Which Star Wars Sith is for you?

Which Sith Lords is for you?
Which one of the Sith Lords is for you?

Do you chafe under the rule of the Jedi? Does the galaxy cry out for your rule? Do you yearn for power?

Yes, you do.

So take it! You are a Star Wars Sith, and even the Jedi cannot defeat you! But tell me . . . what’s your name?


Darth Plagueis:

In Episode III, Emperor Palpatine asked Anaking Skywalker: “Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Palgueis the Wise?” You are Darth Plagueis, an esteemed thinker of the Sith order, and the man that would give Darth Sidious his plans for galactic domination.

Darth Plagueis studied the Dark Side of the Force in great detail, and was able to discover great mysteries about the living force and the power of midi-chlorians. He and Sidious attempted to create a life force by manipulating the midi-chlorians, which resulted in the creation of Anakin Skywalker.

Are you this brilliant scholar? Do your plans span great distances? Then you might be this Star Wars Sith Lord. If not, you might be . . .

Darth Sidious:

Darth Sidious became Sith Lord after he murdered Darth Plagueis during the events of Episode I, something not shown in the movie. Darth Sidious was incredibly strong in the Dark Side of the Force, as well as talented politically. He was able to guide the galaxy into civil war, and gain all the power for himself. After destroying the Jedi order, he took control as Emperor Palpatine.

The Dark Side of the Force gave Sidious powerful strength and skills, and he ruled with an iron fist, destroying the remnants of the Jedi and any rebellion he could find.

Are you a man of action, one that will make sure his plans succeed no matter what happens? Are you the kind of leader that will never let his rule end? Then you could be this Sith Lord.  You certainly won’t be . . .

Darth Maul:

Plans? You don’t care about plans. You just know death. Darth Maul was taken as a Sith prior to the Trade Federation blockade of Naboo, and trained to harness the energy of the Dark Side of the force as potent rage and combat prowess. It was his duty to attack the Jedi and make sure the plan succeeded, and he nearly won.

Darth Maul didn’t flow with the force like his master Darth Sidious did, but his anger and rage made a natural conduit for the power of the Dark Side.

Are you a Star Wars Sith Lord who wants to personally beat down his opponents with dangerous lightsaber combat? Then you might be this Sith Lord. If this Sith Lord doesn’t sound like you, you could be . . .

Darth Tyranus:

After the death of Darth Maul, Darth Sidious quickly took Darth Tyranus, previously a Jedi by the name of Count Dooku. He was a very powerful Jedi, and Yoda considered his fall as one of the Jedi’s greatest failures. Darth Tyranus was responsible for publically leading the Separatist planets under the command of Darth Sidious.

Darth Tyranus was a superior swordsman, second only to The High Jedi Yoda and Mace Windu. He was gifted at telekinesis and use of the force. He also had mastery of the Sith ability Dun Möch, breaking your opponents psychologically during combat, as seen in Episode II.

Do you enjoy commanding your forces and defeating your opponents by any means necessary? You may be this Sith Lord. If you aren’t, there’s only one option left to who you are.

Darth Vader:

Darth Sidious’ machinations brought about the fall of the Galactic Republic, as well as the fall of Anakin Skywalker to the Dark Side of the Force, being re-born as Darth Vader, the most well-known Star Wars Sith Lord in the galaxy. Anakin’s mastery of the force and lightsaber abilities only got more powerful during his time as Darth Vader, and they made him the Emperor’s most dangerous weapon.

If your power exceeds even the greatest Jedi, and your connection to the force is the strongest ever recorded, you might be Darth Vader! Will you stay on the Dark Side of the Force, or will Luke redeem you?

Which Star Wars Sith did you choose?  Which one is the most powerful? Let us know in the comments!

Star Wars Battle: Qui-Gon Jinn vs. Darth Vader

This week on the Star Wars Official Costumes Blog, we’re going to bend the time stream a little bit. We’ll take a look at two main characters from the Star Wars universe, and see who would win in a fight! Two competitors will enter this Star Wars battle and only one will leave the victor, our combatants are Qui-Gon Jinn and Darth Vader!

