Rogue One Cast Announced

Rogue One cast
Rogue One promotional still

Rogue One, the first of the Star Wars spinoff films, was formally announced this weekend. Principle photography has begun, and its release date has been set as December 16th, 2016. Additionally, the cast has been announced. The description of the film on Wookiepedia reads: A band of resistance fighters unite for a daring mission to steal the Death Star plans in the Star Wars Anthology film, Rogue One.

We know the director and the main cast (at least, on the Rebel side), so let’s explore the future, together, hand-in-hand, to a bright tomorrow.

If the name of director Gareth Edwards doesn’t ring the loudest of bells, don’t blame yourself. His previous directing credits, aside from Rogue One, include End Day, a TV movie, two episodes from documentary series Perfect Disasters, one episode from documentary series Heroes and Villain, a short named Factory Farmed, films Monsters and Godzilla, and is expected to return for Godzilla 2. He also has a history of visual effects, writing, producing, and a number of other positions within the movie-making business.

As for our on-screen personalities, there are some fresh faces and established names. Perhaps most well-known is Alan Tudyk and his carefree character Wash on cult sci-fi show Firefly. He’s also appeared in A Knight’s Tale, Frozen, I, Robot, Wreck-it Ralph, Arrested Development, Big Hero 6, and starred in Tucker and Dale vs. Evil. Also well-known is Forest Whitaker, famous for his portrayal of Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland.

Other names include Diego Luna, who has been in Elysium, The Book of Life, Milk, and The Terminal, Mads Mikkelsen, who played Le Chiffre in the James Bond film Casino Royale, as well as the titular cannibal in the TV series Hannibal, Donnie Yen, martial artist and star of the stellar Ip Man films, as well as appearing in Blade II and classic martial arts movie Hero. Ben Mendelsohn appeared in Killing The Softly, The Place Beyond the Pines, Exodus: Gods and Kings, and was corrupt corporate executive Roland Dagget (“Do you feel in control?”) in The Dark Knight Rises. Felicity Jones, recently garnering widespread acclaim for her role in The Theory of Everything, has also appeared in True Story, Like Crazy, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, among others.

Joining this strong cast are lesser-known actors Riz Ahmed best known for Four Lions, Jonathon Aris, a frequent TV actor in shows such as Humans, The Game, and Sherlock, and Wen Jiang, known primarily for Devils on the Doorstep, Let the Bullets Fly, and The Sun Also Rises. Will Rogue One have Stormtroopers, you ask? Fear not! Leigh Holland, “Bar Customer” in One Crazy Thing, “Alien Prisoner” (Uncredited) in Guardians of the Galaxy, and U.S. Soldier (uncredited) in Captain America: The First Avengers, among other similarly illustrious roles, will be a Stormtrooper.

We’re all in a tither about Episode VII at the moment, but once that hot fervor dies, Rogue One will be the next big thing for Star Wars fans. We eagerly look forward to new information about it. Thanks for reading! Come back next week for more fun fan and costume information, and don’t forget to enter out Halloween Sweepstakes!

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