Special Features on the Force Awakens

DVD Special features!April fifth marks the day Star Wars: The Force Awakens is available on DVD and Blu-ray. Amazon is already accepting pre-orders, and the Blu-ray edition comes with three discs, hopefully thronged with special features. We don’t know all of them — and it’s unlikely this first version will contain Lord of the Rings-level special features — but of those already announced, the most interesting proves to be a recording of the first table read for the movie.

A short teaser released on March 11th has a clip of the original table talk, which was recorded in full. In the teaser, Director J.J. Abrams says: “This was going to be the first gathering of this original cast, new cast, this core group of people that were going to be part of making this movie. We wanted to document it, but the most important thing was to hear it. Just as a fan of ‘Star Wars,’ to see them all together was an incredible thrill.” This feature is sure to interest anyone who wants to know more about Star Wars, or the film-making process in general. Hopefully we’ll get to see the entire length of the movie read by the actors, but such a wish may be infeasible.

Also already announced are DVD and blu-ray special feature classics like deleted scenes and a making-of feature called “Secrets of ‘The Force Awakens’: A Cinematic Journey,” which debuts this year at SXSW. Hopefully we will also get an audio commentary, but so far no extended version has been promised (We may be forced to wait for the Super Deluxe Cool Ranch 4D Edition — now available in an air-based scent). If we’re really lucky, we may even get a blooper reel! Who knows?

Thanks for reading! Hopefully we’ll get enough special features to sate our hunger. Come back next week for more fun fan information!

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