It’s important to set some things straight before the fight begins. We’ll start with when the characters are. We’re going to use post Episode IV Darth Vader, and Episode I Qui-Gon.

Who would win, Darth Vader or Qui-Gon Jinn?
Who wins, Darth Vader or Qui-Gon Jinn?

We also need to figure out where they’ll fight. There are a lot of places where the fight could take place, but we’ll go with a place from the original trilogy. The location of this battle will be the climactic lightsaber battle from Episode VI on the Death Star is a great arena, minus the influence of the Emperor.

We’ll now look at the advantages and disadvantages of each fighter.

Qui-Gon Jinn – Advantages:

Qui-Gon Jinn is a master lightsaber fighter, well-skilled in the fourth form, Ataru. This form focuses on aggressive, offensive action, and is well-suited for combat with a single enemy. It is a style that includes acrobatic flips and jumps, though Qui-Gon tends to be less active than the normal fighter. Qui-Gon also has the ability to adjust his fighting technique, a useful tactic when fighting a similarly-versatile opponent like Darth Vader.

Qui-Gon was a powerful Jedi with good control over his emotions, and was in-tune with the Force. He was adept at mind tricks, and had strong senses. He had good experience in combat.


Qui-Gon was not a young Jedi. His strength and endurance were waning, and the Ataru form of lightsaber combat was a style that used a lot of energy. In addition, Ataru had poor defense, especially against ranged attacks, and lacked effectiveness in confined spaces.

Darth Vader – Advantages:

Even before his turn to the Dark Side, Darth Vader possessed a mastery of the V Form, Djem So. The form focused on pressing offenses and overwhelming power, and was well-suited for lightsaber dueling. After he became a Sith Lord, he added elements from other styles to compliment his style, as well as taking advantage of his extreme size and strength. He is also very strong in the force, stemming from his anger and rage.


Darth Vader was confident, and believed himself to be superior to many combatants. Because of this, opponents stronger than he thought would put him off-balance. Defense styles, like Obi-Wan in Episode III, would anger him and make him lose control, and thus lose focus during the fight.

The Fight:

Both fighters are well trained in lightsaber combat – Qui-Gon was one of only a few people to hold his own against Mace Windu. However, Darth Vader killed several Jedi masters, as well as helped Darth Sidious to kill Mace Windu. The main difference in a fight between them would be their physical forms. Both are well trained and have a wealth of experience, yet Darth Vader is much stronger, and has greater endurance. As Ataru is a highly-physical form, Qui-Gon would likely tire long before Darth Vader.

However, that does not mean he is out. The throne room in the Death Star has many places to hide or escape so there’s no reason to think that Qui-Gon would escape to catch his breath and form a plan. The downside is that if Darth Vader found him, the close quarters of the area would make fighting difficult for Qui-Gon.

Qui-Gon’s greatest chance comes from a combination of a defensive stance and putting Darth Vader off-balance. Obi-Wan Kenobi demonstrated that this combination was the key to winning against Darth Vader on Mustafar in Episode III. If Qui-Gon Jinn can use the information to his advantage, he has a much greater chance of winning, but if not . . . it would be a sad day for the Jedi Order.

Do you think Darth Vader would triumph? Do you think Qui-Gon has a chance? Tell us what you think!  What other Star Wars battles you would like to see?

How to use Star Wars Accessories in Everyday Situations

Accessorize your life with Star Wars!

While Official Star Wars Costumes has a lot of great costumes available, we also have a lot of accessories. Masks, weapons, gloves, wigs, and, yes, even Anakin Skywalker’s necklace!

We’re here today to let you know the many ways that our accessories can help you in your day-to-day lives.

What everyday tasks would you use a lightsaber for?
What would you use a lightsaber for?


Has a tornado knocked out your power Don’t worry, lightsabers use internal superconductors, which means they can stay lit forever as long as they don’t cut anything. Use them to keep the area bright while you wait out the storm.

Careful handling of a lightsaber allows you to use them in a variety of handy ways. Try shaving if you’re out of razor blades, or slicing meats if you have no clean knives. Even better, slice bread to make instant toast! Get a chic new haircut, or save time mowing the lawn!


You can be a Sith Lord, a Jedi, or any other character from the Star Wars universe with any of our cool masks, but there are even more uses than that!

