Stormtroopers and Aiming Skills

Stormtroopers aiming skillsIn the original Star Wars movie, we’re introduced to a number of things about the Star Wars galaxy. One of the things we see are the famous Stormtroopers, with their shiny white armor, leering masks, and . . . highly trained aiming skills. Yes, you read it correctly — the Stormtroopers are great at hitting the targets they want to.

“But!” you say, “in the original trilogy, the Stormtroopers couldn’t hit anything!” Are you sure? This is me asking you, are you sure. “Yeah I’m sure. Everybody knows that.” Well, you’re wrong.

Let’s think about it. In the very first movie, the Stormtroopers are hilariously unable to hit anything smaller than the broad side of a Death Star. Their shots are wildly off-target, but only when the Rebels are actually inside the Death Star. You remember when the Rebels enter the Death Star, Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin quickly figure out their plan, and plant a tracking device in the Millennium Falcon. Then, they allow them to escape with  Princess Leia and follow them in the Death Star to the Rebel base, with aims to blow it the Force up. The Stormtroopers had orders not to kill Luke Han, Chewie, or Leia, because then their plan would be worthless.

In the Empire Strikes back, Stormtroopers (or, more specifically, Snowtroopers) are present in only one scene, the attack on Hoth’s Echo Base. They, and their AT-ATs, wreak havoc on the Rebels, nearly bringing the base down around their ears. In Return of the Jedi, the Stormtroopers are still under orders not to kill Luke, since Darth Vader looks to convert him to the Dark Side. During the battle on Endor, Ewoks and Rebels fall like flies, Leia takes a shot in the arm, and the rebels are in the process of surrendering before Chewie stomps in with an AT-ST.

The Stormtroopers can, and will, hit their targets when they want to. The Emperor demands nothing less!

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