The Force Awakens New Information

The Force Awakens fan-made poster
The Force Awakens fan-made poster

We’ve recently become privy to some new information about the upcoming Star Wars Movie “The Force Awakens,” and we’re here to dish out the juicy details. Read and be amazed at the wonder that is this upcoming movie:

Characters revealed!

An interview with Director J.J. Abrams late in March revealed that an unexpected character will be joining the cast of The Force Awakens. He is quoted as saying “Meesa very excited about it.”

We also know that Former Director and series runner George Lucas will be making an appearance. Abrams was similarly tight lipped about it, but he revealed that the cross guard lightsaber held by the five-foot seven, seventy year-old Kylo Ren was Lucas’ idea.

Interesting animation choices

In an attempt to bring in fans of traditional Disney films, Producer Zippy Filmeister said that slightly less than half of the film will be done in classic animation techniques, similar to movies like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. With voice work done by Anne Hathaway and Brad Garrett, filmmakers harkened back to Disney’s origins in an attempt to turn The Force Awakens into a greater media experience.

The Crossover event of the Century

Script assistant Ferdinand Wolfgang Imhotep, M.D., stated that while the team attempted to get the most recent Peter Capaldi, only Matt Smith was available for the intended Stinger scene that shows The Doctor, from long-running BBC Series Doctor Who. Imhotep was reluctant to say if the Doctor has a hand in guiding the plot, or if his presence is for little more than an after-credits scene. We’re looking forward to Smith’s unique style of portraying the time-traveling adventurer, though we don’t know how he will fit into the Star Wars universe.

We’re looking forward to finding out more news about this much-awaited movie. The Force Awakens is gearing up to becoming the ultimate movie of the year, and this information only seems to make it better!

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