Need to deliver a dynamite presentation this week at work? Show up as the Sith Lord Darth Vader – studies have shown that dark clothing and an imposing voice help improve confidence. Intimidate your sporting opponents as a Tusken raider or a Stormtrooper, and, if your team loses, you can sneak out without anyone knowing you rooted for the wrong side.

Some of the masks we have can make yard work fun and safe. Protect yourself from wood chips or rocks that might get kicked up while mowing the lawn or chopping wood! If the weather is bad, use our masks to save your sensitive face from the harsh elements! Whether it’s a snowstorm and you’re forced to wear a Darth Maul or Clone Trooper mask, or the hot sun is beating down on you and you need to wear a Yoda or an Obi-Wan Kenobi mask, you’ll find what you need.


The diverse styles of Star Wars gloves will help you in a number of situations: Darth Vader’s black gloves will make stylish driving gloves, the Emperor Palpatine Gloves can make cool horror hands for a Halloween display, and if terrorists need a pair of green scaly three-fingered hands or they’ll blow up the moon, the Yoda hands would work perfectly.

These are just some of the many uses for these Star Wars Accessories! Did we leave our your favorite accessory? Don’t worry, we have many others such as blasters & jet packs! Find your use with some of the great costume ideas we offer with our Official Star Wars Accessories!

Star Wars Character Corner: Chewbacca

Official Star Wars Costumes is happy to announce this first installment in our newest blog series named Star Wars Character Corner. We’ll take an in-depth look at some of the famous characters, as well as some lesser-known characters. The first installment is of the famous walking carpet: Chewbacca!

Chewbacca Star Wars Character Corner
How tall is the actor that played Chewbacca?  Keep reading to find out!


Chewbacca, the Wookiee co-pilot to Han Solo during the original trilogy, is one of Star Wars’ most popular characters. He is featured in all three original movies as one of the main characters, and makes an appearance during the Kashyyyk battle as one of the leaders of the Wookiee forces that combated the Droids.


Chewbacca was born two hundred years before the battle of Yavin on the lushly-forested planet of Kashyyyk. His father, Attichitcuk, was the head of their tribe. In his early years, Chewbacca was famed for his skill in climbing the giant Wroshyr trees, and for his mechanical prowess. He was forced to kill a rival Wookiee, Tojjevvuk, when fighting for the favor of a female Wookiee named Malla. Malla would later become Chewbacca’s wife.

During the events leading up to the clone wars, Chewbacca met Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi on Alaris Prime, a Wookiee colony. Chewbacca would end up assisting the Jedi on several other occasions before the end of the war. One such occasion was when Chewbacca helped Jedi Master Yoda escape the Clone Troopers after Order 66 was executed.

Several years later, Chewbacca was injured during a firefight with a squadron of TIE fighters, led by Han Solo. Solo refused to kill Chewbacca when ordered to, and later ended up saving Chewbacca from torture. They escaped the Imperials with a bounty on their heads, and starting their lives as smugglers. Chewbacca swore a life debt to Solo as payment for sparing and saving his life.

Han and Chewie (as Han affectionately called him) spent time as smugglers, traders, freighters, and more until they met Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. They would be instrumental in destroying the Death Star and defeating the Empire. Chewbacca was hailed as a hero of the Republic Alliance and of the Wookiee race. His face was carved into a Wroshyr tree, a great honor for a Wookiee.

After the end of the Galactic Civil War, Chewbacca would continue to assist Han and his wife, Princess Leia, in establishing the Republic. Conflicts from splintered factions of the Empire continued to appear and threaten them. Chewie was known to fiercely protect Han and Leia, as well as their children, whom he considered his own family.

Twenty-five years after the battle of Yavin, Chewie, Han, and Han’s son Anakin went to the planet of Sernpidal during the war with the Yuuzhan Vong. The Yuuzhan Vong used a tactic to bring Sernpidal’s moon Dobido on a collision with the planet. The three of them were able to evacuate many people, but as the moon got close, Anakin was blown out of the Millennium Falcon. Chewie jumped down to rescue Anakin, but wasn’t able to return to the ship himself. Anakin was forced to pilot the Falcon away even as his father tried to help Chewie up. Chewbacca died when Dobido collided with Sernpidal.

