Krennic, Orson: Character Corner

Orson KrennicRogue one introduced us to a brand new villain in a growing list of evil greats. Orson Callan Krennic served as director of the Advanced Weapons Research division of the Imperial Military. He was also responsible for the security of the Death Star project. Learn all about this new character, and how he became the central figure of the Death Star’s construction.

Kid Krennic

Born on the planet Lexrul in 51 BBY, he earned a place in the Galactic Republic’s Future Program. There he met fellow student Galen Erso. While his area of excellence was architecture, his counselors noticed he was just as effective at manipulating others. After graduating, he rose in the ranks of the Republic Corps of Engineers, where he supervised large construction projects both onworld and in deep space. This influence helped him give Erso a visiting professorship at the Institute of Applied Science.

Krennic became a member of the top-secret Republic Special Weapons Group, where they discussed the schematics for the Death Star captured from Geonosis. The labor force and superlaser involved with the design were boggling, and Krennic brought up his friend Erso. The Separatists had Erso imprisoned on Vallt, and Krennic got the authorization to launch a clandestine rescue mission. After a prisoner exchange, Erso, his wife Lyra, and their daughter Jyn joined Krennic. He swiftly commanded a bombardment on the planet Vallt from a Republic cruiser. Shortly after, he interrogated a Geonosian archduke and convinced him to assist in the construction and planning of the Death Star.

Building Destruction

Krennic helped Erso avoid espionage charges, and after a Geonosian revolt, convinced him to join the project (then known as “Project Celestial Power”). With the Clone Wars ended and the Republic now the Galactic Empire, he convinced Erso the project was about restoring function and power to planets ravaged by the Clone Wars. Erso developed a method of power using kyber crystals, and Krennic used his research to create weapons.

When a research facility on the planet Malpaz exploded after trying to weaponize the research, Krennic met with Erso. Erso admitted to having doubts about the research—doubts his wife helped fuel. Krennic showed him the destruction on Malpaz, telling him it was sabotage. Erso, the footage and information upsetting him, agreed to work in secret, while keeping it from even his wife.

Under pressure from multiple places, Krennic devised a way to emerge from under Grand Moff , whom he despised. He incited an attack from troublemaker Saw Gerrera, knowing Tarkin would command the defensive force. At the same time, he applied Erso’s advanced research and fired a laser into a pair of black holes, proving the research’s application. Shortly after, he ordered the destruction of a group of Project Celestial Power workers, one of whom knew Galen and Lyra Erso.


With the Ersos under surveillance and their friends destroyed, Galen and Lyra contacted others who showed proof the destruction on Malpaz was due to Imperial work, not anarchists as Krennic had said. The Ersos requested a meeting with him, which he avoided as he believed it to be a trap. The Ersos disappeared, Tarkin demoted Krennic for his negligence, and he vowed to leave no stone unturned to find Galen.

Thus, several years later, the trail of the Ersos led to the planet Lah’mu, living a simple farming life. Krennic killed Lyra, captured Galen, and watched Jyn slip through his fingers–leading to the events of the movie Rogue One.

Behind the Scenes

Ben Mendelsohn (The Dark Knight Rises, Animal Kingdom) plays Orson Krennic. The character was first revealed in a teaser trailer on April 7th, 2016. Mendelsohn at first thought he should have Krennic speak with a “posh English accent”. Rogue One director Gareth Edwards said no, because: “It feels like if the Empire ever have a job vacancy, they go to the royal Shakespeare Company to headhunt people…I like the idea that Ben’s character was much more working-class.”

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Dexter Jettster Character Corner

Dexter JettsterIn Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the poison dart Jango Fett uses to kill Zam Wesell confounds Obi-Wan Kenobi. The Jedi archives contain nothing of value, so Obi-Wan travels to a small Coruscant diner and talks to Dexter Jettster. We know little about this portly cook, but his cheerful demeanor hides a life full of surprising excitement.

Dining with Dexter

After leaving his homeworld of Ojom (a frozen world in the core), Dex began a life of prospecting, smuggling, gun-running, and mercenary work. He first met Obi-Wan on the planet Ord Sigatt, in a bar Dexter used as a cover for running guns. He soon opened a weapon shop on Outland Transit Station. After an attack on the station Dexter sold all his stock and left for Coruscant, as it had been his dream to open a restaurant on the famous planet.

