Real World Star Wars Characters

Chewbacca in real life
Chewbacca takes to the street

We once discussed, for your enjoyment, what your job would be should you find yourself in the Star Wars universe. But what if Star Wars characters found their way to the real world, what employment would they most likely fall into?

(Of course, this ignores the fact that they don’t have identification, can only supposedly speak English, and endless other fact.)

The Heroes

Should Luke find himself on Earth during his farmboy days, there’s no reason he would cease that venture. He’s clearly a skilled mechanic, able to pilot things far more complicated than a tractor, and is used to the work and sun a farmer has to get used to. If he found himself after he became a Jedi, then he would likely find himself working with CERN researchers to find a way back to his own universe.

Leia Organa, as an experienced stateswoman, would probably end up in the orator business or the working for the government. Wishing to keep her status as a literal alien unknown, she would refuse anything more than a desk job.

Han Solo, never the person that fits in to normal culture, will like Luke continue his space-career on land. Or, on the seas! One of the galaxy’s greatest smugglers might not be able to make the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs anymore, but smuggling is just as prevalent on Earth.

The Villains

Boba Fett, who would immediately find out he’s way more popular in the real world than he should be, having far fewer bounty targets, plus technology that would make him public enemy number one for physicists, takes a different approach and travels the convention circuit with his sweet Mandalorian armor. Fans the world over are wowed.

Though elderly, Emperor Palpatine still has a few tricks in him. His status as a Sith Lord in jeopardy, thanks to a higher level of skepticism found in the real world, eventually finds himself part of the freakshow in a small Bavarian circus as “Das erstaunliche Elektro.” This does not please him, leading to an eventual manhunt of someone the news stations dub “Der Zirkus Mörder.”

Darth Vader will find himself inexplicably in charge of Russia. The cooler weather works perfectly with his hot armor.


Threepio in the real world
He still hasn’t been found

The real world will be a dangerous place for our favorite characters, but we hope you’ve enjoyed this special “what if” nonetheless. Come back soon for more fun fan info!

Mandalorian History

Mandalorian Mercs
Mandalorian Mercs

The esteemed Mandalorian Mercs, a group dedicated to incredible re-creations of Mandalorian suits of armor, have been our advertising partners going on two years running. Their fantastic costumes have inspired us to tell you a condensed history of the proud Mando’ade people.

Since their earliest years, the Mandalorian culture was battle-obsessed and warlike. They began as the near-human species known as the Taung. Intense fighting between them and the humans on Coruscant, led by the warlord known as Mandalore the First. They conquered planets and began a civilization, taking the name of their leader (Mandalore also became the title of the Mandalorian leader, up to and beyond Palpatine’s Empire).

The Original Mandalorians
The Original Mandalorians

After thousands of years of conquest, the Great Sith War began, and the Mandalorians were defeated in battle – and swore fealty to – Jedi-turned-Sith Lord Ulic Qel-Droma, but they and the Sith were defeated. After twenty years of peace, and the Mandalorians began rebuilding under a new leader, alien warriors were recruited into the clan system, and a more uniform armor system – as opposed to custom-made individual armors – was implemented. A period of aggressive expansion followed, as the Republic was wary of entering another war and did not interfere. In 3964 BBY, the Mandalorians struck the Republic in the first offensive of what would later be known as the Mandalorian Wars. The wars lasted until 3960, when the current Mandalore, backed by his lieutenant Cassus Fett, were defeated over Malachor V.

Revan, the Jedi General that led the defeat of the Mandalorians, destroyed their armor and weapons, and took the ceremonial mask used to declare a new leader, leaving the Mandalorians splintered and directionless. Many Mandalorians took to pirating, mercenary work, and becoming gladiators. In the year 3661, the Sith made an unexpected return to the galaxy and again asked the Mandalorians for help. However, the Mandalorians, once more led by a Mandalore named Canderous Ordo (a character from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic), refused. The Sith then found a Mandalorian warrior willing to work with them and built him up as the new leader. He became the new leader when the title was thrust upon him, and brough the Mandalorians into the war. They were again defeated, but remained an ally of the Sith until the New Sith Wars, until the stage was set for a war between the Mandalorians and the Sith.

In 738 BBY, a new brand of Mandalorian arose: the peaceful. Calling themselves . . . well, the New Mandalorians, they pushed for peace, tolerance, and neutrality. They utilized their talents of inventing and building, growing in power and eventually forcing the more war-like factions to leave the planet of Mandalore, and relocate to the moon of Concordia. While a large number of clans eventually adopted the peaceful ways of the New Mandalorians, some did not. In 60 BBY, Jaster Mereel became Mandalore and brought about more changes after a century and a half of butchery. He was opposed by Tor Vizsla, who desired a return to the warring ways of yore.