Behind the Scenes:

Chewbacca was played in all movies by 7′ 3″ Peter Mayhew, a British-born American citizen. Mayhew suffers from gigantism, which contributed to his huge height, and was also the cause of a double-knee replacement surgery in 2013. Mayhew was originally going to be played by David Prowse, but Prowse choose to be Darth Vader instead.

George Lucas had the idea for Chewbacca when he saw his dog, an Alaskan malamute named Indiana, sitting in his car. Indiana would later go on to inspire another famous character. The original Chewie suit was designed by Stuart Freeborn, and made out of knitted mohair and yak hair. The sounds Chewbacca made were designed by Ben Burtt, the sound designer for all six Star Wars movies. He mixed different animal noises for different emotions, including walruses, tigers, camels, and badgers. The most prominent animal was a black bear named Tarik.

Chewbacca is one of few fictional characters to receive an MTV Movie Award. He was given a medal by Carrie Fisher, the actress who plays Princess Leia, to make up for Chewbacca not receiving a medal at the end of A New Hope.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the first installment of the Star Wars Character Corner. We will be running the Star Wars Character Corner on the blog occasionally, so be sure to check back for additional fun trivia!

Supreme Star Wars Costumes

Out of all the fun costumes offered at Official Costumes, some of the best are the Supreme Star Wars Costumes. These costumes are made to look just like the movies they come from, they’re a dedicated fan’s dream come true!

High-quality materials and skilled construction make the Supreme Star Wars costumes a great deal. Let’s take a look at some of the details of a few costumes.

Supreme Star Wars Costume
Supreme Stormtrooper Star Wars Costume

Supreme Stormtrooper Adult Costume

The classic Stormtrooper, a standard of the Star Wars brand since their first appearance in “A New Hope,” is instantly recognizable outfit. This costume comes with a supreme quality jumpsuit with attached armor pieces. The armor pieces are heavy-duty injection-molded, modeled after the original look of the stormtroopers themselves. There’s a chest guard, shin guards, collar armor, shoulder guards, thigh guards, bicep armor, back armor, cod piece, and gauntlets.

In addition, it comes with a white plastic belt and Stormtrooper helmet to make the costume complete. The armor pieces are able to snap to the black jumpsuit, which make for comfort while wearing and easy storage when not in use. This ease of use makes the Supreme Stormtrooper Adult Costume a fun outfit for Halloween or conventions!

Supreme Edition Darth Vader Adult Costume

This costume is one of our greatest Supreme Star Wars Costumes, and one of the most popular Star Wars characters ever! He only has twelve minutes of screen time in the original movie, but everyone will know who you are in this costume. The supreme features of this costume include a black jumpsuit with faux leather, and armor pieces that can be connected to the jumpsuit with bands, or zip to close as in the case of the boot covers. This armor includes shin guards, collar armor, and shoulder guards.

Also included are a light-up chest piece and belt, a two-piece cape (inner and outer), two gauntlets, and a two-piece mask, which includes a helmet and a face mask. The mask includes a breathing sound box to help make you sound authentic. It’s an easy-to-wear outfit that looks fantastic!

There are more options available, such as Boba Fett or the Imperial Guard, but hopefully this information will help you figure out if you want one of these incredible Star Wars Costumes!

Top 7 Star Wars Characters of All-Time

Hello Star Wars fans! This week, we’re going to look at some of the most popular Star Wars characters from the movies. It was a difficult task figuring out which ones should make the list, but through rigorous study, seven winners emerged:

Top 7 Star Wars Characters of All-Time
Did your favorite character make our list?

7: Princess Leia

Certainly the most famous female character in the films, Leia Organa, daughter of the Queen of Alderan, is one of the central characters of the original trilogy and one of the starting points of Episode IV. She is one of the leaders of the rebellion, and is willing to sacrifice everything to see the Empire destroyed.

Leia is portrayed by Carrie Fisher in all three original movies. It would be Fisher’s biggest role. While Leia’s actions in the movie are standard fare, along the lines of Han Solo, in the expanded universe, Leia is shown to have developed force powers, and even becomes a Jedi.

