Character Corner: Ahsoka Tano

This week on Star Wars Character Corner, we discuss one of the main characters from the Clone Wars television series, Ahsoka Tano! This Togruta Jedi Padawan was Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker’s padawan during the series, and serves as one of the show’s main characters alongside Anakin, and Obi-Wan.

Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano is in the Spotlight this week!



Ahsoka Tano, who would later earn the nickname ‘Snips’ from her master, was born on Shili thirty-six years before the battle of Yavin. She was discovered by Jedi Master Plo Koon at the age of three, and was brought to the Jedi temple. She received training from several masters, including Yoda.

The council decided to assign Ahsoka to Anakin Skywalker, with the hopes of both teaching Anakin responsibility, and to help Ahsoka become more independent as well as less reckless. Master and padawan first met during the battle of Christophsis, to aid in the battle and pass on a message. The battle quickly turned against them, but they were able to succeed. Anakin was at first reluctant to take Ahsoka as a padawan, but they quickly found common ground.

Ahsoka and her master went on a great number of missions for the Jedi and republic during the clone wars. They participated in battles at Gwori, Skytop Station, Maridun, and more. She forged a rivalry against dark Acolyte and Count Dooku’s apprentice Asajj Ventress, whom she fought with during several missions. She would also fight against General Grievous multiple times, as well as the notorious Jedi hunter Cad Bane.

Responsible and honest, Ahsoka was touched deeply by the events of the war. She suffered knowing that clones under her command were being killed, and refused to let herself be used to blackmail others. Prone to overconfidence, Ahsoka would sometimes refuse to follow her master’s orders, but always admitted to her responsibility.

One of the most important things that happened during the clone wars was the Mission to Mortis. Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obi-Wan traveled to the Chrelythiumn system. There, they met physical embodiments of the light side – the Daughter – the dark side – the Son – and balance between the two, known as the Father. During the mission, the three take shelter in a cave, and Ahsoka is awoken by a vision of her future. In it, her future self tells her that Anakin will fall to the dark side and that by staying with him she could prevent it. This became a defining conflict for Ahsoka during the rest of the clone wars.

Near the end of the Clone Wars series, Ahsoka is framed for the death of a saboteur — responsible for a bombing at the Jedi temple — and imprisoned. Seemingly freed by her master, she is again quickly framed for the death of several clone troopers killed by lightsaber. She briefly allied with Ventress before separating, and being attacked by an unknown assailant. She was captured and tried by the Jedi council, but her master appeared to reveal the true culprit: Barriss Offee, a Jedi warrior, and previously someone Ahsoka thought she could trust.

Ahsoka was invited to reenter the Jedi order, but she felt betrayed by the council and their lack of trust in her. Her master tried to convince her to stay, but she ended up leaving the order, leaving Anakin alone, and setting up the very events her future self had warned her about.

Behind the scenes:

Ahsoka was voiced by Ashley Eckstein for both the Clone Wars film and the television series. She was originally going to be named Ashla. She is fourteen years old when she first appears as Anakin’s padawan. The pattern of her face is inspired by the Studio Ghibli film Princess Mononoke.

Ahsoka Tano is an interesting to the character corner. She is a major player in the only official canon television appearance (at least, until Rebels begins), but she appears nowhere else in the Expanded Universe. Other than the information that’s in the Clone Wars television series (as well as a comic book that was adapted into an episode) there is nothing about her. Following Lucasart’s decision to restrict current cannon to the live-action movies and this series, we may or may not have the opportunity to hear more about Ahsoka.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of the Star Wars Character Corner! Stop by each week for more fun fan info!

The Six Types of Star Wars Fans

Star Wars fans are some of the most dedicated and intense out of any pop culture juggernaut, and are an important part of its lasting influence. Here at Official Star Wars Costumes we salute the fans today, by splitting them into conveniently-numbered groups. So, here are the six kinds of Star Wars fans!

6 Types of Star Wars Fans
Which type of Star Wars Fan are you?

The Younglings:

What they know: The movies, the clone wars television show.

What they are: Up to the ages of ten, very possibly the children of fans.