Original, "Crusader" and Neo-Crusader Mandalorian armor
Original, “Crusader” and Neo-Crusader Mandalorian armor

This led to the Mandalorian civil war between the New Mandalorians and the Death Watch, a faction familiar to anyone who’s seen the animated Star Wars: Clone Wars television series. For years the battle raged. During the war, Mereel befriended an orphan named Jango Fett, whose parents were killed in a firefight. Fett became a leader and warrior for the True Mandalorians, and after a battle in 44 BBY the Death Watch was left crippled. However, Vizsla was able to trick the Jedi into attacking Fett and capturing him, but Fett escaped and slayed Vizsla, ending the war. Fett would grow to become the bounty hunter that we see in Episode II. He would form the base of the Republic’s grand clone army.

The Mandalorian civil war simmered during the Clone Wars, re-emerging as Pre Vizsla led the Death Watch, but they were again defeated. Shortly after, the Galactic Civil War culminated in the destruction of the republic and new Imperial leadership under Palpatine, followed swiftly by an attempt by the Empire to weaken the Mandalorians, which proved mildly successful, but the Mandalorians – helped by Leia Organa – eventually pushed the Empire out, shortly before the destruction of the second Death Star.

Due to Disney and Lucasart’s restructuring of what is and isn’t canon, we’ll end the story there – since relating the rest of the EU as it applies to the Mandalorians would take hundreds of pages. We’ll end with the prophesied end of the Mandalorians:

In approximately 3951 BBY, the former Jedi Kreia, also once a Sith Lord, user her Force insight to see the end of the Mandalorians. Eventually, she foresaw, the Mandalorians would become weak, experiencing a decline over thousands of years, untila single man in Mandalorian armor remained. He, Kreia prophesied, would meet his end at the hands of a Jedi, ending the Mandalorian people with him.

More Mercs!
More Mercs!

Thanks for reading! We hope you’ve enjoyed this short look at the Mandalorians. Be sure to check out the Mandalorian Mercs, and come back soon for more fun information!


Top 10 Halloween Star Wars Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching. If you’re still trying to find the perfect costume, you may be feeling the pressure at this point. Don’t fret! We have collected for you the top ten costumes from our Star Wars Costumes site:

Chewbacca Infant Costume
Chewbacca Infant Costume

#10: Standard Chewbacca Infant Costume

The first of our Star Wars costumes is of Han Solo’s dependable co-pilot! Your little furry friend is here for a fun time in this soft outfit, and he’ll love being the center of attention while he’s shooting through the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon and gathering candy.

#9: Sexy Slave Princess Leia Womens Costume

Are you surprised this costume is on the list? From the first time it was seen in 1983, this outfit has become one of the most enduring elements of Star Wars’ pop-culture impact. Show your favorite smuggler exactly what he means to you with this incredible look!

#8: Deluxe Queen Amidala Womens Costume

Queen Amidala has some of the most finely-designed outfits in the Star Wars universe, and now you have a chance to become this famous queen and senator when you dress in this wonderful costume!

#7: Standard Jedi Adult Robe Costume

Devise your own outfit when you use this item, and become any of the Jedi of the series like Luke, Obi-Wan, or Anakin, or you can come up with an original character using this and other great items.

#6: Deluxe Clone Wars Captain Rex Kids Costume

Your child will be ready to lead his company of clone warriors when he dresses as this popular character from the Clone Wars television show! With the Jedi at his side, the droids will never succeed!

#5: Deluxe Boba Fett Kids Costume

What child wouldn’t want to be this cool bounty hunter? Whether he’s capturing the smuggler Han Solo or fighting off Jedi at Jabba the Hutt’s Palace, his Halloween is going to be a blast when he dresses as this famous Star Wars character!

#4: Deluxe Darth Vader Kids Costume

The Lord of the Sith is here for Halloween. No force-user has more power than you child will when he gets this dark and dangerous outfit. Luke Skywalker and the rebels will never have a chance against him in the costume contest!

#3: Deluxe Princess Leia Girls Costume

It’s up to your daughter this Halloween to get to Tatooine and find the people that will help save the rebellion this Halloween! The greatest female character in Star Wars has always been a key Halloween tradition, and there’s no reason to stop it now!

#2: Standard Yoda Infant Costume

Even the young ones can join in the Star Wars fun this Halloween when you get this infant costume! The ancient and wise Jedi Yoda is the perfect size for a young fan of these classic movies to go out on the town as a little green alien.

#1: Deluxe Luke Skywalker Kids Costume

Luke Skywalker Kids Costume
Luke Skywalker Kids Costume

Our number one outfit for Halloween is one of the most popular Star Wars characters ever: Luke Skywalker! Bring the Jedi order back to life and defeat the Empire this year as one of the greatest movie heroes of all time. Get this and many other astounding costumes and accessories from Official Star Wars Costumes!