Five years later, Obi-Wan again surprised Dexter, entering his cafe. Obi-Wan was hunting for someone named Granta Omega, and though Dexter knew nothing, the two became friends quickly. Just prior to the Clone Wars, Dexter identified a Kamino saberdart, which he had previously found on the planet of Subterrel. Some have said this led, directly, to the hyper violent intergalactic conflict known as the Clone Wars.

During the years-long conflict, Dexter was not inactive, frequently going on long trips to gather ingredients, and even finding privileged information about the droid army’s targets. Near the war’s end, Jedi Master Quinlan Vos sought out Dexter for information on an assassin, Saljé Tasha. This led to Vos mistakenly identifying former Jedi Sora Bulq as a Sith Lord.

During the Great Jedi Purge, Dexter became a member of the Erased, a group who removed knowledge of their existence. Former Jedi Ferus Olin sought him out, looking for other Jedi who had survived the purge. Dexter told Ferus about a Jedi named Fy-Tor-Ana. Ferus and members of the Erased journeyed to find Fy-Tor-Ana; Dex stayed behind to help anybody looking for the Erased for help. During an attack on his hideout he was shot, but survived and decided to flee deeper in the Coruscant levels for extra safety from the Empire.


Actor Ronald Falk provided Dexter’s voice. In early drafts he is married to the human waitress seen in Episode II. George Lucas based “Jettster” off his son’s name Jett.

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Zam Wesell Character Corner

Human-form Zam WesellEpisode II introduces us to a character named Zam Wesell, shape-shifting bounty hunter and accomplice to Jango Fett. Jango Fett then kills her. We don’t see much of this strange character, but now we have a chance to finally examine the life of this enigmatic figure.

Zam meets Fett

Born on Zolan, a mid-rim planet, Zam Wesell is a member of the Clawdite species. Originally part of the Zolander species, extensive genetic engineering gone awry turned this off-shoot into shape-shifters. The Zolanders ostracized them, and Zam grew up in a world either on the brink of war or fighting. Zam trained as a Mabari, a religious order of warrior-knights, and was thrown out for wanting to become a bounty hunter.

Zam Wesell first met her longtime partner (and eventual killer) Jango Fett while they hunted the same person, a smuggler wanted by a crime lord, currently held in an asteroid prison. Wesell reached the quarry first, but had to stage a riot and breakout. Fett’s arrival ruined her plans, so she decided to hijack Fett’s ship, Jaster’s Legacy. It was destroyed, forcing Zam and Fett to work together. The situation began to spiral out of control when they arrived at their destination and Fett revealed he was working a larger job, of which the jailed smuggler was only a piece.

Fett revealed he was after the location of the failed Jedi Padawan who had become leader of the Bando Gora, a Force-worshipping cult. Thanks to information gained on the current job, the pair headed to Tatooine. There they discovered the location of Bando Gora after dealing with dueling Hutt crime lords.

Zam and Fett battled with the dark Jedi and the cult, ultimately defeating them. Out of the shadows appeared Tyranus (Count Dooku), who was Jango Fett’s contact for the mission, revealing it had essentially been a test to see if Fett was worthy of being the clone template for the eventual Republic Army.

Working together
Clawdite Zam
Zam in her original Clawdite form.

Zam spent several years of working with—and against—Fett on various contracts. Fernooda, a Dug on Coruscant, contacted both bounty hunters, though separately, asking them to recover an artifact stolen from him. Barely escaping with their lives, Fett returned with the artifact. Shortly after, Zam discovered the artifact they had recovered, the Infant of Shaa, is not only capable of destroying planets, but the alien they’d returned it to, Ashaar Khorda, planned to use it to destroy Coruscant.

Appealing to Fett’s better side, the two traveled to Coruscant to stop the plot. Joining with Jedi Master Yarael Poof, the bounty hunters battled the terrorists in an attempt to save the planet. They were successful, but Poof gave his life. The next mission the two took together landed Zam in a fight against another Clawdite, posing as a decoy of their target. Their final mission together was the attempt on Senator Padme’s life. This led, directly or indirectly, to both of their deaths.

Behind the Scenes

Australian actress Leeanna Walsman plays Zam in both Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter (voice only). She was originally going to be a longer-lasting character and a main antagonist of Episode II. The one-shot comic Star Wars: Jango Fett is her first canon appearance. Walsman was not made aware of Zam’s shape-shifting abilities, as it was a later addition to the film.

