrous job, Greedo’s body was ground into a powerful liqueur by Wuher, the Cantina’s bartender, who disliked the Rodian and proudly displayed his head – the only part that wasn’t ground up, on a stake. The details of Greedo’s death were told in different ways by those present, and eventually he became post-humously famous.

Behind the Scenes:

In Episode IV Paul Blake played Greedo in shots with Han Solo, and a special articulated head was used for close-ups, using a woman named Maria De Aragon to play the bounty hunter. The language he speaks is actually the South American language Quechua. In the Star Wars: Clone Wars series, he is voiced by Tom Kenny, who also does the voice for Spongebob Squarepants and the Ice King from Adventure Time.

Greedo in heels
Greedo in heels

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Character Corner; come back next week for more fun Star Wars information!

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