Thanksgiving for Star Wars

Star Wars ThanksgivingThanksgiving helps us realize all we have in life, but it can also be a trying time. No one is more aware of this fact than our friends in the Star Wars galaxy. Think about everything you do during Thanksgiving: gather at one place, get the turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and yams, weird onion-green bean dish that you eat but don’t really like, and pumpkin pie ready, sit down and eat it all while dealing with family members you may or may not like to be around. Afterward (or . . . before?), it’s time for naps, touch football in the yard, and real football on TV.

Now take all of that and plop it into the Star Wars galaxy. For one, you think your family doesn’t get along well, gathered around the Thanksgiving dinner table? Luke and Leia’s dad has tried to kill all of them, encased Han Solo in Carbonite, used thousands of Wookie slaves to build his world-obliterating superweapon, and had C-3PO torn apart. There’s an awkward dinner table for you, and it isn’t even bringing up when Luke and Leia kissed.

Secondly, are there turkeys in Star Wars (not counting Episode I)? Are there potatoes? Are there tasteful Thanksgiving centerpieces, even? They’re probably going to end up eating those big bug-cows from Episode II, Eopie stew, goatgrass salad, meatelo, and rainbow berry pie. It all just sounds so delicious.

On to the games! It is wildly unfair to use force powers for a friendly game of touch football . . . and, for the record, so is being a gigantic bear-person. So maybe the crew forgoes playing their own game, and just settles in to watch on the television. It’s the Nal Hutta Hutts against the Hoth Wampas, the Malastare Dugs against the Yavin Rebels, and the Dathomir Rancors against the Dagobah Yodas: plenty of fun for everyone, except Han, who’s a Wampas fan. They’re not doing so well this year.

So, maybe it won’t be that bad. Not any worse than an Earth-based Thanksgiving. Thanks for reading, we hope you have a great beginning to the holiday season!

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