Lightsaber — Build Your Own

Build your own lightsaberTrying to find a way to elevate yourself over other Star Wars fans? Looking for the ultimate way to prove your superiority when the next movie releases? How about building your own lightsaber? What’s that? Impossible you say? You are correct: you can’t construct a weapon powerful enough to cut through steel and deflect laser bolts, but we can get a little more creative than you might think.

Harness the Power of the Crystals

Do you want a functioning sword at least? Try out the comprehensive (and fairly complicated) instructions over at Popular Science, which include using bonding glue, a hacksaw, a drill, soldering iron, and naked wires to light up the blade. Perfect if you’re a steady hand and looking for a cool DIY project (and you have all the tools and materials required). You can also decorate it to your specifications.

A user on Instructables named MrTinkerer has created another guide, based on his numerous previous creations. He suggests, if you are so inclined, to use The Custom Saber shop to help visualize your own hilt before creation. Another option is the site Ultra Sabers. He has parts and instructions for every section of the lightsaber, from the blade to the inner electronics. You can use his step-by-step instructions as well as places to order pre-made parts, based on the level of lightsaber you wish to wield. MrTinkerer has even said materials and ease-of-use have improved, meaning it’s become even easier to make a famous weapons.

Still not enough? You can find dozens or hundreds of videos about the process on Youtube. Their quality and capacity will vary wildly.

Don’t think you’ll be able to get away with a little bit of work. Both linked instructions prove you’ll spend hours constructing your own Jedi weapon. If you put in the effort you’ll come away with a unique item to prove you’re the greatest Star Wars fan.

Thanks for reading! Come back next week for more fun Star Wars information!

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