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Panaka Character Corner

If you’ve seen Star Wars Episode I, you’ve probably seen Captain Quarsh Panaka, though you may not know his name. He is the stoic, pessimistic, and conserved head of Amidala’s security, who helps Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan protect Amidala and drive out the Trade Federation. What happens to him after the movie?

Panaka’s Rise and FallCaptain Panaka

When Amidala’s term as queen of Naboo ended, Panaka remained to protect the next queen, Jamillia. When Amidala became a galactic senator, he spent some time protecting her, but for the most part stayed on Naboo. He assigned his nephew, Captain Gregar Typho, to the senator.

After the Clone Wars had broken out, Panaka learned of Amidala and Anakin’s marriage. He informed Palpatine, who used the knowledge to his advantage, turning Anakin against his friends, leading to the destruction of the republic and the Jedi.

During the Galactic Civil War Panaka stayed loyal to the emperor. Eventually promoted to Commander, he was tasked with exploring an uncharted planet. He met a Human-Sephi hybrid and battled interdimensional “Rozzums,” and became Moff of the Chommell sector.

Following the death of the emperor, Panaka met with Princess Leia Organa. He found Leia’s new republic illegitimate, despite her attempts to draw him to her side. Even after a threat of attack, he refused to relent. In 13 ABY, the empire fell for good, and the New Republic replaced him with a Gungan senator.

Moff PanakaBehind the Scenes

Captain Panaka prepared for the worst. Humorless and grim, he was often on alert, and was called “the quickest eyes on Naboo.” His officers found him distant, demanding and professional. He was bilingual, and could speak Huttese.

Hugh Quarshie plays Panaka in Episode I. Jeff Coopwood voices the character in most video games. Quarshie decided not to return for Episode II, saying he did not think the studio offered him enough money. The Brazilian dub changed his name to “Panassi,” since his original name is similar to “panaca,” which translates to “douchebag.”

Lobot Character Corner

Lobot the CyborgStar Wars is full of interesting characters. As the series grew, so did the opportunity for alien creatures, odd beasts, and robotic companions. A classic example is Lobot, Lando Calrissian’s cyborg companion on Cloud City from The Empire Strikes Back. His bald head, skull-mounted computer, and silent presence made him an interesting and enigmatic figure for many. What’s his story?

The Galactic Empire hired Lobot—originally from Bespin—to run battlefield calculations, and implanted an “AJ^6 cyborg construct” in his brain. The implant removed part of his personality, but increased his productivity and calculation skills. He eventually left the Empire and became friends with smuggler Lando Calrissian and Chanath Cha, a bounty hunter. Calrissian had the Millennium Falcon at this time, though Han Solo won it from him at a card game.

An Easy Job

Calrissian and Lobot became in debt to a crime boss, Papa Torren. Torren offered them a chance to get back in his good graces, so Calrissian went off to steal a trinket from a ruling Moff. Calrissian ended up tricking her into giving it to him, which Lobot’s cybernetics calculated at a one in ten thousand odds. Torren demanded a simple further job from them: steal a pleasure yacht from an Imperial shipyard.

The theft itself went swimmingly. However, when three Imperial-class Star Destroyers emerged from hyperspace and began pursuit, Lobot became irate with Calrissian. Calrissian argued such pursuit was surely a good thing, since it meant the yacht must be very valuable. In fact, not only was the owner none other than Emperor Palpatine himself, but Korin Pers, a member of the team hired to help with the heist, said the central chamber contained treasure. After escaping, Lobot used his cybernetics to open the sealed door. When it opened, the two imperial guards within attacked, impaling Lobot through the chest.

As other members of the team fought the Imperial Guards, Calrissian rushed Lobot to a bacta tank. Aleksin and Pavol, clones, defeated the Guards, but an item imbued with the dark side within the chamber brainwashed Aleksin. He picked up a double-bladed lightsaber and attacked Pavol. Pers tried to get Calrissian to leave via the escape pods, but Calrissian refused to leave either Lobot or the ship. In the meantime, Chanath Cha, working for the Empire, snuck aboard and disabled the ship with orders to kill those responsible for its theft.