These are the fans that could grow up into any kind of older fan, but all fans, if introduced to Star Wars young enough, will start with this. They’ll love the sounds and sights of the original trilogy, the spectacle of the prequels, and may even find Jar-Jar funny (Don’t worry, never for long). They’ll think the lovey-dovey stuff between Anakin and Padme is gross, but will love to watch them fight alongside each other in the movies and the Clone Wars show.

Reaction: These learners should be treated kindly, and not with disrespect. They love it as we might have once, and if pointed in the right direction, they will continue to love it, as we might still.

What they think about Episode VII: It’s like a year away, they aren’t thinking about it yet.

The Apprentices:

What they know: The movies, the Clone Wars, some of the expanded universe.

What they are: Older than ten, but still in their teens.

These fans have taken in the canon universe and yearn for more. They might have picked up the Thrawn trilogy, tearfully paged through Chewbacca’s demise in R.A. Salvatore’s book Vector Prime, or looked at the alternate universes of the “What If?” series. If unhindered, they will learn everything they can about the Star Wars EU, and why not? It’s a universe full of space wizards and laser swords!

They will realize the truth about Jar-Jar.

Reaction: It is tempting to dismiss such fans as too young to appreciate the humble beginnings of the series – have they even seen the original versions of the movies? – but their knowledge is to be encouraged. Correct their canon mistakes, tell them of how it was in the past the way a grandfather will pass down stories to the children sitting around his chair, and they will go on to inspire those under them.

What they think about Episode VII: Excitement.

The Knights:  

What they know: Movies, deeper knowledge of the EU.

What they are: Anywhere from teenage to college-aged and beyond.

The biggest group of the fans will be in this category. They’ve seen the movies, maybe even the original versions. They’ve watched the Clone Wars (though may consider it too much of a kid’s show) and have enjoyed the EU to a greater extent. More importantly, they remember the dark times, the period between the original trilogy and the prequels, when Star Wars was not the instant money-maker it is today. Books were published, both in the prose and comic variety, but more movies were a dream yet unrealized.

Reaction: They will tell you Han shot first. They will tell you that Jar-Jar and Podracing is a travesty. They will tell you George Lucas has ruined things! They may be right! And, yet, they will line up to see the new versions put in theaters and, yes, they will remember the first time they saw Episode I with wide eyes and bright smiles. It’s important to remember this. Even if they don’t.

What they think of Episode VII: Cautious optimism.

The Masters:

What they know: Movies, EU, Christmas Special, more than you ever will, kid!

What they are: They could be going gray, but still have the love of Star Wars at heart.

We’ve run into the first group that has the chance of remembering the movies when they came out. Did they see it on opening day? Perhaps. Did they see it twice on opening day? We know a few; maybe you do too. The prequels may disgust them – too much noise and light, too many special effects, etc – and changes made to the original trilogy may anger them.

Reaction: Don’t ask them about the Christmas Special.

What they think of Episode VII: If they liked the EU, they’re probably annoyed. Otherwise, we’ll have to wait and see.

“Always in motion is the future,” Yoda said during Episode V, and no truer is that than here. There are many ways for a fan to end up. They could delve deep into Wookiepedia, skim the top of the Expanded Universe, or leave it to the movies.

However, they can be more or less separated into two camps:

The Old Council:

Like the Jedi Order before the rise of the Galactic Empire, they are afraid of change. Why not just leave the story the way it is? This can manifest in some different ways: Maybe they don’t like how the EU has removed ambiguity from the space between the movies, or maybe they appreciate the EU but don’t agree with Disney that it should be dropped in favor of the new movies.

The New Council:

After the Jedi Order is restored by Luke Skywalker following the Emperor’s demise, he makes several changes to the Jedi code, including allowing them to marry. Some fans will always see more Star Wars as a better thing, including the long history of the EU and the decision to make the movies separate from the EU.

There you have it, several of the kinds of Star Wars fans that have grown to love it. Do you think there are more? Let us know!

Meet the Cast: Star Wars Episode VII

Star Wars Episode VII fever is in full swing, and will only get bigger as the months roll on and the release date gets closer! Official Star Wars Costumes has been following the news closely, and we’re here now to give you the background scoop on the actors, new and old, picked to represent the future of Star Wars.  Star Wars has officially announced who will be in the newest installment into the Star Wars Series.