6: Boba Fett

No character is more of a cult favorite than the famous Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett! Portrayed by Jeremy Bulloch in the original trilogy and Daniel Logan in Episode II, Boba Fett is a silent, formidable mercenary under the pay of the Galactic Republic. His notable involvement is capturing Han Solo in Episode V, and bringing him to Jabba the Hutt. He is seemingly eaten by the sarlacc in Episode VI, but expanded universe stories reveal that he escaped.

Boba Fett’s silent and dangerous demeanor, adapted from Clint Eastwood’s character in A Fistful of Dollars, has made him a fan favorite for years, and rumors of a Boba Fett film are rushing around the internet.

5: Luke Skywalker

The main character of the original trilogy and one of the silver screen’s foremost heroic characters, Luke Skywalker – played by Mark Hamill in his most famous role – is the galaxy’s most famous hero, and the man that would go on to bring the Jedi back to power and destroy the Sith’s rule of the galaxy.

George Lucas based the character of Luke after the “hero” from the Hero’s Journey, which lays out the prototypical journey of a mythological hero. In condensed form, this is: Meet with a mentor, learn a great power, lose mentor, travel through darkness, resist evil, and defeat evil. An examination of the original trilogy reveals these steps and more as plot points in the movies. This is just one of the reasons Luke is seen as such a memorable character from Star Wars. From dreaming farm boy to powerful Jedi master, fans of all ages love watching Luke’s transformation.

4: Yoda

First Met in Episode V on the swampy planet of Dagobah, the diminutive Jedi master Yoda (No last name given) is one of the few surviving Jedi left when the Empire takes control. He eventually meets and trains Luke Skywalker, and gives him the strength needed to defeat Darth Vader. In  the prequel movies, he is a Jedi Master and leader of the Jedi order, the oldest Jedi on the council – his age is estimated at 900 years – and a powerful warrior. He is one of the youngling trainers, and he fights both Count Dooku and Darth Sidious in lightsaber battles during the prequel movies. He nearly beat Dooku, and fought Sidious to a stalemate.

In the original trilogy and Episode I, Yoda is portrayed by a puppet performed by Frank Oz. In Episodes IV-VI, only the puppet is used, while in Episode I, CGI effects were added to make it more lifelike. In Episodes II and III, a fully-CGI version is used, which allowed Yoda to participate in elaborate fight scenes and more.

3: Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi was the Jedi Knight responsible for training both Anakin Skywalker and his son, Luke Skywalker. Portrayed by Alec Guiness in the original trilogy, he helps Luke realize his destiny, before sacrificing his life to let him escape the Death Star in Episode IV. In the prequels, we first meet him as an apprentice to Qui-Gon Jinn, before becoming a Jedi Master and beginning to train Anakin. He is played by Ewan McGregor in the prequel movies.

Alec Guinness is the only actor for a Star Wars role to be nominated for an Oscar, and was a knight of the United Kingdom. His role gained him world-wide stardom, but he famously grew to dislike the films, the fans he gained because of them. Ewan McGregor had achieved a small amount of fame from movies like Trainspotting, but gained greater popularity for his portrayal of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

2: Han Solo

Who can deny the pervading cool of Han Solo? This great Star Wars character is first introduced when Luke and Obi-Wan meet him in the Mos Eisley Cantina. He immediately became a starring character, returning for all three original movies. Classic lines and undeniable charisma are the trademarks of this classic character. Just like Boba Fett, a movie is rumored to be in production focusing on the character.

Harrison Ford’s very first acting job was playing Han Solo. Before this, he’d struck up a friendship with George Lucas while doing carpentry for him. Harrison Ford would end up being the most famous new actor to come out of Star Wars, going on to star in the Indiana Jones films, Blade Runner, The Fugitive, American Graffiti, Patriot Games, and many more.

