Terrible Star Wars costumes

We like to think we’re positive people. However, we also know we know costumes, especially Star Wars costumes. Every Halloween you’re probably going to see some cool homemade costumes and flashy outfits to drool over, but you will also find some costumes able to benefit from a little more work. Again, we’re positive people, so we can ignore costumes from younger fans, or those meant to be low-quality or cost, but some Star Wars costumes just make you laugh. Here are 4 terrible Star Wars costumes:

The Best of the Terrible:

Terrible three charactersOur first picture presents us with a strange quandary: Who are these characters? From left to right it’s Giant White Solo Cup with blue decals, King Midas ready for a battle, and someone trying desperately to keep the rain off. Oh, he has buns duct taped to his head. Duct taped. That’s going to be a difficult removal process. For C-3PO as well! R2-D2 is the best costume here for just removal purposes.

Terrible Darth Vader MaskSpeaking frankly, the Stormtrooper helmet doesn’t look very bad at all. Maybe a bit misshapen, but aren’t we all? The other mask, however, looks more like Futurama’s Bender than a Lord of the Sith. One of the most defining features of Darth Vader’s helmet is the shape, and this example misses the mark. Don’t worry kid, keep at it.

Terrible R2-D2 costumeDon’t stare too long; it may cause nightmares. Honestly, this isn’t the worst costume we’ve ever seen, or even near to the worst, but the…entire package is a bit disturbing. Best we can come up with, during a monster movie this is the joke monster the protagonists would see while escaping something much worse. Not really very scary, but not very fun to look at, either.

Terrible Jabba the Hutt CostumeJabba the Hutt, why are you packed full of bowling balls? It’s a question for the ages. Not every crime lord has the body volume to carry so many orbs. This costume is the lumpiest thing since Chewbacca’s son. We’re also rather unsure of what he’s holding, though it could be a poker, in case the helium balloons taking up this costume’s space make it float away.

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Bib Fortuna Character Corner

Bib Fortuna
Bib Fortuna

Many recognize Bib Fortuna as the worm-headed guy standing at Jabba’s side in Episode VI. He is a Twi’lek with a long life – and he hates Jabba more than anyone could.


Forced away from the Twi’lek society for trafficking Ryll, a drug, Bib Fortuna tried to break into business bought failed to gain trust no matter where he went, until he met with Jabba and joined his gang. He can be witnessed at the Boonta Eve Classic during which Anakin Skywalker races, awakening Jabba after the second lap. He would return to his planet seeking revenge, killing his mother and destroying several towns. For Jabba the Hutt’s birthday, Fortuna procured a rancor, which pleased the Hutt enough to make Fortuna a majordomo, a chief in the crime family.

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, otherwise known as the Separatists, set up a secret mining vacility in Hutt space, at which Bib worked. This angered Jabba, drawing the eye of the Republic and the Jedi. Obi-Wan Kenobi and another Jedi named Keelyvine Reus. Reus, a human female, quickly captured the Twi’lek but was unable to get any useful information from him. She had to escape when attacked by Sith assassin Asajj Ventress, leaving Bib Fortuna cuffed to a pipe.

Five years prior to the battle of Yavin, Fortuna recruited a number of past minions to kill Jabba. This turned sour, and Fortuna accidentally ended up killing the rest of the conspirators. Jabba commended him for this. Five years after Yavin, Bib Fortuna and Luke Skywalker met briefly, with Skywalker freeing one of two slave girls Fortuna had procured. Skywalker tried to convince the Twi’lek to side with the Rebel Alliance, and Fortuna nearly agreed.

After the events of Episode VI, Bib Fortuna escaped on a private skiff and returned to the palace to take command. His brain was removed from his body and placed in a spider-droid. He convinced the monks that had done so to place his brain in the body of a different, younger Twi’lek with extensive connections and funding. He began rebuilding Jabba’s criminal empire, finally free of the giant slug.

Bib Fortuna in Episode I
Bib Fortuna in Episode I

Behind the Scenes:

Bib Fortuna was played by Michael Carter, and voiced by Erik Boauersfield (who also voiced Admiral Ackbar). The character’s original title was the “High Beeser of Hoth.”

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