Star Wars Cast Reveal
Star Wars Revealed the Cast on April 29, 2014


Those actors reprising their roles for the new movie include Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, Anthony Daniels, and Kenny Baker.

Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) has been in numerous plays and film works, but has become acclaimed for his proficiency doing voice-acting work for animated movies, television, and video games. His most famous role is that of the Joker, Batman’s arch nemesis, starting with the animated series in 1992. He continued to play the character, including movies, and the new Arkham series of video games by Warner Brothers, though those would be his last.

Harrison Ford (Han Solo) has been in more than fifty movies, most famous of which are the Star Wars movies, Indiana Jones movies, Blade Runner, The Fugitive, and Patriot Games. In 2008, worldwide grosses of his movies passed 6 billion dollars, making him the fourth highest grossing U.S. Star.

Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) is best known for Star Wars, but has numerous other claims to fame as well. She wrote a bestselling novel Postcards from the Edge, which was then made into a film. Her screen credits include Ringo, The Blues Brothers, When Harry Met Sally, and more.

7’ 3” Peter Mayhew’s (Chewbacca) film career is somewhat limited, but he did star in the film Terror, as well as providing a voice for the English version of Dragon Ball GT: A Hero’s Legacy. Outside of that, he constantly reprises his famous Star Wars role for ads and appearances. He is now a naturalized citizen of the U.S., and a business owner in Boyd, Texas.

Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) has appeared in Ralph Bakshi’s animated version of the Lord of the Rings and other small roles. He has written several Star Wars-related stories, and is also an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon University. Kenny Baker’s (R2-D2) other films include The Elephant Man, Time Bandits, Willow, and Labyrinth.

New Actors

We are as of yet unaware what roles these men and women will play, but we can still give you the details of their career. The new blood is John Boyega, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, Andy Serkis, Domhnall Gleeson, and Max von Sydow.

John Boyega, 22, was a performing arts student at South Thames College, getting such roles as Othello in 2010. He’s been in several plays and films, including Attack the Block, Junkhearts, and Half of a Yellow Sun.

Daisy Ridley, age unknown, has yet to be seen outside of television, though Scrawl, her first film, will be opening in 2014. Before this, she has had bit parts in television shows since 2013. While we can’t really predict what her role will be, it’s suspected she’ll play Jaina Solo, Han and Leia’s daughter.

Adam Driver, 30, was the first new actor to be announced, is most famous for his recurring role on the HBO series Girls. He has been in numerous small film roles, and several stage productions. It was reported by Vanity that Driver will play a villain in Episode VII.

Oscar Isaac, 35, is a Guatemalan-born actor that graduated from Juilliard in 2005. He has been a number of film and television productions, including The Nativity Story, Drive, The Bourne Legacy, and, most famously, Inside Llewyn Davis as the title character.

Andy Serkis, 50, is a famous live and motion-capture actor most well-known for playing the insidious Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as the Hobbit movies. Other film credits include Tintin, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, and Longford. He’s also had a career in television, and motion-capture for video games. Here’s hoping he doesn’t play a Gungan!

Domhnall Gleeson, 30, is an Irish actor, director, and writer. You may have seen him in the two final Harry Potter films, in which he played Bill Weasley (He’s also the son of Brendan Gleeson, who plays Alastor Moody in the films). Gleeson began acting in 2004, and has appeared in films such as True Grit, and Anna Karenina, as well as many others. He’s directed two short films: What Will Survive of Us, and Noreen.

Max von Sydow, 85, is a Swedish actor who is well-known for his part in Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal as the knight that plays chess against Death. Sydow has enjoyed a long career in film. Famous examples include The Exorcist, Flash Gordon, Minority Report, and Shutter Island.

There you have it! Actors and actresses new and old that we hope will make Star Wars Episode VII something amazing come 2015. Along with the interesting news dealing with the Star Wars EU, lately it’s been quite a whirlwind for fans!

How To Throw the Best Star Wars Party (5 Steps)

What better date to throw a huge Star Wars party than May Fourth? The date is circled in red ink here at Official Star Wars Costumes, and we’re getting ready to throw a huge bash! Still looking for tips? Don’t worry, young padawan, teach you we will in five easy steps.

