Which Star Wars Ship Should you Pilot?

A classic Star Wars ship
A classic Star Wars ship

There are tons of space-worthy ships in the Star Wars universe. From Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon to the Super Star Destroyer, there’s no shortage of options for a discerning pilot to choose from. Which ship is the right one for you?

Short-range fighter

Lacking the ability to travel faster than light speed, a fighter is a small, one- or two-person craft that is fast and maneuverable. Typically deployed in squadrons, these ships will work together to destroy larger craft or attack targets with great precision. They are weak on their own, but can still pack a sting if used correctly.

If you want to be a fighter pilot, you’ll need quick reflexes and an ingrained fight-or-flight instinct; battles that can be won must be done quickly or they will become much more dangerous much quicker. Your ship won’t have heavy shields (The A-wing fighter used by the rebel alliance has no shields), so you’ll have to stay on your toes.

The perfect well-known example of a starfighter pilot is Verne Troyer as Mini-Me. He’s quick, makes a high-pitched noise when he moves, and knows how to go for the vulnerable spots on a target. Plus, thanks to his small size, atmospheric missions will be easier for him due to reduced G forces.


Commonly presented as the biggest ships in a given fleet, cruisers have been seen from three-hundred and fifty meters up to six hundred and beyond (the Star Destroyers seen in the films are between one and two kilometers long). Possessing tremendous firepower and the ability to drop fighters or ground units, any fleet with a cruiser-class ship is a force to worry about.

Becoming the helmsman of a cruiser takes a vigilant control of the power at your fingertips. You might be leveling cities one day, or decimating a fleet of rebel scum the next, but whatever you do will terrifying your opponents and make your presence critical to the war effort.

Recent Super Bowl failures the Seattle Seahawks’ star running back Marshawn Lynch knows too well the weight of such crushing power. His ability to control and direct his own strength would no doubt prove useful in handling the destructive force of such a powerful ship.


Destroyers are much smaller than cruisers, similar to small cruisers that could operate in a fleet or on their own. “Star Destroyer,” while it may be confusing, is not an example of this ship. Cruisers are smaller, faster, and possess less system-conquering strength than their bigger brothers. They can still function as battleships in the fleet, but also peacekeepers and patrol units.

The destroyer is a strange class. With speed, firepower, and a daunting size – at least compared to starfighters. Those in control have to balance the strength of their big ships while also understanding that in a fight against a cruiser, or even two destroyers, they’re in trouble. However, this class can still hit hard, and has the speed to get away if need be.

Peter Parker’s alter-ego Spider-Man is an agile, speedy fighter with quite a lot of strength, but he isn’t invincible . . . he’s been killed what, a half-dozen times in his comic books? But he remains a dangerous enemy to the villains. With a combination of speed and power, Peter is the perfect person to pilot a destroyer.

Smuggling ship

Generally quite speedy, smuggling ships can come in any form, style, or size, though most are small and unassuming. They have hidden compartments to sneak things past imperial checkpoints, are usually speedy in case some wise captain does discover them, and can only be piloted by the smartest of smugglers.

To pilot a smuggling ship, you’ll need ferocious knowledge of your entire ship, repair skills, clandestine helpers that will get you cargo and sales, and of course excellent piloting skills. If Han Solo is any indication, a co-pilot seems necessary.

Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding, played by Morgan Freeman from Shawshank Redemption, is the perfect smuggler pilot. In the movie he smuggles in countless items for the other inmates, seems to know everybody, and certainly knows the ropes of the prison, inside and out. Andy Dufresne could be his co-pilot.

Space station:

The biggest of them all. Barely a ship! A space station (let’s include the Death Star in this group) has more power than most ships can even imagine, even enough to obliterate an entire planet. One-hundred and twenty-three hyperdrive powered the Death Star across the galaxy with blazing speed, and even its smaller weapons number in the thousands.

Be the most powerful, the strongest, and the most terrifying person in the galaxy. Examples include Darth Vader and Darth Sidious.

Some of you may remember Gregor Clegane, “The Mountain that Rides,” from Game of Thrones. His actor season four actor, Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson, is an egregiously big World’s Strongest Man Competitor, standing at 6’ 9”, and all the pounds. On January thirty first of 2015, “Thor,” as he is called by friends, broke a weight-lifting record that has existed for a thousand years. This guy should be a space station pilot. This guy is practically a space station!

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