Star Wars’ Universe Problem

the Star Wars universeWith new movies, novels, comic books, and TV shows bearing the Star Wars brand, we fans now have a unique problem: How to Deal with Duel Universes. We have the canon universe and we have the “legends” universe.

On April 25th, 2014, Lucasfilm announced changes to the Star Wars canon. Officially, the only pieces of canon remaining were: the original trilogy films, the prequel trilogy films, the Clone Wars television series and film, the Star Wars Rebels series (and its supplementary material), “Star Wars Insider” fiction, beginning with “Blade Squadron” in Star Wars Insider 149, information found in the Databank, information previously found in the now-defunct Encyclopedia, and all officially-licensed source material released following the September 2, 2014 novel A New Dawn. This canon universe now includes The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and their supplemental material.

So how does the common fan continue enjoying the expanded universe, now known as Legends, and the new canon? It doesn’t require fracturing your mind into two distinct halves, each containing a sector of your memory within—don’t do that.

A Universe in both hands

However, it can still be difficult to appreciate the expanded universe when the new movies are now taking over. Likewise, watching the new movies and placing their events alongside what would be happening in the expanded universe. The EU has a great deal of incredible moments—Chewbacca’s emotional death, Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker’s romance, General Thrawn’s incredible brilliance—and we can still take inspiration and enjoyment from them.

We—as fans—must take joy in the things we have received.  We can still enjoy and cherish the EU, and certainly there is enough to last a lifetime if we want. Star Wars is a work of fiction, and it should be a small step from understanding the events did not actually happen to holding the distinct universes separate and enjoying both.

Just like for any piece of entertainment, mileage may very. There will be parts of either universe we may not like, but those parts don’t lower it below the other. A specific instance may show why one universe is bad, but it does not show why the other is better.

Thanks for reading! Come back next time for more fun fan information.

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