1: Darth Vader / Anakin Skywalker

Our number one Star Wars character of all time is Darth Vader/ Anakin Skywalker.  With all the power he has on screen, it’s easy to see why. From the very first moment he steps into the Rebel ship in Episode IV, the film world knew it had a classic character on its hands. Darth Vader used to be a Jedi named Anakin Skywalker, and the entire series of movies is based around his development and character, starting from his discovery at the hands of the Jedi to his death on the destructing Death Star at the end of Episode VI. George Lucas has gone on record saying that Anakin / Darth Vader is the main character of the series even during the original trilogy. Anakin Skywalker’s “Tragic Hero” arc is the story that the entire series tells.

David Prowse, a 6’ 5” bodybuilder, played Darth Vader in the original series. James Earl Jones supplied the voice, something that Prowse wasn’t aware of until the first movie came out in theaters. David Prowse starred in some other films, notably A Clockwork Orange, and James Earl Jones is well known as one of America’s most distinguished actors, including parts in The Lion King, Field of Dreams, The Hunt for Red October, The Sandlot, and more. Jake Lloyd plays Anakin in Episode I, though the experience has been a negative one for the actor. Hayden Christensen played Anakin in Episodes II and III, and has been in several other movies such as Jumper and Takers.

So there you have it; the top seven Star Wars characters. Of course, this is a non-scientific ranking. What characters were missed? Was one of your favorites left off the list? Were there any characters that you don’t think deserved to be listed here? Let us know!

Star Wars Fans- Which Lightsaber is right for you?

Become a Jedi with a blue, green, or red lightsaber? Or are you destined to have a Red, Sith lightsaber?
Become a Jedi with a blue, green, or red lightsaber? Or are you destined to have a Red, Sith lightsaber?

Welcome, young padawan! After reading this article one will find which color lightsaber to wield while in battle!

To create a lightsaber, A Jedi or Sith must first meditate on their crystal, which focuses the power of the lightsaber, as well as gives it its color. A Jedi or Sith will custom-make the hilt of the lightsaber, based on his or her respective needs or fighting styles. A lightsaber hilt is normally about  twenty-four to thirty centimeters long and straight, though several Jedi have made special lightsabers with curved hilts.

Unfortunately, there are too many lightsaber colors to talk about them all. Here we will focus on the traditional Star Wars lightsaber colors: blue, green, purple, and red.

Blue Lightsaber

Famously used by: Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Why you should use a blue lightsaber: If you love adventure, dangerous situations, and a good battle, then the blue lightsaber is the color for you! Many famous Jedi have used a blue lightsaber to protect their friends and defeat their enemies!

One of the colors considered “standard” by the Jedi Order is blue. Thousands of years before the Prequel Trilogy, Jedi Guardians — those that focus on peacekeeping and fighting – carried blue lightsabers as a show of solidarity. The symbolism behind these colors began around the year 4,000 BBY, but blue and green lightsabers have since stopped being relegated to certain positions.

Obi-Wan is shown using a blue lightsaber his entire life in the movies, but it is unknown why he chose that color. Anakin Skywalker also has a blue lightsaber, which he created in a cave full of lightsaber crystals during a trance state while he was Obi-Wan’s padawan. Luke Skywalker used his father’s lightsaber until the end of Episode V, when it was lost in Clouds City.


Green Lightsaber

Famously used by: Luke Skywalker, Ahsoka, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Yoda.

Why you should use a green lightsaber: If you enjoy keeping things calm and peaceful instead of disorderly, or you want to focus on using your incredible Force powers to solve your issues instead of violence, then a green lightsaber is for you!

Green is the second “Standard” Jedi lightsaber color. Around the year 4,000 BBY, green lightsabers were used by Jedi Consulars, Jedi that focused on improving their relationship with the Force. They focused on non-violent solutions to issues. By the time of the prequel trilogy, the blue and green lightsaber colors had mostly lost their meaning, and were used by all Jedi regardless of focus.

After Luke Skywalker lost his lightsaber in the duel with Darth Vader, he spent time on Tatooine building a new lightsaber, this time with a green blade. Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan’s master, used a lightsaber with a green blade during  Episode I. After Qui-Gon is killed by Darth Maul, Obi-Wan uses his master’s lightsaber to defeat the Sith Lord. It was revealed in Episode III that Yoda has a green lightsaber when he fought Emperor Palpatine.


Purple Lightsaber

Famously used by: Mace Windu.

