Star Wars Rebels!

The veil of secrets has finally lifted, and we’re free to talk about the brand new show, Star Wars Rebels!

This new animated television show will take place after the Empire has gained control, but while the Rebel Alliance is still in its infancy; indeed, there will be no alliance yet, simply disconnected rebels fighting for themselves. Find out more about this new show and take a first look at the cool costumes we have to offer!

Star Wars Rebels
Star Wars Rebels Characters


The show follows the exploits of six main characters. The show’s front-runner, Ezra Bridger, is a young force-sensitive con-artist from the planet of Lothal, born at about the time of the Galactic Empire’s creation. He lived on his own and worked as a small-time thief that unknowingly used the Force to help him get out of tough situations. After joining the crew of the Ghost, the ship that the rebels use as their base of operations, Kanan Jarrus helps to train Ezra.

Only a Padawan when Order 66 was given, Kanan (voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr!) was nonetheless able to escape with his life. Knowing that it was a danger to him, he locked his lightsaber away and stopped using the Force. In the years that passed, he became cocky and sarcastic. When he finally meets Ezra on board Ghost, he decides to go back to his old ways and fight against the Empire by helping to train this young Jedi. We will have costumes for Kenan soon!

Ghost’s pilot and “owner” is Hera Syndulla, a green Twi’lek that lives to fight the Empire, though it is not known why. She is strong-minded and independent, and serves as the crew’s heart. Her skills as a pilot and gunner always help her to see missions out to the end.

Hera also owns Chopper, the nickname of the astromech droid C1-10P. This droid is irritable, and uninterested in gaining affection with his owner and the other organics on the ship. Somehow, he becomes essential in saving the rest of the crew from danger.

Chopper has a strong rivalry with Garazeb Orrelios, whom the others call Zeb. Zeb is a Lasat enforcer that works as the Ghost’s trained muscle. A capable warrior, Zeb is highly educted and skilled. His favorite past-time is beating up Stormtroopers, whom he calls “bucket heads.”

The final member of the Ghost’s crew is the Mandalorian heavy-weapons expert Sabine Wren. She has a talented for artistic decoration, and personalizes her armor, hair, and cabin, as well as leaving graffiti calling-cards when the members of the Ghost complete a mission.

The show’s main villain will be a yet-unnamed Inquisitor, a dark-Force sensitive warrior that is tasked by Darth Vader to hunt down any remaining Jedi. Details are tight at the moment, but he will undoubtedly learn of Kanan and Ezra, and begin to pursue them.

That’s all we know so far. We’re very excited to see how Star Wars Rebels turns out. It debuts in October, and we can’t wait!

Edit: New Clone Wars Trailer from San Diego Comic Con 

Below is a bonus preview of Star Wars Rebels Costumes that have yet to be released to the public!

Inquisitor Costume

Standard Adult Inquisitor Costume

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