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Star Wars film newsFour billion dollars might seem like a lot of money, but when it’s four billion dollars for Star Wars, perhaps the most successful anything, anywhere, it’s nothing. Disney looks to make back that money as fast as it can, and sees no end to their hilarious Uncle Scrooge money vault plans. Some recent news has made this abundantly clear.

Case in point: After Episode VII comes out on what time-scientists have dubbed “the eighteenth of Star Wars-ember,” movies will continue to be released at the rate of about once a year. Next year, Rogue One will come out on the sixteenth of December in 2016, Episode VIII in May of 2017, and more through 2020 (the sequel trilogy and three anthology films).

Lawrence Kasdan, a legacy writer for Star Wars books and co-writer of Episode VII, says: “Star Wars is its own genre. Like all genre, it can hold a million different kinds of artists and stories. They say ‘Buddha is what you do to it.’ And that’s Star Wars. It can be anything you want it to be.” Here he’s talking about the endless possibilities the Star Wars universe has to offer – it’s easy for anyone to see, even without the expanded universe to pick from, all the available fun someone could have using information from the canon. For instance, the Clone Wars and Rebels.

Star Wars’ huge presence in media – all medias – almost guarantees a good return, but there’s always the possibility Star Wars Episode VII doesn’t garner the critical response Disney wants. It will still certainly earn them buckets of cash, but in that case, would their plans change? This news makes it more clear it will not.

In a small bit of Star Wars-unrelated news, Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy is also considering revitalizing the Indiana Jones franchise, but there isn’t even so much as a timetable in place. Clearly, all of their resources are being dumped into Star Wars.

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