Why you should use a purple lightsaber: Do you revel in battle, but still fight for the side of good? Do you channel your anger into victory, without succumbing to the dark side? Then the purple lightsaber might be right for you.

The only character in the six movies seen using a purple lightsaber is Mace Windu, played by Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson’s favorite color is purple, and he frequently requests his characters to have purple items in the roles he plays. George Lucas agreed to let Mace Windu have a purple lightsaber.

Mace Windu is a powerful Jedi, and part of the Jedi High Council. He is the single master of the Vaapad style of lightsaber fighting, a dangerous style that has brought many weaker Jedi to the dark side. His mastery of the force is great; he is a wise ruler, and strong fighter.


Red Lightsaber

Famously used by: Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Count Dooku and Emperor Palpatine.

Why you should use a red lightsaber: Does the power of the dark side of the force flow through you? Do you yearn for power, to rise above the foolish Jedi by using the power they were afraid to use? Take the red lightsaber – it is your destiny.

The only characters seen wielding red lightsabers in the movies are the Sith. The aggressive red hue was used by the Sith to differentiate themselves from the Jedi, who used softer colors. It was originally because Sith used synthetic lightsaber crystals, which they believed to be superior, and were given a red color during the creation process. Some Sith, who mastered their fighting styles, choose to make their lightsabers double-sided, with a blade coming out of each end of the hilt.

Darth Maul wields such a weapon when he fights Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn at the end of Episode I. It is destroyed at the conclusion of the battle, when Obi-Wan defeats him. All the Sith in the six movies wield red lightsabers, with the exception of Anakin Skywalker, after becoming a Sith but before fighting his master on the volcanic planet of Mustafar.


So, which lightsaber is the best for you? This list is not meant to be all-inclusive; did we miss any famous colors?  Let us know in the comments.

Top 9 Best-Selling Star Wars Costumes of 2013


Did your favorite costume make our list of best sellers?
Did your favorite costume make our list of best sellers?

We are the online leader in providing Star Wars costumes for dress-up, cosplay, birthdays and of course, Halloween.  We sold millions of products in 2013 and here we reveal our top 9 best-selling Star Wars costumes of 2013!


Standard Princess Leia Infant Costume

This rebel leader is the Empire’s greatest enemy. She helps to take down the Empire and bring peace to the galaxy! Princess Leia is without a doubt the most well-known female Star Wars character!

Deluxe Darth Vader Adult Costume

Darth Vader has been an amazingly popular character ever since his debut in 1977. His tragic backstory, imposing size, and incredible force powers make him one of the greatest villains of all time!

Standard Yoda Infant Costume

It makes perfect sense to dress up your child as this diminutive Jedi Master; they’re almost the same size! Originally a puppet performed by Frank Oz, in the new trilogy Yoda was given a wider range of motions in the prequels with the help of computer-generated effects.

Deluxe Princess Leia Kids Costume

Leia Organa will never let the Empire win while she still fights! She’s a princess, warrior, politician, and Jedi rolled into one!

Deluxe Darth Vader Kids Costume

A perennial fan-favorite, Darth Vader will always be spotted at fan conventions or movie screenings. With one of the most recognizable helmets in the history of film-making, he’s sure to be popular for years to come.

Standard Jedi Adult Robe Costume

Join the illustrious Jedi order this Halloween in the Standard Jedi Adult Robe Costume! The secret to the Robe’s popularity is its universal appeal to any Star Wars look!

Deluxe Stormtrooper Adult Costume

The Stormtrooper is one Star Wars’ earliest symbols of the evil of the Empire, and is a look bound to be recognizable no matter where it’s seen!

Deluxe Princess Leia Female Adult Costume

It’s an immediately-recognizable science-fiction outfit that looks and feels great, perfect for Halloween and costume conventions. This classic figure has never looked better!

Deluxe Luke Skywalker Kids Costume

What child hasn’t dreamed of being the young farm boy who discovers his life is so much more than he thought? Surely one of the most popular characters in Star Wars, he’s not only the archetypal hero, but a legendary character from movie history!

In conclusion Leia topped our list three times, Vader had two best-selling costumes, and Luke only had one! Did we leave any main characters off this list?  Let us know in the comments who you think the top seller will be in 2014.