A Choice to Make

When she discovered Lobot and Calrissian, she agreed to help them escape, though she was unable to reverse her own sabotage to the ship’s escape pods. Aleksin and Pavol, now both under the control of the Dark side, appeared and killed Korin Pers. Calrissian and Cha escaped, removing Lobot from the bacta and explaining the situation to the dazed cyborg. Now discovering themselves trapped on the self-destruction Imperialis, Lobot explained the cybernetic implants were taking over his mind thanks to his weakened state. Making the decision to allow them full control, Lobot reactivated the escape pods on the ship.

Lando, Lobot, and Chanath Cha escaped, leaving the yacht to explode. Lando discussed finding a cure for Lobot’s new robotic status, which triggered a recorded message. It said Lobot is at peace, since he acted to save his friends and do the right thing. He also told Lando to trust himself, believing him a talented leader. Shortly after, Lando became the administrator of Cloud City, and Lobot acted as his top aide and computer liaison, leading up to the events of The Empire Strikes Back. Lobot was unable to escape the Imperial takeover of the facility. After the Rebels defeated the Empire at the battle of Endor, Lobot remained in the Imperial-controlled Cloud City, able to relay messages to Lando and carry out missions for the rebels. The rebels liberated the planet soon after.

Lobot Behind the Scenes
Original design for Lobot
Original design for Lobot

Lobot placed trust in his friends yet also held himself accountable. After his cybernetics took over he was left without a personality or the ability to speak, becoming the perfect match for Lando’s over-the-top personality.

The cybernetics acted as designed. Built to keep Lobot focused on whatever task he chose (as well as grant him powerful calculatory skills), the cybernetics would take over whenever he lost focus. His near-death experience the ultimate conclusion to such an upgrade.

First appearing in the second Star Wars movie, actor John Hollis portrayed Lobot. he was originally going to be a tall, regal, dark-skinned woman, still a cyborg of some manner. The implant was battery-powered and connected to a spring clip, and was quite heavy for the actor. Hollis was originally only hired for a week but remained on-set for ten.

The credits refer to the character as “Lando’s aide.” He was going to have dialogue with Lando before the filmmakers decided the implants would mute the character. His name is a bastardization of the word “lobotomy,” a procedure which removes brain functions.

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Maz Kanata: Character Corner

Maz Kanata
Maz Kanata

Among the new characters introduced to us in Star Wars Episode VII, Maz Kanata is perhaps the most interesting. Portrayed by actress Lupita Nyong’O, this short, ancient creature is a member of an unknown alien race, and is so far the oldest character to appear in a canon feature, beating the previous record holder by at least seventy years. Said to be more than a thousand years old, this force-sensitive character hid, for some reason not becoming a Jedi. When Emperor Palpatine took control, she hid, only revealing her force-sensitive properties after his death.

She came to own a castle on the planet Takodana, which Maz turned into a den and temporary home for travelers and smugglers. Now able to utilize her strong connection to the Force, she began to gather items of important value, such as Anakin Skywalker’s original lightsaber, which Rey finds.

This strange creature says she has the ability to see other people’s inner thoughts and feelings – though the movie doesn’t explain if this is an ability gained through the Force or simply something she picked up in her many years, though she does adjust her glasses for a closer look beforehand. It is unknown what she does after the First Order attacks, evidently destroying the castle

Behind the Scenes:


Inspired by his high school English teacher (Rose Gilbert), J.J. Abrams said: “We really wanted the story to feel authentic, despite being a wild fantasy. I mentioned Rose in an early story meeting as a sort of timeless, wise figure that I’d actually known in my life.” Sadly, Gilbert died during pre-production. Maz was a full CGI character, with Lupita Nyong’O providing the facial expressions and voice. According to Abrams, Maz was originally going to continue to be seen in the background of the resistance, but was eventually removed because she had nothing to do or say. Maz was originally going to be a Gossam, an alien species allied with the Separatists during the Clone War.

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Nien Nunb Character Corner

Nien Nunb
Nien Nunb

Born on the caves of his homeworld Sullust, lovably goofy-looking Nien Nunb went from a pilot to a smuggler to a war hero, and you’re about to learn about him.


Nien Nunb became a pilot for the SoroSuub freight corporation. As the company started allying itself with the Galactic Empire, Nunb and his childhood friend Sian Tevv, a politician, founded a group to fight against the Empire and SoroSuub, independent of the Rebels. The corporation retaliated against the group with a Star Destroyer, but even this didn’t hinder Nunb.

