Traitor! Episode VII’s Dark Horse

TR-8R finds a traitor
TR-8R (Actual name FN-2199) ready for action

Often, in a piece of art such as movies, television, or literature, a character with a smaller role becomes a beloved and continually-discussed part of the work. A classic example of this phenomenon is Boba Fett who, despite having only a half-dozen lines over two movies, as well as doing little more than getting knocked into a death hole, became one of the most popular characters in Star Wars. TR-8R, named for his single line (“Traitor!”) in The Force Awakens, is another.

The character’s actual call-sign, as told us in the novel Before the Awakening, released in 2015 and written by Greg Rucka, is FN-2199, one of the four Stormtroopers in Finn’s original squad (Finn was known as FN-2187). FN-2199/TR-8R’s only scene in the movie also contains his only line. If you’ve seen the movie, you remember it. In it, TR-8R calls Finn a traitor, whips out his magic lightning mace (called a Z6 Riot Control Baton) and delivers an astounding beat down on his old squad member before Han pegs him with a Wookiee bowcaster shot.

The internet took notice of such loyalty, strength of character, and fearlessness. As is its wont, it started churning out images with TR-8R in place of other characters:

tr-8r-this-is-where-id-put-fn-loyaltyThere are hundreds of images for you to peruse if you want. See TR-8R as part of the Last Supper, looking at Finn with a distrustful eye! Watch as Yugi Muto assembles the pieces of the Legendary TR-8R to obliterate Seto Kaiba! Enjoy as TR-8R plays Guess Who with a little girl, and guess correctly that the girl’s chosen person looks like a traitor! Professor X is up to a new experiment, and the result is TR-8R!

Will this sudden character’s popularity continue? Will he appear in Episode VIII? It remains to be seen, though it’s unlikely his role will grow beyond anything other than a shout-out, but we’ll see. Thanks for reading! Come back next week for more fun fan Star Wars information!

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