May Fourth: The Ultimate Party

Will the Modal Nodes help you celebrate May Fourth?
Will the Modal Nodes help you celebrate May Fourth?

Happy May Fourth! In the past, we’ve shown you a few ways to make your Star Wars gathering really cool–including special treats and off-the-wall activities. These ideas, thought certainly not wastes, lack an out-of-this world quality. They’re stuck on Earth, away from the amazing vistas and stars that make up half of the Star Wars name. How would the greatest May Fourth party look?

Would it take place surrounded by the crystal spires of Coruscant? Perhaps you would have to decorate the stark military walls of the Death Star, or start the barbecues on Endor’s Moon. There are tons of venues to choose from! As an example, let’s pick the awards ceremony at the end of A New Hope, but instead of soldiers and pilots standing in crisp rows, it’s the entire rebellion getting down.

What’s to eat? The Star Wars movies don’t tend to focus on food, in fact a lot of the most unnecessary scenes from the prequels are during meals (Jar-Jar snapping up food with his tongue, or Anakin floating a slice of pear to Padmé, for instance). So what’s to keep you from choosing all of your favorite foods, real or fake? Pizzas, fried slices of the sentient denizens of the Burger planet, and one of those soda fountains where you can mix the flavors—the choice is yours.

Classic musicians of the Star Wars universe like Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes, or the Max Rebo Band may appear, or you can drop in one of your favorite artists to play. Suggestions like Daft Punk, David Bowie, or a house version of Also Sprach Zarathustra for extra points, and for the ultimate meta get John Williams to conduct the London Symphony Orchestra.

How would your ultimate May Fourth Star Wars party go? Leave a note, and be sure to come back next week for more fun fan information! Thanks for reading!

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