Fans of Star Wars in 2016

Fans make huge AT-ACT model2016 was a big year for Star Wars. We saw more Star Wars Rebels, Rogue One, and more. Beyond those powerful feats, a number of star wars fans found themselves in the spotlight, big or small. Therefore, today we list those people, who tell us being a fan of this great series is never dull.

Chewbacca Mask Lady

Perhaps the biggest event for Star Wars fandom was Chewbacca Mask Lady. When Texas mother Candace Payne went to get some Star Wars toys for her kids, she found something for herself as well. She posted a four-minute video on Facebook of herself wearing an electronic Chewbacca mask, laughing with joy in the driver’s seat of her car. The video has over 140 million views, consequently breaking the previous record. The video is a simple exhibition of Star Wars, good cheer, and the simple joys of life. It, the video, also has a Wikipedia page.

Kid with the Tauntaun costume

For Halloween, one young fan’s handy parents created a one-of-a-kind tauntaun costume for trick or treating in the cold. The costume features a tauntaun bottom, while the child acts as the legs, and a top dressed like a Hoth rebel soldier. Cloth rider legs dangle at the sides, and he looks ready for anything.

Fan who got to see Rogue One early

After a worldwide campaign, terminally-ill Star Wars fan Neil Hanvey got a chance to see Rogue One on (or shortly before) August 22nd, 2016. Several well-known Star Wars figures, including Mark Hamill, furthered the #RogueOneWish hashtag created to help make Neil’s wish come true. Neil died on August 23rd, 2016.

Fans make homemade AT-ACT

When YouTube engineer Colin Furze got a small model of the AT-AT, he decided small wasn’t good enough. He built a massive 18-foot tall construction of the AT-AT’s predecessor, an AT-ACT (which is the beast we see fighting the rebels in Rogue One), and filled it with Star Wars merchandise (including “proper decent stormtrooper helmets”) thanks to a partnership with eBay. In addition, Colin then gave it away to two local children. With a push of a button, a ladder descends and it all becomes a playhouse, and it also has a moveable head.

Thanks for reading! Come back next week for more fun fan information. Here’s to more Star Wars goodness in 2017!

Scenes Recreated by Fans

Scenes made by fans

People make interesting things! The constant reader will know this thanks to our earlier post about incredible pieces of fan-art. There is so much more to show you. Today, we have compiled incredible recreations of Star Wars scenes and sets for your enjoyment.

The first is a set of images by Flickr user Boutros77, who designed and built his own sets for action figures – including a huge number of scenes from the Tatooine cantina, the Death Star, and a huge number more (plus, for extended Lucasarts pleasure, a number of scenes from Indiana Jones movies). Building and painting the sets him (or her) self, Boutros77 even uses action figures, playing out the scenes from the movies in still images with scenes from all three of the original trilogy, as well as the Return of the Sith.

Second, and perhaps the most expected, is massive minecraft creations. This page recounts some of the most amazing, including a life-size star destroyer with interior, and a version of the Naboo Royal Palace made in incredibly grand detail. Watch the videos, and be amazed.

One step down . . . or, maybe up? . . . from Minecraft is the brick-and-mortar version, Lego. It’s easy to make a great many things with these wonderful little bricks, especially since there are a great number of sets available based on the Star Wars movies. But enterprising builders have found ways to make things even better. One such example is this packed scene by Yatkuu, a member of the European Lego fans forum, made a scene depicting the makeup room, a green room, and an in-progress shot.

Finally, riding the geek-high that appeared when the first Star Wars trailer appeared last year, Youtuber “Snooperking” created a shot-for-shot version of the trailer using, yes, Legos. With stop-motion and a few layered shots, the whole thing appears in wonderful blocky form.

This is but a tiny sample of the scenes fans have wrenched from the silver screen and translated through their eyes and chosen art form. Thanks for reading – tell us your favorite recreations in the comments!

Fan Films for Star Wars

Fan Films
Fan Films

To no one’s surprise, a film series as famous and well-loved as Star Wars has attracted many to the idea of creating their own movies set in the same universe. “Fan films,” as they are simply known, are independently-developed creations made from a love of Star Wars and cinematography. There is, in fact, an official Star Wars Fan Film Award in different categories such as audience choice, best comedy, best original concept, and the “George Lucas Selects Award.” Since there are a lot of ways to point at one certain film and say “that is the best,” we’ll be collecting a number of highly-regarded or famous films for your enjoyment:

Star Wars Uncut

Perhaps the most famous fan creation, Star Wars Uncut is a novel idea that requires, from the filmmakers themselves, only the position of editor. The movies (so far, A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back have been released) are split into fifteen-second segments, segments are claimed by contributors, and then those segments are filmed in any manner they choose: live-action, action figures, Legos, animation, and more. That’s just in the first five minutes! The fifteen-second segments will be compiled and re-made into the feature length film! Enjoy the films here


One of the earliest fan films, Troops is a mash-up of the Star Wars universe – specifically the Stormtroopers – and the classic television show Cops. However, instead of the subdue-and-arrest method featured on Cops, the law enforcement in Troops has a shoot first, ask questions later approach. The film was first featured at the San Diego Comic Con in 1997, and not only has the classic look and feel of Cops, but features special effects and easter eggs about sections of Episode IV. You can watch it here.

I.M.P.S. The Relentless

Short for Imperial Military Personnel Stories, I.M.P.S. shows a number of troopers that are part of missions across the galaxy. Including some of the cast and crew of Troops, the filmmakers went a more serious route, instead filming as if it was a documentary about military forces and not a TV show. The first chapter is approximately forty-one minutes, the second is twenty-one, and the third has yet to be released. With original music, special effects, and characters, I.M.P.S. is one of the most impressive fan films to date. Watch the first episode here.

Star Wars Retold

In a very different form of fan film, Star Wars Retold is the story of Star Wars . . . as told by someone that hasn’t seen the movies. Joe Nicolosi recorded his friend Amanda trying to tell the Star Wars story, having only seen bits, of all three original trilogy movies. Aided by hilarious photoshop magic and a little bit of banter, this film will have any fan laughing out loud. Watch it here.

This is just a tiny sample of some of the fan films that have risen to fame. Let us know which one is your favorite!