First, it’s important to understand your audience. If you’re having a party for kids, simple games, movies, and toys with snacks and drinks will be better suited to their tastes, while a party for adult fans (Mark Hamill, Ewan McGregor, and Harrison Ford will be attending ours) should be prepared with more food, but might not need as many games.

May The 4th Be With You
May The 4th Be With You Star Wars Fans!


The invitations are the first part of your party that your guests will experience, and as much as a week in advance. It’s vital to include all necessary information, such as when, where, and what. “How” doesn’t really make sense to include, but go for it if you want to. If the attendees should be expected to bring something, be sure to let them know, whether it be a present for a birthday child, a dish to share, or their own drinks.

There are plenty of places to buy pre-made Star Wars invitations that will get the job done, but many are suited best for birthday parties. Making your own invitations using images from the web, tailored to each guest, is a way to put your best foot forward right from the beginning.

Of course, in this digital age, many party invitations are sent out via email or Facebook. There are a lot of ways to create these in interesting ways: write the emails as a character, invite each person as if they were part of the rebellion, and, I’m sure, many more.


Here, again, you should remember who will be attending. Kids will love an area decked out to the nines, looking like the Death Star or Jedi temple, while adults might not find it as necessary. Banners, centerpieces, streamers, cutlery (Use the fork!), napkins, and plates are all things to consider.

Another important aspect is ambiance. You could have the movies going on a TV in the corner, or the official soundtrack playing during the party. Cueing certain scenes or songs for specific events will make your guests excited; for example, playing the celebration music from the end of Episode IV when you bring out the desert.


What you serve is one of the most critical parts of any party! Believe me, there are plenty of ways to turn ordinary food into fun Star Wars snacks. These include: lightsaber treats made from pretzel sticks or popsicles, cookies or cupcakes decorated to look like characters, Princess Leia buns, and many more! Here is a list of fun ideas somebody used for their party!


 For a kid’s party, this will be very important. Be prepared to have several options available – for example, weather might make outdoor games impossible. Like many of the other sections, there are hundreds of ways to think up creative things to do at a party for either kids or adults. A piñata, scavenger hunt, trivia game, pin the lightsaber on the Jedi (Using a poster and stickers), are all popular choices, but there are hundreds of things you could do!


For kid’s parties, costumes will help them get into the spirit of the event! Simple costumes like a kids robe will help everyone feel like a Jedi. For adults, judging on the coolest costume or going as a couple or groups is a good way to make everyone interested right from the beginning.

There are innumerable ways to have a great Star Wars party; these are just some tips to get your party off the ground, or to fill in the final details. There are loads of articles online that have activities, food ideas, decorations, and more, so go nuts! And may the Force be with you this May Fourth! We have to get back to work now, have to make some more Yoda Soda (7-Up with lime sherbet). Mark Hamill loves it.

For additional Star Wars Party Ideas check out our Pinterest Star Wars Party Board

Star Wars Character Corner: Lando Calrissian

Every few weeks, we like to use the Star Wars Character Corner to highlight a character from the series that stays out of the spotlight. Our previous entries Chewbacca and Yoda are well-known characters that stretch from one end of the series to the other, so this week we’re doing a character that has a smaller stage to work with, but is still quite well known: Lando Calrissian!

Who is Lando Calrissian?


Lando enters the picture halfway through Episode V as the administrator of Bespin. He is introduced as Han’s friend and rival, and the person that had the Millennium Falcon before Han. He betrays Han and the other rebels to Darth Vader, setting up Han’s capture in carbonite and the battle between Luke and Darth Vader.

He returns in Episode VI after switching sides back to the rebels. He helps Han escape from Jabba, and assists the rebels in the destruction of the Death Star V2.

Continue reading “Star Wars Character Corner: Lando Calrissian”

Star Wars “This Is Madness” 2014 review

The annual “This Is Madness” tournament has come to an end! Whether or not your bracket was the winner, it was certainly a month of upsets and letdowns.

This Is Madness
Obi-wan is crowned champion of the 2014 This is Madness tournament.

Every year, has a bracket of Star Wars characters, both famous and infamous. Separated in eight distinct light and dark side conferences like “Republic,” “Jedi,” “Sith,” or “Bounty Hunters,” saga titans like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader match up against each other, as well as relative unknowns like Hondo Ohnaka and Admiral Piett. Users on the site can vote on which character they like better, culminating in a battle between the most popular light side character and the most popular dark side character.

