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To be released on December 16, 2016, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (or simply Rogue One) is the next step in the Star Wars legacy. Said to be about the heist to steal the plans for the Death Star prior to Episode IV, it will be the first Star Wars movie without any Jedi, and also promises to be the darkest film set in the Star Wars universe yet. We aren’t sure how it could possibly top the end of Episode III, but that’s the rumor.

A great deal of information has come to light about Rogue One since the release of Episode VII. Mads Mikkelsen, known for playing the card-shark villain of James Bond’s Casino Royale, will not play a bad guy – will wonders never cease. Gary Whitta (The Book of Eli, After Earth) was the original screenwriter, but Chris Weitz has since replaced him. Weitz is known for comedy films American Pie and About a Boy, and has also worked on film adaptions of The Golden Compass and Twilight’s New Moon. Alexandre Desplat has signed on to compose the soundtrack, adding Star Wars to his already extensive list of notable credits.

As for details about the movie itself, little has been leaked, though (MINOR SPOILER) we do know Mikkelsen’s character plays a scientist working on the Death Star who chooses to defect and join the rebellion. Felicity Jones’ character is named “Jyn,” Riz Ahmed plays “Bodhi Rook,” Jonathon Aris plays “Senator Jebel,” and it’s very possible Diego Luna will play classic character Biggs Darklighter, though rumors are unsubstantiated. Scottish actress Eunice Olumide has been added to the cast in an unknown role, and members of the British Armed Forces have been hired on as extras, most likely playing Stormtroopers or rebel soldiers.

Voted as the most anticipated release of 2016, Rogue One looks to fill us in on the details surrounding the Skywalker clan, and is just the first of at least three planned anthology movies, with the second a Han Solo origin story, and the third perhaps being a Boba Fett film. As the first movie without the powers of the force on their side, the good guys of the film will have a more difficult time, and director Gareth Edwards has stated the conflict in the movie will not be good versus evil, but more gray, in an attempt to make the world of the movies more real.

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