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Podracing – one of the galaxies most dangerous and difficult sports – has for itself a number of high-profile figures, such as goofy Ben Quadinaros, the long-limbed Gasgano, and the journalistic Clegg Holdfast. But none was greater, or more famous, than the Dug Subulba. Today we’ll be looking at the storied life of this ill-tempered little racer, up to and past the Boonta Eve Classic.


Born in the city of Pixelito on the planet of Malastare, Sebulba was a mean-spirited and angry creature, like many Dugs. Born a slave, he eventually bought his freedom after exhibiting his incredible podracing skills. Quickly becoming the star of the podracing circuit thanks to his ability to use all four limbs with fine motor control, he built his own podracer and dominated the races using destructive tactics — frequently injuring or killing other racers — but was never punished.

Now living a decadent and expensive lifestyle, Sebulba became involved in slave-trading rings, and owned a number of Twi-lek slaves himself. During races, Sebulba was dedicated to winning at any cost; cheating was a common and intended action. Sabotaging rival podracers, pressing them into on-track obstacles, and modifying his own podracer to include dangerous weaponry were all standard tactics.

Sebulba concept art
Sebulba concept art

Sebulba was a constant favorite to win any race he was a part of, but his luck would temporarily change during the Boonta Eve Classic, the single race that future Jedi and Sith Anakin Skywalker would participate in. Sebulba roared to an early lead but Skywalker caught up to him in the end, disabling his engines (destroying both sides in the process) and leaving Sebulba sitting in the middle of the course in his small cockpit.

While the loss was a blow to Sebulba’s fierce pride, he recovered quickly. After purchasing Anakin’s podracer and rejoining the circuit the next year, Sebulba began again his reign of podracing terror. After a while, Sebulba retired and allowed his son Hekula to fly his podracer. Hekula raced in the Boonta Eve Classic, six years after his father lost to Skywalker . . . and also lost to Skywalker. Hekula crashed his podracer, being a rookie, and Sebulba emerged from retirement, forbidding Hekula from racing again.

Sebulba would again challenge Skywalker to a race using his new Plug-F Gargantuan, a remake of his original racer. The result of this race is unknown. Sebulba’s grandson, Pugwis, continues to tradition of racing, and thankfully is more talented than his father, taking after his grandfather instead.

Behind the scenes

Sebulba is an entirely CGI character, played by voice actor Lewis MacLeod (a frequent Star Wars voice actor). A dug can be seen in Episode II, during the air speeder chase, and it was thought it was Sebulba, but is in fact a character named Seboca. Sebulba is a playable character in the video games Star Wars: Episode I Racer and the game’s sequel Star Wars: Racer Revenge.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this short history of the galaxy’s greatest and meanest podracer; come back soon for more fun fan and costume information!

Sebulba and Anakin's podracers
Sebulba and Anakin’s podracers

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