On the Dark Side, the wheat was separated from the chaff quickly, knocking out Piett, Asajj Ventress, Greedo, Cad Bane, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Salacious Crumb, and Mother Talzin. The final two in the division, Darth Vader and Boba Fett, both had a tough road to the finals.

Boba Fett passed over Greedo with ease, but the battle with his father Jango wasn’t so simple. Things got worse against General Grievous, until meeting Vader in the semifinals. Vader beat Maul in the first round, and trounced Palpatine in the second. The quarterfinals put him against Jabba the Hutt, his easiest matchup, winning with ninety-three percent of the votes. Vader defeated Boba Fett with sixty seven percent to become the Dark Side champion!

The Light Side wasn’t as cut and dry. Famous characters Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian were knocked out in the first round, facing titans like Obi-Wan and Chewbacca. The Semifinal ended up with Obi-Wan against Han Solo, and neither had an easy path.

Honda Ohnaka fell to a pounding from Han Solo in the first round, who then went up against his furry co-pilot. He triumphed with a two-to-one difference, and then faced Captain Rex of the Clone Troopers, winning with more than three-fourths of the votes. Obi Wan went against Luke in the first round, and two-time champion Yoda in the second. This was undoubtedly the closest match of them all, with Obi-Wan getting ahead by the edge of his beard with fifty-one percent of the vote. He finished his march to the final four with R2-D2, and defeated Han to become the Light Side champion with sixty-three percent.

The final battle! Obi-Wan Kenobi against his apprentice, the powerful Darth Vader. It’s a matchup that happened more than once in the Star Wars movies, and proved to be an exciting event. Obi-Wan emerged the victor and grand champion for the first time, besting Vader with fifty-nine percent of the overall vote!

We hope you enjoyed the Star Wars This is Madness recap! While Official Star Wars wonders why Jar-Jar Binks wasn’t on the bracket, tell us if you agree that Obi-Wan is the most popular!  Any early predictions for who will win next year in 2015?

Best Order to Watch Star Wars Movies?

This week at the Official Star Wars Costumes blog, we’re tackling an age old question for Star Wars fans.  What’s the best order to watch the Star Wars movies, from start to finish?

We’ll explore the options, including one lesser-known option.

In which order do you watch them?
In which order do you watch them?

Release Order

The first option is to watch the movie in the order they were released, i.e. IV, V, VI, I, II, III.

This is the simplest, and the way many people experience the movies the first time, especially those that enjoyed the original trilogy before the prequels came out. The greatest strength of this order is that it allows a new viewer to see the original trilogy without knowing the twists.

However, this order presents several issues (we’re sure you know them). First, once the original trilogy ends and we get to the prequels, all mystery from the series is gone. We already know everything: Anakin becomes Darth Vader, Palpatine is Sidious, Luke and Leia are siblings, and we know the Empire has been crippled. All that the prequels tell us is how it got started. A new watcher has little reason to get invested.

There’s also the fact that, simply, the prequels aren’t that good. We’re looking at you, Phantom Menace. Young Ani, Jar-Jar, Watto, the love story, midischlorians, the dialogue, podracing . . . the list goes on. Episode III treads water, but isn’t free of its own issues.

Chronological order

The second prevalent order, and the one that George Lucas himself says is the right one, is to watch the prequels first, then the original trilogy.

For a first time viewer, this is hardly better. By watching the prequels first, we are told how Palpatine rose to power, how Anakin become Darth Vader, and the relationship between Luke and Leia – but at that point, none of it means anything. Only by watching the original movies does any of it begin to mean anything, but by then, the twists are revealed anyway! The only thing that we get to see is the resolution of Darth Vader and Luke, and the final battle in Episode VI.

There is one more order to watch the movies, and it’s a bit strange:

The Machete Order

This is a popular idea created by Rod Hilton, after adapting a similar idea by Ernst Rister. The idea here is to somehow show most of the movies without ruining either storyline, and here’s how:

Episode IV, Episode V, Episode II, Episode III, and Episode VI.

Wild! You’ll notice a few things. First, the list is missing an entire movie.

