Star Wars Rebels Season One Recap

The Rebels
The Rebels

Season one of the new animated television show Star Wars: Rebels has come to an end, and what an end! The short, thirteen-episode season’s final episode came out March second with “Fire Across the Galaxy.” The show’s second season is scheduled to begin in April of 2015.

Possible spoilers!

The season, which began on October third, 2014, with a two-episode special, screened as a film at San Diego Comic-Con. This movie chronicles how Ezra Bridger, orphan, joins the crew of the Ghost: Kanan, Hera, Zeb, Sabine, and Chopper. The episodes follow these pre-rebel alliance members as they smuggle, lie, and cheat their way past the Empire’s blockades, avoid the dangerous Inquisitor, and work to overthrow the Empire. Soon, however, their lives get difficult thanks to guest stars like Lando Calrissian R2-D2, Jedi that have escaped order 66, and a mysterious informant named “Fulcrum.”

In episode eleven, during a mission to send a message out among the galaxy from an Imperial broadcast tower, Kanan is captured by the Inquisitor, tortured, and is to be interred at the Mustafar prison, from which no Jedi has ever escaped. Ezra and the other rebels learn the Empire is now using courier droids, and seize an imperial transport. They disable Grand Moff Tarkin’s Star Destroyer in the Mustafar system, and Ezra is able to free Kanan using the prison compound’s duct system. The Inquisitor ambushes the two Jedi, who defeat him in a fight, killing him and damaging the star destroyer’s engines. The rebels reunite onboard the Ghost, and it is revealed that Fulcrum is actually Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s old apprentice. Following the Inquisitor’s death, Tarkin introduces a new enemy for the rebels: Darth Vader.

We’re eagerly awaiting season two of this fine new show. What are you looking forward to in the new episodes?

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