Troopers of the Empire

Star Wars TroopersIn a series full of famous figures, Stormtroopers stand out as one of the more memorable looks. With full-white armor over a black jumpsuit, a helmet with a one-of-a-kind design, and their immediate introduction as tireless and unbeatable hand of the Empire, they are both Halloween mainstays and easy symbols of Star Wars. Can you name the differences the troopers have? Why do Snowtroopers have a skirt? Let us take you through the differences:

Super Troopers

First off, standard Stormtrooper equipment is distinctive and memorable because the Empire wants to make them a symbol of fear a power. The armor also provides users an extended range of survival equipment and temperature controls; the helmet provides filtered air, enhanced vision, and communication systems. A color-coded pauldron on the left shoulder indicates rank. They have a utility belt, which included a grappling hook. However, the plates are heavy and difficult to run with. The helmet also obstructs vision.

How do the Scout troopers differ? Well, most importantly, their armor is lighter, allowing for greater mobility and stealth. The optics in their helmets are also better, which leads to faster reaction times on speeder bikes. Expert marksmen and trained in reconnaissance and infiltration as well as independent action, scout troopers were much more adaptable than most Imperial troops.

Stylish and functional

Snowtroopers were well insulated from the tremendous cold they would face. In fact, the empire hand-picked snowtroopers from planets with cold climates. The battery pack their suits have can last up to two weeks, providing a heated breather mask. They have ice boots, polarized goggles, grappling hooks, iron flares, and homing beacons. The skirt is for added insulation, and to keep snow from going down their pants. Really.

Bonus Troopers

There are other types without as much information available: Sandtroopers had augmented cooling fans for survival in hot climates, as well as a backpack stocked with extra rations and water. ¬†Shadow troopers are equipped with cloaking devices. Magma troopers — units deployed to volcanic areas — have their own air supply and heat-resistant armor. Spacetroopers had rebreathers, and can operate in zero-G. Shocktroopers had heavy firepower such as a rocket launcher, and could resist blaster fire even better than normal armor.

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