By removing Episode I, a lot of the sticking points for the series are removed. Podracing, midichlorians, and Jake Lloyd are gone. Jar-Jar is reduced to a small cameo in the second movie.

Rod takes the time to explain the many reasons why this order works (and the problems that come with it) but it boils down to this: In Episode V, Darth Vader is revealed as Luke’s father. It then shows Episodes II and III, which hold both the twist that Palpatine is Sidious, and that Luke and Leia are siblings. We then see the conclusion of the original trilogy with Episode VI.

The prequels come at a perfect time in the order, with a staggering cliffhanger: Han in carbonite, Darth Vader’s identity is revealed, and the rebellion scattered. Having the prequels inside the original trilogy also raises the stakes in Episode VI – the viewer may wonder if Luke is going to fall to the dark side like his father.

While this order is only effective for a first-time viewer, Rod himself tried it, and has reported that it is quite effective.

There you have it, a few different ways to enjoy the Star Wars movies. Official Star Wars Costumes watches the original trilogy every weekend. Let us know your favorite way to watch, or if you’ve tried to Machete method!  Also, what will happen when episode VII is release, in what order will you watch the movies?

Top 7 Complete Star Wars Costumes

To only our blog and social media fans we will reveal our top selling complete Star Wars Costumes!

Whether you are looking for the perfect costume for your next night out, costume party, or convention Official Star Wars Costumes is the place to go.  These Complete Star Wars Costumes were our top sellers in 2013 and are still scorching hot for 2014!

Star Wars Complete Costumes
We reveal our top Complete Costumes here!

Complete Deluxe Jedi Female Adult Costume

Women Jedi are woefully under-represented in the Star Wars movies! Dress as your favorite female Jedi from the expanded universe, or come up with your own powerful force user in the Complete Deluxe Jedi Female Adult Costume! Comes with a women’s Jedi tunic, pants, belt, lightsaber, and trick-or-treat pail!

Complete Deluxe Han Solo Adult Costume

If you’re always showing the Empire what you’re made of, then we have the costume for you. Become one of the most famous characters from the original trilogy with the Complete Deluxe Han Solo Adult Costume! This costume includes a shirt with attached vest, pants with attached boot tops (pants feature the Corellian bloodstripe, awarded for gallantry under fire), a Han Solo blaster, and a trick-or-treat pail!

Complete Deluxe Princess Leia Costume

With this outfit, you can be one part princess, and one part rebel! This costume comes with a deluxe white dress, matching boot tops, classic bun-head wig, silver belt, plaster, and trick-or-treat bag to help you look like the movie character from the original trilogy whether you’re hitting the town or spending Halloween night gathering candy!

Complete Standard Anakin Skywalker Adult Costume

Become the most important character in the Star Wars saga with the Complete Standard Anakin Skywalker Adult Costume! From a young slave boy to a fierce Jedi, from a Jedi to a dangerous Sith Lord, and finally to redemption at the hands of Luke Skywalker, you can become a part of the epic history of this important character! Costume includes a tunic, pants with attached boot tops, belt, blue lightsaber, deluxe glove and gauntlet, Jedi braid, and trick-or-treat pail!

Complete Standard Jedi Adult Costume

You can be a Jedi of your own creation when you have this costume! Includes a tunic, pants with boot tops, belt, deluxe adult Jedi robe, green lightsaber, and trick-or-treat pail — all the items that you need to carve out your own niche of the rich Star Wars galaxy!

Complete Deluxe Darth Vader Adult Costume

No Star Wars character is more famous than the armored Lord of the Sith! Dress as the Emperor’s deadly right-hand man this Halloween with the Complete Deluxe Darth Vader Adult Costume, which comes with a jumpsuit and attached body armor, boot tops, and collar, a cape, chest piece, mask, red lightsaber, black gloves, and trick-or-treat pail!

Complete Deluxe Stormtrooper Adult Costume

There’s no way we’d forget about the mighty Stormtrooper on our list of complete Star Wars costumes! With EVA armor-attached jumpsuit, PVC mask, blaster, adult Stormtrooper gloves, and a trick-or-treat pail, you can dress as a chilling reminder that the Empire will always have the upper hand!

Now that you have seen our exclusive list of the top seven complete Star Wars costumes, pick your favorite! Be sure to come back for more costume information and Star Wars trivia!