Joining the Rebel alliance, Nunb was chosen by Lando Calrissian as co-pilot of the Millennium Falcon during the attack on the second Death Star, receiving the Kalidor Crescent for heroism. He would again co-pilot the ship while Chewbacca was spending time with family on Kashyyyk. Han was initially suspicious of the Sullustan’s skills, but his respect grew during their mission; Nunb even saved Han’s life from a Stormtrooper.

In 13 ABY, Nien was made administrator of the Kessel spice mines after Calrissian purchased it. Nien was able to increase the profits from the mine by replacing the slave labor with species that preferred to live underground, such as his own. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion, Nien increased the defenses of the mines enough to hold off attackers. Decades later, Nien was able to assist Ben Skywalker finding a Sith apprentice, and the name of the ship she rode.

Behind the Scenes:

Nien Nunb and Lando Calrissian
Nien Nunb and Lando Calrissian

Nien Nunb was portrayed by a puppet for Return of the Jedi, controlled by Mike Quinn and Richard Bonehill, operating the face and body respectively. The name comes from the fact that the character was “number Nine” on the packing list. Voiced by Kipsang Rotich, from Kenya, Nien speaks the Kenyan language Haya, as well as Kikuyu, another Kenyan dialect.

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Bib Fortuna Character Corner

Bib Fortuna
Bib Fortuna

Many recognize Bib Fortuna as the worm-headed guy standing at Jabba’s side in Episode VI. He is a Twi’lek with a long life – and he hates Jabba more than anyone could.


Forced away from the Twi’lek society for trafficking Ryll, a drug, Bib Fortuna tried to break into business bought failed to gain trust no matter where he went, until he met with Jabba and joined his gang. He can be witnessed at the Boonta Eve Classic during which Anakin Skywalker races, awakening Jabba after the second lap. He would return to his planet seeking revenge, killing his mother and destroying several towns. For Jabba the Hutt’s birthday, Fortuna procured a rancor, which pleased the Hutt enough to make Fortuna a majordomo, a chief in the crime family.

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, otherwise known as the Separatists, set up a secret mining vacility in Hutt space, at which Bib worked. This angered Jabba, drawing the eye of the Republic and the Jedi. Obi-Wan Kenobi and another Jedi named Keelyvine Reus. Reus, a human female, quickly captured the Twi’lek but was unable to get any useful information from him. She had to escape when attacked by Sith assassin Asajj Ventress, leaving Bib Fortuna cuffed to a pipe.

Five years prior to the battle of Yavin, Fortuna recruited a number of past minions to kill Jabba. This turned sour, and Fortuna accidentally ended up killing the rest of the conspirators. Jabba commended him for this. Five years after Yavin, Bib Fortuna and Luke Skywalker met briefly, with Skywalker freeing one of two slave girls Fortuna had procured. Skywalker tried to convince the Twi’lek to side with the Rebel Alliance, and Fortuna nearly agreed.

After the events of Episode VI, Bib Fortuna escaped on a private skiff and returned to the palace to take command. His brain was removed from his body and placed in a spider-droid. He convinced the monks that had done so to place his brain in the body of a different, younger Twi’lek with extensive connections and funding. He began rebuilding Jabba’s criminal empire, finally free of the giant slug.

Bib Fortuna in Episode I
Bib Fortuna in Episode I

Behind the Scenes:

Bib Fortuna was played by Michael Carter, and voiced by Erik Boauersfield (who also voiced Admiral Ackbar). The character’s original title was the “High Beeser of Hoth.”

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Greedo Character Corner

Greedo in Cantina
Greedo in the Cantina

Usually, on the Character Corner, we talk about cool characters. Popular characters. Interesting characters. This week, it’s Greedo.


Born on Rodia in the persecuted Tetsu Clan, Greedo’s father (Greedo) was an esteemed bounty hunter that made his family famous. A rival bounty hunter named Navik the Red, leader of the Chattza Clan, killed the elder Greedo and stole his fortune, forcing the pregnant Neela to flee with her clan to U-Tendik. The clan elders decided to never tell the children what had happened. As a teenager, Greedo discovered three silver starships with his younger brother Pqweeduk. Their mother reluctantly revealed their clan’s past, and only a month later Navik the Red found the Tetsu clan once more, killing many and forcing Greedo and his family to Nar Shaddaa.

