Top 7 Complete Star Wars Costumes

To only our blog and social media fans we will reveal our top selling complete Star Wars Costumes!

Whether you are looking for the perfect costume for your next night out, costume party, or convention Official Star Wars Costumes is the place to go.  These Complete Star Wars Costumes were our top sellers in 2013 and are still scorching hot for 2014!

Star Wars Complete Costumes
We reveal our top Complete Costumes here!

Complete Deluxe Jedi Female Adult Costume

Women Jedi are woefully under-represented in the Star Wars movies! Dress as your favorite female Jedi from the expanded universe, or come up with your own powerful force user in the Complete Deluxe Jedi Female Adult Costume! Comes with a women’s Jedi tunic, pants, belt, lightsaber, and trick-or-treat pail!

Complete Deluxe Han Solo Adult Costume

If you’re always showing the Empire what you’re made of, then we have the costume for you. Become one of the most famous characters from the original trilogy with the Complete Deluxe Han Solo Adult Costume! This costume includes a shirt with attached vest, pants with attached boot tops (pants feature the Corellian bloodstripe, awarded for gallantry under fire), a Han Solo blaster, and a trick-or-treat pail!

Complete Deluxe Princess Leia Costume

With this outfit, you can be one part princess, and one part rebel! This costume comes with a deluxe white dress, matching boot tops, classic bun-head wig, silver belt, plaster, and trick-or-treat bag to help you look like the movie character from the original trilogy whether you’re hitting the town or spending Halloween night gathering candy!

Complete Standard Anakin Skywalker Adult Costume

Become the most important character in the Star Wars saga with the Complete Standard Anakin Skywalker Adult Costume! From a young slave boy to a fierce Jedi, from a Jedi to a dangerous Sith Lord, and finally to redemption at the hands of Luke Skywalker, you can become a part of the epic history of this important character! Costume includes a tunic, pants with attached boot tops, belt, blue lightsaber, deluxe glove and gauntlet, Jedi braid, and trick-or-treat pail!

Complete Standard Jedi Adult Costume

You can be a Jedi of your own creation when you have this costume! Includes a tunic, pants with boot tops, belt, deluxe adult Jedi robe, green lightsaber, and trick-or-treat pail — all the items that you need to carve out your own niche of the rich Star Wars galaxy!

Complete Deluxe Darth Vader Adult Costume

No Star Wars character is more famous than the armored Lord of the Sith! Dress as the Emperor’s deadly right-hand man this Halloween with the Complete Deluxe Darth Vader Adult Costume, which comes with a jumpsuit and attached body armor, boot tops, and collar, a cape, chest piece, mask, red lightsaber, black gloves, and trick-or-treat pail!

Complete Deluxe Stormtrooper Adult Costume

There’s no way we’d forget about the mighty Stormtrooper on our list of complete Star Wars costumes! With EVA armor-attached jumpsuit, PVC mask, blaster, adult Stormtrooper gloves, and a trick-or-treat pail, you can dress as a chilling reminder that the Empire will always have the upper hand!

Now that you have seen our exclusive list of the top seven complete Star Wars costumes, pick your favorite! Be sure to come back for more costume information and Star Wars trivia!

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