Scenes Recreated by Fans

Scenes made by fans

People make interesting things! The constant reader will know this thanks to our earlier post about incredible pieces of fan-art. There is so much more to show you. Today, we have compiled incredible recreations of Star Wars scenes and sets for your enjoyment.

The first is a set of images by Flickr user Boutros77, who designed and built his own sets for action figures – including a huge number of scenes from the Tatooine cantina, the Death Star, and a huge number more (plus, for extended Lucasarts pleasure, a number of scenes from Indiana Jones movies). Building and painting the sets him (or her) self, Boutros77 even uses action figures, playing out the scenes from the movies in still images with scenes from all three of the original trilogy, as well as the Return of the Sith.

Second, and perhaps the most expected, is massive minecraft creations. This page recounts some of the most amazing, including a life-size star destroyer with interior, and a version of the Naboo Royal Palace made in incredibly grand detail. Watch the videos, and be amazed.

One step down . . . or, maybe up? . . . from Minecraft is the brick-and-mortar version, Lego. It’s easy to make a great many things with these wonderful little bricks, especially since there are a great number of sets available based on the Star Wars movies. But enterprising builders have found ways to make things even better. One such example is this packed scene by Yatkuu, a member of the European Lego fans forum, made a scene depicting the makeup room, a green room, and an in-progress shot.

Finally, riding the geek-high that appeared when the first Star Wars trailer appeared last year, Youtuber “Snooperking” created a shot-for-shot version of the trailer using, yes, Legos. With stop-motion and a few layered shots, the whole thing appears in wonderful blocky form.

This is but a tiny sample of the scenes fans have wrenched from the silver screen and translated through their eyes and chosen art form. Thanks for reading – tell us your favorite recreations in the comments!

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