There, Greedo learned the ins and outs of the black market and learning more about the galaxy at large after a sheltered childhood. Later, the family moved to Tatooine, during which we can see Greedo in Episode I, pestering Anakin Skywalker. He became a mercenary, kidnapping and fighting for the highest bidder. After the end of the Clone Wars Greedo again found himself at Nar Shaddaa, which fueled his desire to become a bounty hunter. After saving the lives of two of them, he became a protégé to Spurch “Warhog” Goa. During this time, Greedo tried to steal power couplings from what turned out to be the Millennium Falcon, prompting Han Solo to steal Greedo’s rancor-skin jacket in exchange.

Soon after, Imperial agents attacked a rebel enclave, causing an explosion and killing Greedo’s family. Greedo began his bounty-hunting career in earnest, though he found himself out of his element. On Tatooine, he took the contract to kill Solo, tricked by his mentor into believing it would be simple. After the end of the disastrous job, Greedo’s body was ground into a powerful liqueur by Wuher, the Cantina’s bartender, who disliked the Rodian and proudly displayed his head – the only part that wasn’t ground up, on a stake. The details of Greedo’s death were told in different ways by those present, and eventually he became post-humously famous.

Behind the Scenes:

In Episode IV Paul Blake played Greedo in shots with Han Solo, and a special articulated head was used for close-ups, using a woman named Maria De Aragon to play the bounty hunter. The language he speaks is actually the South American language Quechua. In the Star Wars: Clone Wars series, he is voiced by Tom Kenny, who also does the voice for Spongebob Squarepants and the Ice King from Adventure Time.

Greedo in heels
Greedo in heels

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Shmi Skywalker Star Wars Character Corner

Shmi Skywalker
Shmi Skywalker

We’re back to our monthly character corner segment, the time when we take a deeper look at some of the characters you’ve come to know and love from the Star Wars series. This week’s character is Shmi Skywalker, Mother to the Chosen One Anakin Skywalker.


Born seventy-two years before the battle of Yavin, Shmi’s family was captured by pirates at the age of six, and sold into slavery. She was taken from one planet to another, serving as a house servant and, as she grew, a cleaning servant. Many of the masters were cruel to her, but one in particular, Pi-Lippa, taught Shmi technical skills and other abilities. At about the time of Pi-Lippa’s death, Shmi became pregnant with Anakin.

Her next master, Hutt gangster Lord Gardulla the Elder, had no such altruism for her slaves, as she allowed Anakin to participate in the Boonta Eve Classic Podrace, despite believing it was impossible for him to win. Gardulla lost the two slaves in a bet to Watto, a similarly cruel master. Shmi became even busier as Anakin grew, attempting to keep him safe and out of trouble. She passed on her mechanical skills and knowledge to her son, who began to make many things.

Shmi and Anakin meet Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and, as we see in Episode I, Anakin is taken to train and become a Jedi himself. Shmi remained in Watto’s service for a time. While the Toydarian had mellowed, the junk shop also began to fall on hard times. A moisture farmer named Cliegg Lars purchased her, immediately freeing her and asking for her hand in marriage. Even though she had a place in the Lars family, Shmi still waited for Anakin to return to her.

About a month before the Clone Wars started, Shmi was kidnapped by Tusken Raiders while she gathered mushrooms. After searching for nearly a month, Lars was forced to give up the hunt. Shmi remained alive, beaten and dehydrated but holding on to her memories of Anakin. It was at this time that Anakin began having nightmares about his mother’s death. Episode II shows us his journey back to Tatooine, and his encounter with his mother’s final moments, and his leap toward the dark side after the destruction of the Tusken Raider camp.


While her screen time is relatively short, her impact on the series is huge. Her capture and death is what leads Anakin to talk to Chancellor Palpatine in the first place, and her death – followed by Anakin’s brutal slaying – leads the way to his eventual turn to the dark side. His turn to the dark side also prompted Padme’s death after the birth of Luke and Leia, setting up the entire original trilogy.

Behind the Scenes:

Shmi is portrayed by Swedish actress Pernilla August. It was revealed she would be playing Anakin’s mother in 1998. In the Phantom Menace game adaption, Shmi is voiced by Carolyn Seymour, with Pernilla reprising her role in a Star Wars: The Clone Wars season three episode (Overlords).

Shmi Skywalker


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