Rogue One Day

Stormtroopers at Rogue OneToday is Rogue One day! We’ll take a quick look back at the past year to see how the world has changed. We’ll also include a few fun activities to help you get ready for the movie!

How the world has changed:

Since The Force Awakens came out:

Exactly one movie has won a best movie Oscar (“Spotlight”).

There is one additional real-world Pokémon mobile game.

Bob Dylan, a musician, won the Noble Prize for literature.

The world has at least one less gorilla.

How the world has stayed the same:

Since The Force Awakens came out:

The Cleveland Browns have won no games.

Patrick Rothfuss has still not completed the third book in the Kingkiller trilogy.

Julius Caesar is still dead.

No new technology has been added to the ball pit experience, and they remain stuck in the Stone Age.

Getting ready for Rogue One:

In preparation for the latest addition to the Star Wars movie canon, we have a few things for you to do.

First, head to your nearest keyboard. Slam your fingers upon it, typing with abandon. After a few seconds, you’ll have your Rogue One name! Mine is Pwej Ciot!


Next, take a few of the words “rebellion,” “hope,” “force,” “empire,” “Death Star,” “plans,” and “Darth Vader,” and put them in a random order, with words in between for flavor.  This is your character’s stirring line. Mine is: “Hope is the Force, a light skyline demon.” You can use this site and this site to help randomize things for you.

Finally, don’t forget your Star Wars movie etiquette: turn off all lightsabers during the movie, remove large items from the head so others can see, and spoil nothing, or you won’t get to go to the next movie.

Thanks for reading! We hope you have a great time at Rogue One. Come back next week for more fun fan information!

Gross Star Wars Episode VII Predictions (Sort of)

Box office gross
What will Star Wars VII gross?

Star Wars news has been slow in the past few weeks (The lone exception), but there’s still plenty of buzz, coming from the financial district instead of the entertainment quarter. Right now, analysts are talking about the gross. Thankfully, not the kind that comes from a porta-potty.

Benjamin Swinburne, working at financial company Morgan Stanley, ran the numbers and came up with the staggering figure of 1.95 billion dollars. The number had been $1.6 billion previously. Swinburne estimates $650 million in the U.S. box office, and $1.3 billion internationally. This number would land it as the third-place box office, behind Titanic and Avatar. But Myles Udland, from Business Insider, thinks that Swinburne’s estimate is too low!

Udland takes Jurassic World – the billion-dollar box office hit – and saw that it was ranked as the fifth-most anticipated movie of 2015; Star Wars Episode VII was the first. Even the unexpected box office star Furious 7 gives credence to the thought that such a highly anticipated film such as the rejuvenated Star Wars is more than deserving of a higher box office take – even if the original number is almost two billion dollars.

Even Morgan Stanley thinks their estimate is low. They foresaw a scenario where SW VII brought in a gross of $2.25 billion, including a titanic $1.5 billion international gross. The institution maintains what is called an “Equal-Weight” outlook for Disney, meaning shares are more expensive relative to other media companies’ now, than they have been for six years.

The gross has been rising as time goes on. In 2013, the expected gross was a mere $1.2 billion thanks to John Carter and The Lone Ranger’s poor showings, thinking that Disney’s star was falling, and big-budget science fiction was on the decline. In 2014, the words “$3 billion” were bandied about by a number of sites. This very year, in April, Daily Mail suspected that it might get all the way to $500 million. Way to break the big news, Daily Mail.

Fans are adamant that the movie will shatter all and any preconceived notions of silly “records.” They are convinced all monetary units will be given to the Star Wars in December. Do you agree? Tell us what you think!