Top Six Star Wars Video Games

We’re sure plenty of people remember Battlefront II, one of the Star Wars video games where you take part in some of the epic battles that span both the prequels and the original trilogy. So, when EA announced that DICE (A Swedish developer) would be making Battlefront 3, many were excited. Using the same Frostbyte engine as Battlefield and Mirror’s Edge, “Star Wars: Battlefront” is expected to release by September of 2015.

Don’t fret; there are plenty of ways to get your Star Wars fix in the mean time! We’re counting down the top six Star Wars video games, based on Metacritic!

Will Battlefront 3 Make this list?
Will Battlefront 3 make the cut?

#6: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

The sequel to Bioware’s acclaimed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, KOTOR II, as it is known, is set thousands of years before the prequels, after a near-eradication of the Jedi order. You play a solitary survivor, and exile from the order, and have the ability to guide your character to the light side or the dark side based on your actions.

While well-liked, the game received criticism for its rushed deadline (an attempt to put the game on shelves before Christmas), which led to an abundance of bugs and a nearly-incomplete final level.

#5: Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

Built for the enjoyment of younger fans, this game still manages to be fun for all. Lego mini-fig versions of more than fifty characters can be seen and played, and playing time ranges from a few hours to days on end. Characters are able to build with bricks using the force, and plenty of other activities as they play through Episodes IV-VI.

Criticism was leveled at the DS and GBA versions of the game, but high scores were heaped on the console and PC versions. It was nominated and won several awards, including GameSpy’s PC “game of the Year.”

#4: Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

This game was released in 2002 as the sequel to Star Wars: Jedi Knight, and follows the story of Kyle Katarn, an expanded universe character that has cut off his ties with the Jedi after almost falling to the dark side. Through the course of the game he must find those ties again to defeat the dark Jedi Desann. With both a first-person shooter style and a third-person lightsaber combat style, the player is given plenty of options on how to play. It also included a multiplayer mode, which pitted different player-controlled characters against each other in a match.

While all three versions were well received, reviewers agree that the PC version was superior, the Xbox version was middling, and the Gamecube version was the weakest. Some reviewers stated there was too much puzzle solving, while others stated things such as level design issues or a slow start to the game.

#3: Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

Jump into the cockpit of an X-Wing, B-Wing, Y-Wing, and more as Wedge Antilles or Luke Skywalker in this sequel to Star Wars Rogue Squadron, released for the Gamecube. Playing through ten missions both in and outside the original trilogy, players must defend or attack targets from their ships. Find power-ups and unlock new content such as extra levels and crafts, including The Millennium Falcon and Slave I.

Rogue Leader was one of the highest-rated GameCube launch titles, and won the E3 2001 Game Critics Award for Best Action Game.

#2: Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

What is it with “II” games? Sequels do well, I guess. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II is the predecessor to Jedi Outcast, and also follows protagonist Kyle Katarn. Similar to Outcast, players have a choice of first-person or third-person play, including guns, lightsaber, and force powers. Differing endings based on play, a mainstay of Star Wars video games, were featured.

Even though the game has an aggregate metacritic score of 91, it was not free from criticism. Level layout, enemy AI, and graphics were questioned, though John Williams’ soundtrack, audio design, and the multiplayer mode were received highly.

#1: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The most well-known and well-liked of the Star Wars video games is the first in the Knights of the Old Republic series, set more than four thousand years before the original trilogy is set. In a period of the Republic when there are thousands of Jedi and Sith alike, you must decide your fate as a Jedi warrior that doesn’t remember his past.

Made by Bioware, and containing classic Bioware and Star Wars elements such as different endings and conversation choices. It contains what is known as one of the premiere plot twists in video games, and received numerous awards, including several game of the year awards.

There you have it: The top six Star Wars video games! We know you have your opinions; leave a comment and tell us what you think!

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